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Research team autopsied 40 patients: 30-40% died of fatal vaccine injuries

THE VACCINE SCANDAL. On September 20, 2021, a conference was held at the pathological institute in Reutlingen, Germany, where the results of autopsies of 40 people who received the Covid-19 vaccine were presented. The conclusion is that at least 30% of the causes of death were the result of fatal vaccine injuries. The more likely figure is 40%, according to the research team.

Tissue analyzes were performed by pathologists Professor Arne Burkhardt and Professor Walter Lang . The results are confirmed by Professor Peter Schirmacher that more than a third of 40 dead people died due to fatal vaccine injuries. All subjects examined had died within 2 weeks of vaccination.

Microscopic details from tissue samples were shown during the press conference, which also presented results of an analysis of vaccine samples by an Austrian research group, which reached similar results to researchers in Austria, Japan and the United States. All video presentations about the researchers’ findings posted on Youtube are quickly removed.

The vaccines contain undeclared metal-like components. The suspected substance is graphene oxide.

According to the research team , they have found the metallic components in all the vaccine vials examined. The blood samples are similar to blood samples taken from cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The researchers could see signs of myocarditis where affected people only have a survival time of 10 years after diagnosis.

The researchers estimate that 40% of deaths are vaccine-related. They also say that autopsies of covid deaths are basically never carried out.

The researchers also make the very remarkable statement that no one knows what the metal structures and formations that form in the body after vaccination are or have for their purpose and that the technology seems to be taken from the future.

Mass vaccination in the world must be stopped until scientists and doctors know what the vaccines actually have for health effects

The results of the survey have led to legal and political demands on authorities and politicians respectively. Further investigations must be carried out. For example, indications of reduced fertility in vaccinated individuals must be investigated and with the help of the cancer registry, doctors can gain insight into the development of cancer due to the genetic modifications brought about by the viral RNA content.

For the time being, all covid-19 vaccinations should cease, the research team announces.

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