WARNING! The Covid ‘Vaccines” & Their Drug Interactions

Submitted by: An Integrative Health Consultant &
Covid Vaccine Injury Specialist

SOTN Exclusive

All of the various COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ not only
seriously complicate all known dangerous
drug interactions … … …

…those shots also serve to create a much more
hazardous drug interaction (DI) predicament,
particularly between the mRNA jabs and
virtually all pharmaceutical medications.
This now pervasive DI predicament represents
a brand new type and not yet understood drug

Hence, the new normal, especially for those
individuals who are taking multiple prescription
and/or over-the-counter drugs, presents a
much more perilous situation which has not
been addressed by the Pharmaceutical
Companies, American Healthcare System
or the health and human safety organs of
the U.S. Federal Government.

In other words, the interplay alone between
the Covid shots and existing drug treatment
plans can easily bring
about a suddenly fatal

So, to be clear, not only is there a great risk
for novel vaccine-induced drug interactions
between the Covid injections and numerous
medications, these ‘vaccines’ and boosters also
put the previously occurring drug interactions
on super steroids.

This very dire yet unacknowledged state of
affairs is an extremely important factor in the
rapidly increasing number of vaccine-induced
deaths and serious injuries. Therefore, every
Covid-vaccinated human being ought to use
extreme caution going forward with respect to
their current and future pharmaceutical drug
regimens as well as nutraceutical medicines
(the mix of certain nutraceutical products
can also be quite problematic even though
they are always described as “safe and natural”).
Isn’t the Covid jab still being grossly misrepresented
as “Safe and Effective” by officialdom?

We give this very same advice to vaccinated
patients and vax-undecided clients who are
committed to nutraceutical-based treatment
plans and protocols for good reason. As always,
the more meds anyone takes of any type, and
the longer they take them, the greater the
likelihood adverse interactions will occur.
The crucial point occurs when any given remedy
or supplement crosses the threshold from
being therapeutic in one’s system to becoming

CAVEAT: Because many of the DI adverse side
effects can be asymptomatic and/or subclinical
in nature, it’s all the more important that the
Covid-vaccinated folks exercise considerable
caution.  In some cases, the vaxxed are dropping
dead and collapsing without any warning because
the DI symptoms are so subtle or completely
below the individual’s level of perception.

*This “CAVEAT” in no way diminishes the
extremely detrimental effects of those hidden
chemical ingredients, biological constituents
nanotechnological components which have
been proven to be contained in the COVID-19
injections. Each of those weaponized elements,
as well as other deleterious additives found
in some of the more hazardously formulated
‘vaccine’ batches, present their own set of
potential vaccine-induced deaths, injuries,
as well as other profound physical and
psychological challenges.

Then there are other types of drug interactions
which are often ignored by both the medical
profession and pharmaceutical industry. These
includes adverse reactions that take place
between various drugs and specific foods and
beverages. Sometimes it’s an entire food group
that triggers an unfavorable response. How the
Covid vax intensifies these is not at all known.
How the ‘vaccine’ itself interacts with all of the
well-known trigger foods and beverages is also

Of course, there are many people who have
specific medical ailments and health conditions
which are now known to become exacerbated
after Covid vaccinations. Cancer, heart attacks
and strokes are three examples of quite serious
contraindications that are routinely ignored
by doctors when administering the Covid shots.
However, we now know that there are many
pre-existing conditions and co-morbidities
which take a radical turn for the worse soon
after vaccination.

Lastly, there are those numerous unacknowledged
drug interactions which inevitably occur among
several incompatible drugs taken at the same time.
The “Drugs Interaction Checker” websites cannot
even produce results for 3 or more drugs taken
during the same time frame. Therefore, one can
only guess how a Covid injection will react with
such a daily potpourri of 5 or 10 or 15 different
medications. The evidence thus far strongly
suggests that these ‘vaccines’ significantly worsen
those aggregate DIs.

Therefore, in view of this compelling information,
if you are vaxxed, you need to be extra careful not
to throw fuel on the DI fire; you don’t want to
become a “Died Suddenly” stat. And, if you’re not
vaxxed, please help spread the word about this
swiftly mushrooming medical emergency—THANK YOU!

— An Integrative Health Consultant
specializing in the treatment of COVID-19
and the remediation of Covid vaccine-induced injuries

Originally posted at The Health Coach
State of the Nation
January 16, 2023

SOTN Editor’s Note: In light of just how dangerous and deadly each of the Covid ‘vaccines’ has proven to be, everything points to the high probability that even these drug interaction risks and hazards were well-known to the Big Pharma formulators. Given the high-powered supercomputers and AI brainpower they have access to, it’s quite easy for the ‘vaccine’ scientists to run as many computerized simulations and practically infinite iterations as necessary to both rule in and rule out all possible and/or pernicious DIs. Only time will tell just how premeditated this bioengineered drug interaction crisis really was. As focused clinical trials are run on the still living and rigorous scientific experimentation is conducted on competently autopsied bodies of those who “died suddenly”, the truth of their DI plight will surely be made manifest. See: The COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Holocaust Now Confirmed By VAERS 2022 Year-End Data


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