Is the coronavirus pandemic the new Pearl Harbor?

Rincon Valley, CA
March 13, 2020

CoronaVirus is The New Pearl Harbor, Part 2

by Rich Scheck

When PNAC talked about the need for a New Pearl Harbor to help them enact their vision for the future, the NWO conveniently manifested the 9/11 Attack to facilitate a Global War On Terror.

Since that was only partially successful in achieving the ultimate goal of Full Spectrum Dominance for the Neocon/NeoLiberal elite, another Black Swan event was need to provide the pretext for rapidly implementing dramatic social, political, economic and cultural change.

Enter New Pearl Harbor, Part 2, the CoronaVirus Global pandemic that sees governments everywhere being enabled to assume vast powers across the entire planet.

My sense is the goal is to institute a Hunger Games/Transhumanist world justified by the need for sustainability (Agenda 21) that I label the Huxwellian World of 2020!

I see Hillary being set up to be the Dem nominee after a brokered convention who will implement this plan as part of her Global Village consciousness.

That is why I am no longer a Left/progressive even though I completely understand the intense dislike of those like Bernie Sanders who see what unchecked Capitalism has produced.

I personally reject both sides of the current debate as being too reactive and polarizing. What we need to envision is a positive, post-capitalist world that rewards individual creativity and welcomes spirituality free from the constraints of traditional religions.

Marianne Williamson came closest to embodying that vision in her failed presidential campaign but was locked in to a far left agenda that lacked sensitivity to the libertarian perspective and ignored the dominance of the Military Industrial Complex to the over-all conversation.

The endless wars that have been the hallmark of the last 75 years are opposed by populist movements on both the left and right. Trump succeeded in 2016 by capturing the felt needs of millions of disaffected voters including many disgusted by the DNC allowing Hillary to steal the nomination from Sanders.

We have a similar situation to Weimar Germany going on here in the good old USA! Decadent culture combined with economic collapse could readily lead to fascism (national socialism)/Trump or communism/Sanders. Both are totalitarian answers to the crisis.

Trump’s national emergency declaration confirms that we have officially crashed and are burning, just like the Twin Towers on 9/11, only with a far more global impact.

Neither Trump nor Sanders have the stature to deal with what we are seeing. The Global elite likely prefer Hillary who can readily posture herself as the antidote to Trump by reminding folks that she beat him in 2016 by 3 million votes and deserves a rematch.

The Clinton Crime Syndicate is banking on such an outcome after a brokered convention which will become more obvious to all after Sunday’s Biden/Bernie “debate” displays 2 old white men with very limited appeal vying to run the country.

This pilgrim continues to believe Tulsi Gabbard remains the ideal choice for this election cycle by virtue of her youth, grace, high level of integrity and willingness to display Apocalyptic Courage!

We shall soon enough how this all plays out as the fight for the future continues.

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