Ukrainian Corruption, Our Crooked Politicians, And The Jewish Agenda

by Patrick McShay

“We are not only fighting for Ukraine,
we are fighting for the New World Order“.

— Kira Rudik, Ukrainian Member of Parliament

“Russia should go into Ukraine to remove the criminals
there whose money laundering operations keep the fake
Joe Biden regime afloat, Russia should also go into France
and remove the Rothschild puppet Macron too. My
understanding is that MI6 and Pentagon brass would
not interfere with such a move because it is necessary for
planetary liberation.”

— Benjamin Fulford, Journalist

“If I put on glasses and look at myself like the whole rest
of the world, I see myself as a puppet master, as the master
of Zelensky, someone making apocalyptic plans. I can start
making this real.”

— Ihor Kolomoyskyi, Ukrainian Oligarch

It’s been surreal but not surprising to see the American media become cheerleaders for a Ukraine war against Russia, since they announced their intention to “De-Nazify” Ukraine. It’s times like these that I’m glad that when the government told me that radical Muslims hijacked airplanes and flew them into buildings on 911, I dug a little deeper and found out that was a big lie. Or when the media reported in 2014 that the Russians invaded Ukraine, boldly annexed Crimea, because Putin is an evil dictator, had too much influence in Ukraine, and wants to take back territory lost when the Soviet Union was dissolved. But I dug a little deeper and found that that wasn’t true either. Today I heard a Fox anchor weigh in on Putin’s mental stability without once mentioning our dementia ridden Commander in Chief, his former boss Barack Obama, and our mendacious media are responsible for what is taking place in Ukraine today, and a whole slew of US politicians have lot to hide there.

Everything we see in the news about Ukraine today is based on lies we were told in 2014 about Russia invading Ukraine, and forcibly annexing Crimea. Jennifer Griffin claimed on Fox News that former Ukrainian President Yanukovych was installed by Putin. This, of course, is a lie. Yanukovych was supported by the “Ukrainian Party of Regions” and the “Youth party of Ukraine, won a run-off election against Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, and was sworn in February 2010. Why did Fox’s Sandra Smith allow this disinformation to go unchallenged, is she that ignorant of the facts? Jennifer Griffin should be fired!

Two French television network Anchors interviewed a Ukrainian woman and were shocked when she told them that the root of this war started in 2014. She said “wages are low and millions of Ukrainians are living in terrible conditions, while heating bills are 50% higher than last year. She went on to say, “why should we support this puppet president, and this puppet government?” She also said, the economy is tanking and corruption is everywhere, and she doesn’t believe Zelensky was fairly elected. She also said that 4 news channels opposed to Zelinsky have been banned and reporters opposed to Zelensky have been murdered! This is what is presented by the American media as a thriving democracy?

See the interview here:

Jesse Waters just had former Army general, traitor in Trump admin and ex-employee of George Soros — H.R. McMaster — on his show to ask him his opinion of the Ukraine invasion. Really? George Soros was proven through Wikileaks to be giving the Obama administration directives, was likely the main influence behind the Maidan protests, and has been operating in Ukraine for decades along with other Jewish oligarchs like Ihor Kolomoyski who has said that Zelensky is his puppet, and who hates Putin. The clueless Waters is now calling for air support and sending A-10 US Warthog bombers to Ukraine to bomb the 40 mile long Russian convoy heading for Kiev, while Lindsey Graham is calling for Putin to be assassinated. I’ve always said the biggest problem with Fox newsreaders is that they get their information from Fox News!

The truth is, Yanukovych was a little too pro-Russia to suit Obama and some of his EU pals, so Mr. Obama conspired with several EU countries and the State of Israel to foment a coup to take out Yanukovych when he refused to sign certain political and trade agreements. Obama sent his Jewish Undersecretary of State, Victoria Nuland to Ukraine, who later admitted that the Obama  Administration spent $5 billion to destabilize Ukraine before the Maidan protest began.The violent protests that followed were hardly a grassroots movement as mercenaries were brought in to join Ukrainian anti government groups like the Neo-Nazi groups, the Druzhina, the Svoboda Battalion, and the Azov Battalion financed by Kolomoyskyi (8) to ensure that Yanukovych was killed or driven from the country. He eventually fled to Russia and and today is in Minsk awaiting, perhaps to take his old position as President.

Nuland was famously recorded saying, “Fuck the EU” while talking with the US’s Jewish Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, when he told her that the EU would want some input in choosing Ukraine’s next president. When Jewish billionaires force the duly elected President to flee his country or be murdered, and then hand picks a Jewish puppet to be the new president, that is not democracy!

These politicians and pundits saying that support for Ukraine is support for freedom and democracy are clueless or are benefitting in some way, it’s ludicrous! These are the same people that convinced over half of the American population to get an experimental and dangerous vaccine that we now know is DNA changing gene therapy, and put masks on their children in school.  The truth is, if Ukraine is liberated from these criminals currently in charge, we might learn just how dirty some of these US politicians really are.

Victoria Nuland’s husband is Jewish Neo-Con Robert Kagan, who co-founded the “Project For A New American Century” and wrote the white paper titled, “A Clean Break” for Bibi Netanyahu in 1996. It called for Israeli full spectrum dominance of the Middle East and became a hallmark of George W. Bush’s foreign policy and a blueprint for his disastrous nation building in the region.

The so-called invasion of the Donbass region and Crimea as presented by the US media is another  big lie. After the Maidan protests in Kiev, the Ukrainian Army began shelling the Russian speaking Donbass Region which has continued intermittently since, a violation of the Minsk agreement signed in 2015. That agreement should have ended the fighting in east Ukraine and given autonomy to to the Russian speaking area of the Donbass region, but since the agreement was signed, the Ukrainian Government as refused to abide by the agreement.

In another agreement made in 1992, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the US gave Russia assurances that no NATO bases would be built on their borders. The last US Ambassador to the Soviet Union, Jack Matlock, who has repeatedly maintained, including in Congressional testimony on the subject, that Gorbachev had received assurances that if Germany was united and stayed in NATO, the borders of NATO would not move further east. That did not last long.

In 1990 George H. W. Bush’s Secretary of State James Baker promised Russian President Gorbachev that after the reunification of Germany that “NATO would not expand one inch eastward”, and German diplomat Jurgen Chrobog said at the same meeting that “NATO would not expand beyond the Elbe River and therefore not offer membership to Poland or others”.

In 2007, at the Munich Security Conference, Putin accused NATO of duplicity and threatening Russia, and said “NATO expansion represents a serious provocation and reduces the level of mutual trust.” Joe Biden and his puppet Zelensky have repeatedly violated the Minsk agreement resulting in 14,000 deaths and over 1.2 million refugees that have been forced to abandon their homes and flee to Russia. Where is the American media on this key issue of importance to this narrative?

In 2008, when George W. Bush announced that Ukraine and Georgia were eligible for NATO membership, former Congressman Ron Paul said he knew it was a “Terrible idea”, “providing US Military guarantees to Ukraine and Georgia can only further strain our military. This NATO expansion may well involve the US Military in conflicts unrelated to our national interests.” Dr. Paul was right as usual, the reason they would never allow him to be President.

Like the Donbass Region, Crimea has always been considered Russian territory by it’s citizens. The Russian army didn’t invade Crimea, they have had troops and a naval base there for decades. After the coup that drove out their President, the Crimean Parliament met and agreed that they would hold a referendum and let the people decide to go with the new US led regime and the handpicked Jewish puppet President Petro Poroshenko or pledge their loyalty to Russia. Election monitors were brought in to ensure a fair election, and over 97% of Crimean’s chose to go with Russia. This was certainly no invasion. Eight years later and the US media is still calling it an invasion. What the US military did in Iraq was an invasion!

Investigative journalist George Webb has reported that the Ukrainians were given $57 million in US aid  that was deposited into Ihor Kolomoyskyi’s bank, Privat Bank, the country’s largest bank. Kolomoyskyi’s bank received $5.6 billion in bailouts from the US government, why? He’s also been investigated for absconding with over $5 billion, and is being investigated in Ukraine, and by the US government for money laundering and stealing nearly a half a billion of dollars from Privat Bank and buying up hundreds of million dollars in commercial and private properties in the US.  Kolomoyskyi controls an energy, media, and real estate empire, is one of the richest man in Ukraine,  whose network starred Zelensky in a hit comedy show about an average Joe who becomes president.

According to Webb, ,Zelensky owns a $35 million mansion near Miami. Webb also says he has evidence that another Ukrainian Jewish billionaire, Victor Pinchuk has been depositing $12 million a month into Zelensky’s account that has over a billion dollars in it. In case you don’t remember, Kolomoyskyi is a major shareholder in Burisma Oil Company, owned by another shady character and another Jewish oligarch named Mykola Zlochevsky, the company that paid Hunter Biden, his business partner Devon Archer, and former CIA asset Cofer Black tens of thousands of dollars a month each to sit on the board of Burisma. Devon Archer was just sentenced to prison last week for defrauding the Oglala Sioux Indian tribe in another criminal scam.

Short Video-

A prosecutor in Ukraine who was investigating Kolomoyski told that he was fired because of his investigation. Sound familiar? Joe Biden’s FBI and Department of Justice are involved in the Kolompoyskyi investigation in the US so we can be certain that nothing will come from it. Ukraine is a hub for criminal activity and many of our politicians including The Biden Crime Family are making a fortune in dirty money there. This war is costing these pirates billions. Webb has also reported that Kolomoyskyi operates 11 bio-labs in Ukraine and Kazakhstan funded by the US Pentagon and believes Putin would target them.

See This-

In a recent press conference in Ukraine, prosecutors laid out an elaborate money laundering operation involving Mykola Zlochevsky, Privat Bank and the Biden Crime Family through Rosemont-Seneca, a company owned by Hunter Biden, Devon Archer and John Kerry’s step son Chris Heinz, that received monthly checks from Burisma in the amount of $83,333.33. Prosecutors say they have documents and shocking video’s to support every accusation, including:

*Millions of dollars being stolen from the Ukrainian people and laundered with the help of corrupt banks, and their subsequent transfer to the accounts of companies controlled by the Biden Family.

*Recordings of conversations between former president Petro Poroshenko
and then Vice President Joe Biden.

*Schemes related to the procurement of oil and gas that increased
Ukrainians utilities 30%. The highest officials of Ukraine and the US
were involved.

*The embezzlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars of technical
assistance provided to Ukraine by the US, as well as deliberate
sabotage of the prosecutor’s office of Ukraine.

*Leaked documents show that millions of dollars flowed from Ukrainian
gangsters into a slush fund owned and operated by John Kerry, Devon
Archer, John Kerry Jr., Chris Heinz, and Hunter Biden.

Bombshell Video-

All of this information was known by US authorities before the 2020 election and was covered up by the mainstream media. Crooked Attorney General Bill Barr knew and looked the other way. Barr also refused to look at the mountain of evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election that these same criminal politicians who looted Ukraine were behind. These are the same criminals who have destroyed our country for the last year, the same criminals that lied about this fraudulent pandemic and mandated these DNA changing bio-weapons they’ve passed off as vaccines, and they are the same criminals who are pushing Ukraine into a war with Russia, who continues to press the American government to abide by the agreements made by prior administrations. The sad fact is, most of our politicians are liars warmongers, criminals and globalists who would sell us out to Jewish Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and the New World Order’s “Great Reset” for a bag of Silver.

For the lamebrains in the media that can’t understand why Putin and the Russians have made this move, imagine if Russia spent billions of dollars to destabilize Mexico, armed several dissident groups, planned a revolution, forced their president to flee in a bloody coup, installed a puppet president who won’t complain when they loot the treasury, and then start putting Russian military bases across the border from Texas and Arizona. That is what criminal US Politicians on both sides of the aisle have done in Ukraine thanks to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Adam Schiff, John Kerry, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Richard Burr, Nancy Pelosi and many others. Most of the “Gang of 8” in the Congress and Senate are completely compromised traitors, and should be arrested!

*It was just revealed that the Biden Administration secretly paid over a billion dollars to MSM to not cover the deadly effects of the mRNA poison vaccine program. These people have blood on their hands! Dr. Naomi Wolf says Dr. Fauci, Wallensky, and Collins and others could be charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

The Jews in the Congress and Senate, led by Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler,  impeached Trump because he demanded accountability in Ukraine and they stole an election leaving a trail of evidence a blind man could follow, and nothing is being done, while January 6 protestors have been held for over a year on misdemeanor charges.  Americans are brainwashed by the liars in the media and our school systems and colleges are turning out dumbed down obedient proles that don’t have a clue what real freedom looks like, with rampant censorship and banning books everywhere.

*See Peter Navarro’s report on election fraud:,

The Biden Administration has pushed this war on Ukraine, and Zelensky has been calling for More weapons and air support, even taunting Biden over his perceived inaction, but this conflict is already all but over. The media has reported that fierce resistance has slowed the 40 mile Russian convoy of tanks and armored vehicles, but that is just more fake news from the liars in our media. This could have all been avoided, but Biden and his cronies were likely too busy lining their pockets to notice that Putin, who is Jewish as well, has either had it with broken promises from corrupt US Politicians or this is all just part of the globalists plan to march us further toward the “Great Reset and New World Order enslavement.

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