Trump’s SOTU Reveals Rough Karma Ahead for Country and POTUS Alike

Trump’s Karmic Test

by Renee Parsons

For those who believe that there is more to life than just the physical, material world, the role of karma is often well understood.  Popularly known as “what goes around, comes around” is not frivolous new age lingo but a Universal cause and effect concept that is pertinent to everyday life.  It can be measured by thought, word and deed and respects no ideology or religion.  No one in life is immune; not Queens, not Presidents and not the Congress, as we all face daily choices about how to live with purpose and integrity.

Despite an uncanny ability to deflect every Democratic challenge in the last three years, there is little doubt as the 2020 political season unfolds, that Donald Trump’s most significant adversary is himself and that the Dems are accidental allies.   Weird but these are the topsy-turvy times we are living in.   And yet it would appear that the partisan conflicts have had its impact especially in the area of Trump‘s foreign policy.   

Generally thought to have been elected in 2016 due to his commitment to end the incessant interventionist wars, the President’s most recent State of the Union (SOTU) address would give lie to that notion.  With Trump still needing to justify the brutal assassination of Iranian General Soleimani, his inclination for violence as reflected in his budget choices has not gone unnoticed.   

While every SOTU is a major egocentric trip with its massive disconnect between the politics of illusion and a real outside-the-bubble world, Trump used the occasion to present a host of self-serving ‘feel good’ moments that were more about grandstanding when he wasn’t bragging about military accomplishments. The SOTU provided insights into the President’s thinking with an appalling glimpse of Trump’s foreign policy gone rogue.  Who knew that the previous administration’s ‘failed policy on Cubawas back on the table?             

The most startling event of the evening was Trump’s introduction, with two rounds of bipartisan cheering and standing ovations including Speaker Nancy  Pelosi and the virtuous maidens in white, for the pretend self-proclaimed ‘interim’ President of Venezuela Juan Guaido.  He was introduced by Trump as the “true and legitimate President” which is a ridiculous assertion lacking any factual or legal basis.

Guaido has been President of the Venezuelan National Assembly since January 2019 which is not the same as being elected President of the country.  He was not a Presidential contender against the incumbent Nicolas Maduro in the 2018 election and did not challenge Maduro’s election until he was about to be inaugurated in January, 2019.   As an imposter, Guaido, with the menacing eyes of a hitman and no legal standing, has been bold enough to be sworn in without having campaigned or won the election!

To believe the gibberish that Guaido is the legitimate President of Venezuela without ever having campaigned for the position is to suspend reality into a simulated existence where truth is expendable.  Both Trump and the entire Congress believe the illusion — on their feet shouting ‘huzzahs.’

But here’s the question:  Were Trump and the Congress fully informed of the truth about Guaido?  It would not be outside the realm of possibility that the truth of the Venezuelan election was deliberately withheld by those who would benefit from the false narrative just as it would be easy to believe that Trump and the Congress have lost their collective minds.

In any case, the introduction provided evidence of a OnePartyRule with both R’s and Dems uniting with Trump’s promise that Maduro’s ‘tyranny would be smashed and broken.  Later, administration officials predicted ‘impactful’ measures within thirty days meaning new sanctions or something more than Trump’s usual bombast.

The day after the SOTU, Trump greeted Guaido at the White House with all the proper diplomatic courtesies awarded an authentic foreign leader including an overnight at Blair House and a full US Marine Honor Guard.   For all his rally attendance successes, Trump suffers a disconnect from a great swath of Americans who are done with these damned wars and understand that deliberately-created political crises are all about usurping Venezuela’s petroleum reserves which are far greater than Saudi Arabia.

Speaking of natural resources,Trump declared that “The US has become the number one energy producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world by far.  America is now energy independent” 

If true, why are US troops still in the Middle East? Why are US troops still protecting the Saudi pipelines to the tune of $500 million?  Why is the US threatening Venezuela?   The answer might be as simple as protecting the MICs Defense contracts from drying up and their profits from a free fall.   The following SOTU quotes say it all:

To safeguard American liberty, we have invested a record-breaking $2.2 Trillion in the US military. We have purchased the finest planes, missiles, rockets, ships and every other form of military equipment and its all made right here in the USA.”

Our military is completely rebuilt with its power being unmatched power anywhere in the world. It’s not even close.”      

In other words, the wars are not just about seizing natural resources but about preserving the financial welfare of the US defense industry at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Just prior to the SOTU, Trump made a stunning announcement which has received little US media attention by announcing reversal of the US 2014 ban on landmines as a necessary tool for war.  The US now joins Myanmar as the only other country in the world with landmines.  Given his braggadocio about military strength, the landmine reversal did not warrant a mention during the SOTU.

So there you have it.  Despite the turmoil Trump has experienced since 2016, it has been his karmic responsibility to grow from those challenges, to use each obstacle as a path to align with a higher vibration and become a more conscious person, fully aware of his global responsibility to humanity; but that has not appeared to have happened.

One of the basic laws of karma is self-responsibility: that each individual is responsible for their own conduct and decisions as karmic tests occur 24/7.   While these comments are specific to Donald Trump, the lessons therein are unilateral to every person on the planet especially those individuals who gain economically from death and destruction.

Instead Trump has persisted, like much of the Congress, in creating ‘bad’ karma with no awareness of its existence or the option to collect ‘good’ karma, and failing to understand its potent impact on all aspects of life.  For most of us, karmic payback may manifest in the privacy of our personal lives or within the walls of our home while Trump’s redress may be very public.

Here’s where it gets complicated:  Pelosi and the Dems have also created ‘bad’ karma with their own abuse of power; they too will reap the results of their own behavior.  So Trump, whose life is more complex with the intense Deep State opposition he attracts, will be wrestling with multi-layers of karmic payback.      

The Quantum World tells us that everything is energy and as such, the US  as a country, is subject to its own karma.  It was against the SOTU backdrop that a post-Constitutional American Empire clings to an unsustainable standard of institutional decay that must give way to a new foundation based on a higher consciousness.

Like Trump, it is up to each of us to be responsible for our own karma, and to accept it as a principle of life as we “Do unto others as you would  have them do unto you.”  The world will be a better place.

Renee Parsons  has been a member of the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and President of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter.   She has been an elected public official in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist with Friends of the Earth and staff member in the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC.   

Renee is also a student of the Quantum Field.  She can be reached at #reneedove31.

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