Please. Post. This. Covid. Vax. Truth. Video. Everywhere. TODAY!

SOTN Editor’s Note: People, what makes the following video presentation about the extremely dangerous and deadly Covid ‘vaccines’ so special is that it’s given by Senator Gerard Rennick, a highly regarded Australian politician serving the state of Queensland.  The crucial point is that Gerard is basically a business guy and politician, NOT a scientist; however, he really knows the Covid vaccine science.  And, most importantly, he speaks in layman’s terms in his very own down-to-earth Aussie way.

Gerard Rennick completed his education in Toowoomba at Downlands College, before moving to Brisbane, where he completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Queensland. He also has a master’s degree in Taxation Law from the University of Sydney and a master’s degree in applied finance from FINSIA.[3

In other words, because he is speaking this radioactive vax truth to the Australian Parliament in very clear and simple language, any English speaker in the world can grasp the true import of his DIRE WARNING!  Which means that anyone living in the pivotal Five Eyes nations can greatly benefit from this awesome vid.

Therefore, we respectfully ask every SOTN visitor to blast this link out everywhere and anywhere—thank you!  Mainstream folks looking for CV19 vaccine truth will surely apprehend the real dangers associated with all the Covid injections after watching this outstanding video.

*This Covid ‘vaccine’ truth video is only 11 minutes long, so
anyone can easily watch it at home, at their workplace, or
listen to it in their vehicle.

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