Another Global Pandemic Hoax and Fearmonging Psyop—Why now?

State of the Nation

Let’s face it: these hardcore bioterrorists do not care anymore what we thinks or what we know.  They don’t care when we know it.  They’re not even concerned when the smartest among US predicts, with great accuracy, their next genocidal crime wave against humanity.  In life, timing is everything.  So, too, is it very important for the New World Order globalist cabal in the implementation of their nefarious NWO agenda.  Just days ago the CIA’s Mockingbird Media created an instant echo chamber for WHO’s global biosecurity treaty that essentially cancels American sovereignty.  Then, voilà, Monkeypox pops out of nowhere appearing simultaneously in nations across the planet.  Obviously, the OPERATION MONKEYPOX perps needed an overwhelming fearmonging psyop that would compel national leaders to reflexively sign the W.H.O.-sponsored Global Pandemic Treaty.  After all, such a treaty goes a long way to strip sovereignty from any country that signs it.  As for the USA, this transparently unconstitutional treaty cedes presidential authority and congressional powers to a supranational foreign body of unelected bureaucrats who are paid by the likes of Bill Gates and George Soros.  How’s that gonna work out for the profoundly impacted US citizenry after Biden betrays the American Republic?!

— Veteran Intel Analyst & U.S. Military Officer

See how the Monkeypox bioterrorists deliberately selected a very scary looking ‘virus’.

If it isn’t clear already, it will be very soon.

The highly coordinated worldwide roll-out of Monkeypox is being conducted as yet another global Plandemic hoax with multiple agendas.

Of course, each of the New World Order objectives, Globalist goals and GREAT RESET aims associated with this complex international criminal enterprise will reveal themselves as OPERATION MONKEYPOX unfolds.

However, one data point is quite telling: the scheduling of this Monkeypox psyop was perfectly timed with the following article which has appeared in many variations throughout the Alt Media.

Biden Handing Over U.S. Sovereignty to WHO

The preceding article was posted at SOTN on May 15, 2022, as seen in the screenshot below.  This particular post generated more traffic this year than the next 10 articles put together.  Just why is that?

Answer: Everyone knows that the planned One World Government will be justified as a totalitarian global biosecurity superstate—that’s why.

However, the real story is that that bombshell exposé went so viral across the entire Internet that it triggered a massive backlash against the WHO’s nation-busting treaty initiative.

W.H.O.’s Global Pandemic Treaty Triggers Massive Backlash!

BOTTOM LINE: OPERATION MONKEYPOX is being executed worldwide to exert immense pressure on every government within the world community of nations in order to intimidate them to sign the W.H.O. pandemic treaty power grab.  What better way is there to coerce signatures, which will not be forthcoming in the wake of the Covid Pandemic-induced tyrannies that sprouted up around the globe due to the devastating WHO-issued health dictates and vaccine mandates!


As always, these global bioterrorist operations are cooked up and carried out by the Zio-Anglo-American Axis.

No one does naked fearmongering and biowar propaganda like the Bloody Brits as seen in the graphic below.

The Israeli government will then take it to a whole new level with their incredibly naive citizenry.  Israel’s official response is then pointed to as the gold standard for the rest of the world to look up to and follow. See: Now that Israel and Switzerland have Monkeypox cases, expect this new Plandemic to explode.

And, of course, no one will take OPERATION MONKEYPOX worldwide like the United States, so many of its 800 plus military bases are strategically located to further disseminate the Monkeypox bioweapon; just enough to fake another global pandemic, that is.

KEY POINT: No matter where The Powers That Be take this implausible pandemic-in-the-making, they will be successful in one important NWO aspect.  While Monkeypox does not have a high mortality rate, the ugliness of the skin condition is scary enough to dissuade healthy folks the world over from making babies. See: OPERATION MONKEYPOX: A Global Depopulation Enterprise…But Not By Way Of Genocide

Nothing advances the GREAT RESET like world war and biowar.  Just as World War I and the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic changed the global geopolitical landscape leading to the formation of the League of Nations, and World War II led to the establishment of the United Nations, the planned decade of biowars against humanity together with an engineered World War III are calculated to bring about a One World Government.

State of the Nation
May 23, 2022


MonkeyPox Set to Become the New Pandemic as Biden Plans to Hand US Sovereignty to the UN World Health Organization

How Has Monkeypox Spread All Over The Globe At Lightning Speed?!

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