SUXgate: The NYC hospitals have been knowingly killing the elderly COVID patients with the deadly intubation protocols

Drug commonly used in respiratory intubation protocol (COVID-19) is also ‘world’s most discreet murder weapon’

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A background story on a possible victim of this drug is here:

and also here:

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Note that in the story below, the drug when used without a device to help one breathe can kill via asphyxiation.

“…if you’ve been injected with succinylcholine (also known as suxamethonium chloride or simple ‘sux’) you’re most likely in a hospital, undergoing intubation with accompanying respiratory support. The administration of sux is part of the rapid sequence intubation (RSI) protocol, which means a medical team is actually trying to keep you alive – they’ve just got to paralyze you do to it. If you’re being intubated, your airway is blocked and the RSI protocol is employed to get a breathing tube down your throat. To get this tube in quickly, they’ll paralyze and sedate you.

Sedation means you won’t be conscious when the paralysis sets in. Respiratory support means something will be breathing for you when the muscles involved in respiration stop working. In 5 – 10 minutes, a clinical dose of sux wears off as it’s rapidly metabolized by your body. The sedation will likely last longer. The goal is that by the time you’re awake, your breathing has been stabilized and perhaps other medical issues have been (or are being) addressed. This is the intended use of sux. But, like many chemicals, people can use it for nefarious reasons.

If you’re hit with a clinical dose of sux and have no respiratory support, you will likely die. Though the effects of sux wear off in 5-10 minutes, your body’s need for oxygen renders those minutes far too long. If you’re hit with sux without sedation, you’ll spend those minutes before death in a state of waking terror, realizing there is nothing you can do. It is a horrible way to die. For a time, it was a clever way to kill someone.”


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