The Most Obviously FIXED World Cup Final in Football History—But Why, REALLY?

World Cup Final Outcome:
Fixed & Rigged To Favor Argentina

State of the Nation

In our totally manipulated world, where everything is fake, fixed and phony as well as fabricated, fictitious and fraudulent, it should come as no surprise that the 2022 World Cup outcome was patently fixed from the very beginning to the final end.

First, it’s crucial to understand that the quadrennial World Cup is — BY FAR — the largest and most revenue-producing sports event on the planet.

Because of that indisputable reality, the World Cup is the single “Biggest Sports Betting Event” on planet Earth.

In point of fact, the 2022 World Cup saw the largest gambling proceeds ever generated by any event in recorded history.

What’s the point?

The 2022 World Cup was nakedly fixed and here’s why!

Any event that generates so much gambling revenue is automatically subjected to being fixed and rigged by the ‘smart money’.

Just like the various stock markets around the globe, which are all plagued by insider trading since the very first stock exchange was first established, fixing major sporting events by the biggest gamblers in the world has always been a well-known fact of life.

Of course, the recent World Cup possessed all the signatures of a totally rigged sporting event.  As follows:

Was World Cup 2022 fixed for Messi to win it for Argentina?

Now here’s another exposé that captures what really happened during the final between Argentina and France.

World Cup Fans Know Final Was Rigged
After Messi’s Penalty Kick Set-up

When millions of netizens the world over are screaming the headline posted below throughout all of cyberspace, you know something went very wrong in Qatar.  In view of all the scandals surrounding this year’s World Cup, the very first hosted by a Middle Eastern nation, perhaps the rich oil sheiks who visited Qatar broke their solemn Islamic vows which absolutely forbid gambling.

‘World Cup is rigged for Lionel Messi’, Netizens slam penalty
decision during Argentina vs France FIFA World Cup
2022 final, check here

Then there is this pre-final illicit scheme which constitutes only one prong of a multi-pronged criminal rigging conspiracy to steal the World Cup championship.

“The French team got deliberately poisoned”

The stealthy stratagems to fix the World Cup outcomes surely started well before the French team got poisoned as explained in the articles below.

Germany fans claimed World Cup was ‘fixed’

FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar rocked by match fixing claims

Match fixing, bribery claim rocks opening World Cup game
between Qatar and Ecuador


Just as the whole world knows that POTUS Impostor Joe Biden outright stole the 2020 POTUS election, and the Patriot Movement is well aware of the rampant election thefts which took place during the 2022 midterm election cycle, all of humanity will soon understand that this World Cup tournament was the most fixed sporting event in history.

KEY POINT: All of South and Central America is now cognizant of the fact that extreme leftist “Lulu the Lunatic” brazenly stole Brazil’s presidential election.  In so doing, the entire world community of nations will soon grasp that all election of any importance are rigged and fixed before they are stolen by the communist Left in those respective countries.

Believe it or not, this is very good news about the transparently fixed 2022 World Cup.  Because the New World Order globalist cabal has been stealing elections across the planet for centuries as they have been fixing sporting event for centuries, it’s now clear to many that these criminally insane and psychopathic control freaks will leave nothing to chance—EVER!  Which means LOTs of stolen elections in the future as well as fixed tournaments.

Especially if the NWO perpetrators can use a global event to further advance their satanic New World Order agenda, they will exploit that opportunity to the max.  It’s just what they do.  It’s what they have always done.  It’s all they know how to do.

Not only do these Khazarian agents, operatives and perps make billions off of these gambling bonanzas, they are able to exert ironclad control over the world’s top sports stars by compromising them more and more each year.

This is how the Khazarian Cabal was able to coerce and compel, bribe and blackmail so many sport heroes and athletic icons to take the Covid jabs, even though many did not want to.  In numerous cases, some of the top sports stars were filmed getting a COVID-19 ‘vaccine’, but they really only got a saline solution injected.  They were then forced to promote the Covid shots and boosters with great enthusiasm, which many did.

Truly, these highly organized black ops and global psyops are much less about the money and much more about power and influence.  Controlling the world’s top leaders, sport heroes, movie stars and music legends is their primary objective.

BOTTOM LINE: Every single perceived VIP and media sensation must be completely controlled as far as the Khazarian Cabal is concerned.  Particularly during the Covid era, if an international sports star can CON his or her fan base into getting vaxxed, that could be another 100 0r 200 million souls who end up as vaccine-injured compliant slaves on the Khazarian’s planetary plantation.

State of the Nation
December 19, 2022


The 2022 World Cup final has been described as the most captivating and entertaining in the tournament’s history.  That’s because this global show was meticulously produced that way and with highly purposeful design.  For nothing distracts the masses from the ongoing Covid ‘vaccine’ national genocides, regional mass murders and global depopulation scheme like “bread and circuses”.

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