People, don’t be deceived by the contested 2022 midterm elections like everyone was during the 2020 POTUS election cycle…

…especially throughout the aftermath which saw
the Democrats steal an unprecedented number
of elections in both years.

Submitted by The Armchair Election Analyst
SOTN Exclusive

Even to this very day, quite rare are the conservative commentators and Patriot political analysts who really understand what happened during the 2020 post Election Day period.

While the whole world was intensely focused on the nakedly stolen election from President Donald Trump, virtually the entire American electorate did not see the countless election thefts perpetrated by the Democrats in all 50 states.

KEY POINT: Democrats can no longer win enough elections at the national level to hold a majority in either chamber of the U.S. Congress because of their patently satanic campaign platforms.  Therefore, the Democrat Party’s only strategy is to steal every election in sight, which they were just forced to do given that the most unpopular POTUS (imposter) in history was their frontman.

Again, the Democrat’s Party’s main 2020 election theft strategy was to outright steal the election from Trump, thereby stampeding the entire Right into investigating that unparalleled electoral crime wave.

In so doing, the Democrat Party successfully diverted everyone’s attention from the much more devastating Democrat crime spree that saw them criminally keep their House majority, as well as illicitly grab control of the Senate.

2022 Midterm Elections

Now fast forward to the 2022 midterms and we see the Democrat Party using the very same strategy.  Only this time Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has taken the place of Donald Trump.

Even though Democrats quite stealthily stole numerous elections in both the U.S. Senate and House, the whole country is only focused on the Arizona race.  Of course, this highly manufactured MSM distraction has also diverted a LOT of attention from the many state, county and city elections that the Democrats also just stole in the dark of night on November 8th.

The same successful nationwide scheme for “stealing every election in sight” has even permitted the Democrats to get away with fraudulently winning the Pennsylvania US Senator seat for John Fetterman.  Of course, the real story in PA, which absolutely no one paid attention to, is this: All of his pre-election and post-election conduct points to a highly deceptive RINO Dr. Oz being selected to knowingly throw the election to Fetterman.


By quite cunningly hoisting both Trump and Lake high up in the firmament of ‘UNRIVALED & SENSATIONAL’ election thefts, the Democrat Party was able to effectively distract the attention of the Patriot Movement from so many other successful steals.

After all, by controlling both the House and Senate for the past two years the Democrats were able to prevent any investigations of the Biden Crime Family.  They were also able to postpone any meaningful probes into the government’s criminal response to the COVID-19 Plandemic, as well as criminal inquiries into the extremely dangerous and deadly Covid ‘vaccines’ which were purposefully formulated as bioweapons.

Which is why the Democrat election theft strategy revolved around stealing the Senate majority first; and then stealing as many House elections as possible second.   In this way they were able to prevent the impeachment of POTUS Imposter Biden.

However, the biggest political conspiracy here, which has thus far been tamped down repeatedly, is the extent to which the GOP’s traitorous RINO leadership enabled all of these elections to be stolen by the Democrats as well as assisting them with the ongoing criminal cover-ups.  As follows:

Did the Khazarian-controlled Irish-American Mafia totally take
over the Republican Party to enable the Democrats
to steal every election in sight?!

Only the Khazarian Cabal would ever execute such a seemingly risky plot — IN BROAD DAYLIGHT — with their trademark chutzpah stamped all over the Arizona election theft crime scene.

Really, the Khazarians carried out the same massive vote fraud schemes in 2020 AT THE VERY SAME SCANDALOUS CRIME SCENE in Arizona—Maricopa County.  Then, while every Republican voter is completely mesmerized by the sheer brazenness of these 2022 AZ steals, they completely ignore the other 49 states minus Florida.

You gotta give it them, no one does crime dramas like the bad actors who populate the Khazarian Tribe, from the very top on down.

Which begs the question: Was Kari “Election Denier” Lake actually THE CHOSEN ONE to play this pivotal role so her Khazarian masters could pillory her in the public square as an object lesson of what will happen to every election-denying politician who ever runs for high office in the future?!

The Armchair Election Analyst
State of the Nation
November 20, 2022

SOTN Editor’s Note:

Hopefully the Right sees right through the Democrat Party’s extremely shrewd election stealing stratagem.  There ought to be no question whatsoever that the entire melodramatic build-up of “the great electoral clash between Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs” is a CIA-written script right out of Hollywood.  And you know who completely owns and operates Hollywood … from its very beginning.  Let’s face it: no one does drama like the Khazarian Klan—NO ONE!!!  They set this thing up in Arizona, and especially in Maricopa County, just like they did during the 2020 election cycle.  It’s kinda like 2020 was choreographed as “The Rumble in the Jungle”, whereas 2022 was staged as the “The Thrilla in Manila”.  Both of these mega-dramas were so captivating that the whole world was completely drawn into the ballot competitions WITH HIGHLY PURPOSEFUL AND MALEVOLENT DESIGN.

However, the only question that remains is whether Kari Lake knew that she was controlled opposition.  While it’s very difficult for anyone to question her sincerity based on her public presentations, she still may be a very willing (read: bribed and/or blackmailed) Democrat plant.  After all, she’s obviously the perfect foil to ultra-liberal wackadoodle Katie Hobbs. (By her own admission, Lake was a registered Democrat from 2008 to 2012.) In other words, it was all too perfect — the SETUP, that is —  just as Kari Lake is alway perfectly coiffed, manicured and dressed (see photo above).  We make no judgement of whether she is a witting pawn in this HUGE “decoy stratagem”, but the Democrat Party has pulled off this very same scheme countless times throughout American electoral history.  If the Right side of the electorate really knew how many so-called Republicans are really cryto-Democrats, they’d never vote again.

McConnell + McCarthy + McDaniel =
McMassive McBetrayal & McMonumental McFailure

If there are still any doubters about the Democrat’s tried-and-proven decoy strategy, just consider how many flaming RINOs now occupy space in the U.S. Congress.  That the Democrat-RINO Uniparty just got away with perpetrating untold election steals for the DEMs with the transparent facilitation of the GOP’s treacherous and traitorous leadership, speaks volumes, YES?!?!?!  It also makes it very likely that Kari Lake was meticulously set up to take center stage during these crucial midterm elections…just as Trump served as the HUGE decoy in 2020.  Of course, the upshot of this critical analysis is that MAGA Republicans will never again be permitted to win the most important elections at any level.  And, when the Democrats come to understand that election fraud will no longer work because of being outed by exposés like this one, they will simply go bolshevik and seize political power by sheer force.



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