Covid Killshot Media Campaign Launches

State of the Nation

Something very BIG is now happening right now where it concerns the raising of awareness about the COVID-19 killshots and clotshots—WORLDWIDE.

Folks everywhere are finally getting it — that the Covid shots are obviously not “safe and effective”.  And, that the jabs are really extremely dangerous and often deadly. See: The “safe and effective” narrative is falling apart.

With these grim realizations taking place around the globe at a rapidly accelerating rate, a new truth narrative is slowly emerging; that the Covid jabs are actually stealthily weaponized injections that bear no similarity to generally accepted vaccines.

When folks experience this leap of understanding, all hell breaks loose. For example:

Father Reams Pharmacist After Son Diagnosed With
Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis (Video & Transcript)

Then there’s this little display of deep distress and discontent demonstrated by a dad whose son tragically died right after getting Covid vaxxinated.

The following video provides an extremely ominous foreshadowing
of what the public’s reaction will soon be to being deliberately
genocided by the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’.

What’s the crucial point here?

Only We the People can stop this preplanned and ongoing GENOCIDE VIA VAX.

Only an organically grown, grassroots-driven, people-powered movement can successfully halt the Covid jab juggernaut rolling across the land.

This movement has already been launched … and it will only grow and get stronger by the day—GLOBALLY.

It needs no leadership or organization or 401(c)3 to do its critical work.  All it needs is aware vaccine-injured victims and concerned family & friends to confront the local government entities and offending employers who have injured and/or killed them and their loved ones.

By taking on both Corporate America and the various levels of U.S. governments, the American people will be channeling nothing short of the wrath of the Almighty.  For it’s about time The Powers That Be felt that wrath as never before in human history.

The key element of this humanity-wide endeavor to protect our personal sovereignty and defend our loved ones is the divine right to self-defense and self-preservation.

No one — no entity under the sun — be it government or corporation
has the right or authority or power to violate anyone’s
personal sovereignty—EVER!

Hence, it really is high time to light the torch and grab the pitchfork, and head toward whatever or whoever it is that needs to feel the wrath of We the People.

VAERS Report

In light of the most recent VAERS report, it’s truly a serious crime of omission not to respond decisively and forcefully to the Covid crime wave that washes over America unimpeded to this very day.

VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 7/29/2022

What is of paramount importance to correctly understand about the Covid vaccine data shown above is that the total number of filed Covid vaccine-induced death reports can be anywhere from 1% to 10 % of the actual number of vax deaths (same goes for the reported vaccine injuries).  Which means that as many as 3,000,000 people have died to date, specifically from a COVID-19 vaccination or booster shot.

What this data really proves is that the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda was deliberately rolled out as a global depopulation scheme to kill as many unsuspecting vax recipients as possible.  And, because the Covid vaccinations are now producing a new medical ailment known as VAIDS — vaccine-induced AIDS — hundreds of millions of Covid-jabbed people across the planet will eventually develop that fatal disease.

State of the Nation
August 13, 2022


[1] OPERATION COVID JAB: The Stealthy Genocidal Scheme to Depopulate the Planet and Enslave Humanity





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