Now for the real “Tucker Carlson” psyop.

As always, this convoluted psyop is also a meticulously
planned, Khazarian-directed, political production with
multiple USA goals and New World Order objectives.

SOTN Editor’s Note: Sorry to lay this one on you folks but the exposé that follows seems to be true … because it’s THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES ANY SENSE AT ALL.  No other explanation sufficiently explains how Tucker Carlson was able to become the most truth-telling talking head in the history of broadcast journalism.

However, wherever you read the word “Jew” below be sure to replace it with “Khazarian”, which is actually a fake Jew who has no religious affiliation with authentic Judaism.  For only the all-pervasive Khazarian Cabal, which completely owns and operates the CIA’s Mockingbird Media, could ever have permitted a ‘conservative Christian’ like Tucker Carlson to develop the most popular and profitable show in the history of network news.

While the prescient analysis below only introduces the “Tucker Carlson” psyop, it scratches the surface in critical ways.  Grasping the extent to which the Khazarian Cabal will go to to fabricate extremely popular presidential personas such as Barack Hussein Obama, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Ron DeSantis, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and now possibly Tucker Carlson, is absolutely essential to diminishing the power of this highly consequential and ongoing psyop.

KEY POINT: It’s of paramount importance to correctly comprehend the deepest meaning of the JFK assassination as it relates to the presidential politics of this pivotal third decade of the 21st century.  First and foremost, President John F. Kennedy was brutally and quite publicly murdered on November 22, 1963 by the Khazarian Cabal (who used several C.I.A. assassination squads) to send an indelibly searing and barbaric message to all future world leaders: “Don’t even think about leaving the Khazarian reservation of political correctness unless you want to be JFKed.”

Which really means that anyone, anywhere, who occupies a position of great influence or power, is only permitted to retain their extraordinarily high public platform because they fit conveniently within a much bigger Khazarian scheme.  Therefore, be sure to keep your eyes on Tucker, just as all truth-seeking Patriots have had our eyes on Donald “I’m the Father of the Vaccine” Trump.

Whatever the truth may be, it should rightly be pointed out that Tucker Carlson has performed an awesome service to humanity.  For he used his coveted time slot at FOX News to educate and edify, enlighten and empower more Americans than any other journalist in the mainstream media—EVER.  In so doing, he suffered much unwarranted persecution for simply telling the unvarnished truth about extremely important topics that most folks would never have become aware of. See: HERE’S WHY TUCKER WAS REALLY FIRED

Semper Fi, Tucker!  Semper Fi —

State of the Nation
April 27, 2023

N.B. Despite what the narrative below insinuates, it’s quite possible that Tucker was stealthily set up over many years, and in such a way, that he’s truly unaware of his role in the next phase of this rapidly unfolding psyop.  As always, time will tell.  But until then, please send this piece to Tucker in the event that he really doesn’t know what the Khazarians are up to… and which will proceed only at his expense.

About Tucker Carlson

Submitted by GA

I had some things to do today, that did not require my full concentration, so I listened to Alex Jones assessment about the “Tucker Carlson” issue.
Alex Jones believes that the following speech to the Heritage Club was what got Tucker fired by Murdoch:
So I took the time to listen to it all.
First I want to say that Alex Jones in his show yesterday, said that the Jews are buying out Fox News, because they need to control the narrative.  Tucker Carlson was (lately) not following the approved narratives (BIG LIES), so he had to GO, so that Murdoch can fetch a MASSIVE price from the Jews.  Naturally, Alex Jones, himself a closet Jew did not use the specific “J” word, but I’ve seen this happen too many times before.
You find a great ‘Free Speech’ website, and people use it to the hilt to collaborate and help educate each other.  BUT…..if there is TOO MUCH truth getting out, the Jews come and make an OFFER the owner of the website can not refuse, ($100 Millions to shut down their website), and the owners, usually struggling young techies, take the cash, and the inevitable happens: the website gets shut down…….or like in the case of Drudge, they keep the website up, but it is just more Jewish zionist lies, that totally go along with the lame stream media BIG LIES, so it becomes useless to truthers.
Meanwhile the jews that shut down good websites, COLLECT ALL THE CONTACT INFORMATION  for every person who posted ANY Truths to that website.  So now all these people who thought they were speaking anonymously, are now no longer anonymous at all, and in fact have a target painted on their backs, and they don’t even realize it.
So, Fox News, which totally supported the jabs, still was too truthful for the jews, and fox news needs to be shut down, or treated like Drudge Report.
OK, about this speech, if this speech got Tucker Carlson canned…..what does this say about the new zionist owners of Fox News…..yet to be announced?
I listened to ALL of Tucker’s speech, and when he wasn’t rambling on about me, myself and I, said “some things” which were SUPER Elementary in the truther movement.  He needs someone to educate him, and get him at least up to the Junior High level.
Tucker is either wallowing around in kindergarten……OR……he is extremely disingenuous.  He kept talking like he was a Christian, when in fact, he has been a Christian in name only, just like Trump, but IN FACT, Tucker is another closet jew.  He allowed himself to be photographed with that red string around his wrist on the news.  That red string tells fellow Jews, Tucker is one with them, he is a Jew.
Tucker knows Hunter Biden, and they have been lifelong friends. The Bidens are also closet Jews, and ALL of Joe Biden’s kids married Jews.  So Tucker’s lifelong friendship with Hunter Biden, speaks volumes right there by itself.  Birds of a feather flock together.
I suspect that is why when he had the spotlight, at this Heritage organization fundraiser dinner, he totally diluted his message, and no doubt the reason why he spent so much time on “me, myself, and I”, than on anything else, in order to filibuster the time.
No, this was a politically white-washed message……..I think he is planning to run for president, so getting “fired” has done nothing but boost him in the polls of low IQ conservatives.
Can you SEE the theater here???
Do you really think Tucker spent an entire career at Fox News, and NOT know all about the CIA-written Operation Mockingbird Scripts that ALL News reporting agencies use, so that no matter what channel stupid dumbed down Americans listen to, they get the EXACT same spin, the Exact same message, even using the exact same words, all carefully following the Jewish narratives to the gentile sheeple … brainwash Americans to follow along to their own doom.


NEW: Learn the Secrets Why Tucker Was Fired: Alex Jones Reports (views: 1234)   Alex Jones has confessed he is jew, and his father and uncles and various family members all work for the CIA.  Alex is on the CIA payroll too.
People need to learn what “controlled opposition” is, or they are lambs to the slaughter.  I’m tired of explaining it, if you don’t understand it by now, look it up yourself.
Controlled Opposition = Bad Guy, who only pretends to represent your conservative patriot side……to gain your trust, while they slip their “Big Lies” in when necessary……because now you are a “follower” of this Controlled Opposition guy.  He is still going to lead you to walk off a cliff to your death.  Look at Father Vaccine, Trump, whose job was to get the conservatives to jab themselves to death.  To date Trump has still NOT called for a halt to these deadly toxic jabs, he pushed at conservatives at Warp Speed.
This is why they NEVER name names……and they always DANCE around the True Names of the people out to GENOCIDE us with names like: “criminal elite”, “globalists”, “socialists”.  They will never come out and SAY the exact TRUTH: it’s the jewish communists out to destroy America, and EU and Australia, and Canada.  jews hate Christians and have for 2,000 years.  They want christianity to be STAMPED OUT for Good!  They want people of WHITE Western Christian Civilization to become EXTINCT.  They have co-opted full control of our country’s gov’t, media, corporations, toward this end.
Well, enjoy the Theater, enjoy THE SHOW!!!
Its no great mystery, the jews have proudly boasted about their PLANS:
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