COVID-19: The Psyop

Doesn’t the very name — COVID-19 — reflect a newfangled and chilling techno-virus that was meticulously bioengineered in one of those underground bio-labs at Area 51, Dulce Base or the now-defunct Plum Island?

Truly, there’s something quite sinister about this whole COVID-19 psyop. What other ongoing mass casualty event, with such profound and pervasive global impacts, could the globalists have conjured up? It’s as though the coronavirus bioweapon was fabricated as a very scary franken-virus to freak out the entire planetary civilization.

Really, what else could so negatively influence ALL of humanity so swiftly?!

That’s right! There is nothing quite like COVID-19.

Clearly, the power elite who produced and bankrolled this “ultimate horror flick” rolled it out in 2020 to have maximum dramatic and distracting effect. And so it has!

After years of a completely irrational bull market, the toughest bulls out there have become so skittish at the mere mention of COVID-19.  While the whole house (i.e. Global Gambling Casino known as the financial markets) has been falling down for years, it took a microscopic franken-virus to transform the bulls into bears overnight. Some are even calling it the Corona Crash of 2020.

Others are predicting that the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic is the long anticipated Black Swan that will serve as the trigger event whereby The Biggest Market Bubble Burst of All Time Begins.

So, there’s no question that the continuing COVID-19 psyop is a premeditated act of bioterror which has several goals. With each passing month, the true objectives of this unparalleled psyop will be revealed. Likewise, the decision-makers at the top of the power pyramid may even be exposed.

Furthermore, because there are so many super-sleuths working on this case 24/7 around the globe — LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW — the actual scheme behind these bio-attacks, which are still being perpetrated, will likely be unveiled so that they can be terminated post-haste. Otherwise, we will all be soon staring at a full-scale ELE.*

*ELE = Extinction Level Event


Isn’t it very interesting that the English word “influenza” comes from the Italian word — “influenza” — which literally means influence?  What else is a psyop but a very stealthy attempt to unduly influence the targeted audience toward a specific outcome?

A deeper study of the word “influenza” indicates that it originally came “from Medieval Latin influentia; from the belief that epidemics were due to the influence of the stars”.[1] Of course, what was conveniently left out of that lexicological account is that the “stars” always employ various types of agency here on Earth to carry out the mandate of heaven. In some cases, malevolent agents are used to carry out the most evil deeds and heinous crimes.

The literal meaning of the word influenza is “to flow out”, as well as “to flow into”. The following insights come from an excerpt from Word Stash by Bill Casselman:

Among all of these different denotations and connotations of influenza is the unmistakable notion of INFLUENCE which any influenza outbreak certainly has in the lives of mortal men. Nothing shuts down a human being quicker than a severe bout of flu. It debilitates man, woman and child as fast as you can say “flu season” … … … and The Powers That Be know that very well.

Which is precisely why they are ready to roll out the latest and greatest vaccine, falsely pitched as the single best defense against the coronavirus. Now that’s some serious INFLUENCE exerted by the folks who are running this con game on humanity, yes?!?!

By the way, isn’t it also a little coincidental that Scientists are warning of potential serious health effects of 5G including many influenza symptoms.

State of the Nation
February 25, 2020


[1] Influenza

Editor’s Note

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