ELECTION DAY TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE: You don’t know what you don’t know

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Many of us can feel that we are on the precipice of major, fast-moving change right now, it’s palpable. The Total Lunar Eclipse at 16°00′ Taurus is exact on Tuesday 8th at 3.01am PST and 11.01am UK time. It signals a culmination, completion, closure of some kind but this may well take the form of a crescendo as it is peaking as the Saturn-Uranus square is still very tight here, within less than two degrees.

Saturn represents the old world, the old systems, control, governmental rules and regulations, and Uranus represents the new, freedom, the people, the future. This clash also reflects centralisation (Saturn) versus decentralisation (Uranus), and as this is in Taurus that may well apply to our finances. It is clear for instance how governments are already talking about centralised digital (Saturn) currencies, one obvious manifestation of this square. However this aspect starts to move apart in December so November is the crescendo month for the completion of this.

Not only that, but this will be the first time that the US Midterm Elections are being held on a day of a Total Lunar Eclipse. As the Moon is tightly (within less than 1°) conjunct Uranus here, we may well see some ‘upturning of the applecart’ in some way – some shock or surprise event that could disrupt the Elections. This could take many forms (astrologers don’t generally know the exact events) but certainly we could see some drama this week.
Whatever unfolds, it is very important that you use your discernment. Mars in Gemini is in a long-running square to Neptune in Pisces, suggesting a lot of information but also a lot of mis/disinformation – Neptune represents the media. Whatever emerges may well be ‘blown up’ in some way with Jupiter conjunct Neptune too. So don’t leap to conclusions here – drop into your heart to find your truth, it may not be what is appearing on the world stage (Jupiter is on the World Axis here=public events). Keep remembering: what is true and what is not?

With Saturn in a strong Fixed T-square to five planets in Taurus and Scorpio there is likely to be a strong desire to control events from the top in some way, but the Eclipse is conjunct Uranus, so there will be a tremendous urge for breakdown to breakthrough. It is revolutionary energy. Look at what is already happening in Iran, Brazil, Pakistan, and the Netherlands. This Eclipse could well act as an ignition point for many other events to follow, as Uranus is the planet of truth, awakening, and also speed, things happen quickly with Uranus involved. Events could feel temporarily chaotic.

The events may involve finances in some way as I have written/spoken about with the Nodes and Eclipses being in the financial axis of Taurus and Scorpio. Remember old systems have to break down for healthier, newer ones to emerge that are more equitable and fair. The South Node in Scorpio is signalling letting go of any toxicity including in the financial system, deeply held secrets from the past, financial or sexual crime, big money, and this is all necessary for us to move forwards to a better, kinder world.

If you have any planets or angles between 15°-17° of the Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, observe how that is playing out in your own chart. Which house is it falling in? Which area of life? Are you feeling restless in that area of life, your desire to break out of old stale habits/relationships/jobs is becoming stronger? Uranus is a discontinuous energy which can bring quantum leaps and unexpected opportunities into your life that feel fresh, new and exciting, and more in line with who your truly are, your unique essence. Uranus is linked to our authenticity, our individual truth.

Many of us are going through some significant upgrades of energy at this time, so do not worry if you are feeling extremely tired, take that as evidence that your system is evolving rapidly. These upgrades are likely to become stronger in December when I feel a powerful expansion of consciousness for humanity coming in.

So look beyond the chaos to a future of love, harmony, truth, joy, compassion and fairness that so many of us want to create. It’s down to us, we are the co-creators of our world. That is not dictated by our nightly news – at least not in my reality.

Blessings to you all.


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