“Trudeau Will Be Replaced By His Party”

Premier Brian Peckford e-mail this morning update; he wrote Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; he is meeting behind the scenes with Members of parliament, lots going on; Trudeau may be replaced

We do all peacefully and civilly and legally and as per proper procedures; IMO, Trudeau from what I know, will be replaced in his party; he has damaged the liberal party and Canadians; trampled!!!

Dr. Paul Alexander

I call on all Canadians to go to Ottawa now and exercise your right to peacefully protest, make no effort to cause harm or destroy anything, and please follow the laws and work with the police fully; but now is the time to not sit on your couch and arm chair this, now is the time to stand up, your life came to this moment, all of it, it is that grave and transformational, you are fighting for the very heart of Canada!

Now over to Premier Peckford.

Premier Peckford February 17th 2022:


Take that Justin Trudeau!

Take that Federal Government !

Take that Federal Liberal Party!

This situation is almost equal to what you need for a Constitutional Change —-7 Provinces and 50% of the population.

The opposition to the Undemocratic Emergency Act is 7 Provinces and 48% of the population!!

Justin Trudeau , even your Dad agreed to 7 Provinces and 50% of the population.

British Columbia , Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador —-SHAME ON YOU!!! SHAME ON YOU!

Now , JUSTIN !



“Under the order, Canadians continue to be allowed to come to Ottawa with their children if they choose to engage in peaceful, lawful protest. The order only restricts people from coming to Ottawa with intention to engage in violence, lock critical infrastructure, or to disrupt trade,” former RCMP officer Daniel Bulford said at a press conference on Feb. 16.

Issued under the Emergencies Act, the proclamation defines an emergency in several scenarios, including blockades “being carried on in conjunction with activities that are directed toward or in support of the threat or use of acts of serious violence against persons or property, including critical infrastructure, for the purpose of achieving a political or ideological objective within Canada.”


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