FLASHBACK: COVID-19 Re-Infections Triggered by 5G, Wireless Devices and WiFi EnvironmentsThe Coronavirus Coach

Of the 100+ US coronavirus fatalities, why were 50 Deaths confirmed in Washington State alone?

Because Kirkland, Washington is one of the most 5G-intensive locales in the nation—that’s why!

SOTN Editor’s Note: That cluster of nursing home deaths reflects the fact that the elderly have far less tolerance to the overly powerful 5G EMF signal ranges and downright dangerous microwave transmissions.

One of SOTN’s contributors is the Coronavirus Coach (also 30 years as a Holistic Health Coach) and his first coronavirus client lives in Kirkland, Washington just down the road from America’s coronavirus ground zero—The Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington.  For weeks back in December of 2019 they worked together trying to figure out what the client’s diagnosis was, not only because the unknown-at-that-time coronavirus was so elusive and mysterious, the symptom set seemed to change as it morphed into more serious manifestations of the COVID-19 disease process.

It soon became clear that what the patient had been dealing was unlike anything they both had ever seen before, and the client was a health coach as well.  The coronavirus sufferer’s condition inexplicably went from bad to worse so quickly, and to the point where the Coronavirus Coach wondered if they would live through the night on those days when the worst symptoms were really raging.  Had the client not been able to self-doctor so competently and efficiently, they would not have made it.

However, at the end of the day, it was the advanced 5G power grid in the town of Kirkland, Washington, as well as the client’s smartphone addiction, workplace WiFi and wireless home environment, that were at the very core of their coronavirus problem.  This exceedingly important data point was already conveyed to other annual influenza patients and flu clients who suffer from smartphone dependency.  The Coronavirus Coach has also published explicit guidance to every COVID-19 patient expressing the dire need to turn off the smartphone and change over to all wired IT connections both at home and work.

What happened next to the first coronavirus client is this predictable development: They believe they are experiencing a re-infection with the coronavirus, which is a unique and distinguishing feature of COVID-19.  Not only are re-infections being clinically observed, but double re-infections are also occurring in some cases.  With a sufficient elapse of time, there will certainly be triple and quadruple re-infections, especially in those cities and communities that have undergone the most intensive 5G roll-outs.

This is also why three of the most serious coronavirus outbreaks on 3 continents — Asia, Europe and North America — took place in major metro areas that had undergone advanced 5G roll-outs—Wuhan, China; Milan, Italy; and Seattle Washington, respectively.  Each of these three “5G demonstration zones” have produced the highest COVID-19 infection rates and mortality rates in the world today.

~~~ Case closed ~~~

(Source: http://stateofthenation.co/?p=9251)

State of the Nation
March 17, 2020

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