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Clearly, Tucker Carlson was just fired right after FOX News was forced to settle the Dominion lawsuit for $787.5 million.  The ‘low’ settlement amount may even have been contingent on Tucker being ousted immediately.

No, Tucker was summarily dismissed because of the radioactive J6 video he aired of the ‘QAnon Shaman’ being  escorted around the Capitol by Capitol Police and other law enforcement officers.

No, that’s not it, Carlson was let go because he would not let go of the scientifically proven case which confirmed that Joe Biden outright stole the 2020 POTUS election.

Oh NO, NO, NO! Tucker was obviously knocked off his high perch as the most successful political commentator in U.S. history because of his constant revelations about America’s predatory oligarchy and kleptocratic plutocracy.

Surely that’s not what really happened, for Tucker Carlson was discharged from his duties at FOX because of his recent dire warning about: “Senate Bill 686, The Restrict Act, Framed Around TikTok But Focused on Domestic Online Censorship” (Video).

Okay, then, maybe the Tuck was sacked because of his epic monologue on “Trans Terrorism” which is targeting Christians across the USA more by the week.

Or, perhaps Carlson was removed from his huge MSM platform because he was effectively exposing the nefarious agenda behind digital currency like nobody else in media.

How about this: Tucker was released from his FOX News contract because he was brilliantly highlighting the Ukraine War as an unparalleled warmongering catastrophe and humanitarian disaster and political scandal and economic debacle and financial fiasco and international calamity and European cataclysm, etc., etc. etc.  BINGO ! ! ! 

Make no mistake: Tucker Carlson crossed every line ever drawn in the sand by the Khazarian-controlled CIA’s Mockingbird Media; however, there is one line the Neocon Zionist ownership of FOX News would never permit him to cross.  For when the Neocons want war — any war — they get their war no matter what the cost in blood and treasure to the American people.

In all likelihood, Tucker could have gotten away with all of the other truth-telling listed above, but the Khazarian Cabal will brook no criticism of their civilization-altering Ukraine War.  After all, the Khazarians desperately need a full-blown World War III to distract the entire world community of nations from their many ongoing genocides and other crime sprees against humanity, both past and present.

Certainly Mr. Carlson knew this in advance of his many refreshing and lifesaving antiwar commentaries.  Which can mean only one thing: he knew his days were numbered and therefore used his final episodes to expose everything he possibly could.

Did we forget to mention that Tucker disclosed more Covid ‘vaccine’ truth than all of the mainstream media presstitutes in the USA put together?  There’s no question that his factual Covid jab revelations also put him on the wrong side of the Khazarian’s genocide via weaponized vax agenda.

It’s also very telling that Tucker was canned just “five days after he crossed the red line by acknowledging that the TV networks pushed a deadly and ineffective vaccine to please their Pharma advertisers”.[1] Which means that his Covid ‘vaccine’ truth-telling may really be the main reason why he’s now gone from FOX.  BIGGER BINGO ! ! ! 

Truly, Tucker Carlson went out with a bang as few have ever done in broadcast journalism.  He totally tore them up as only his inimitable satire could do.  Now we wait for warmongering FOX News to crash and burn faster than the Hindenburg—HOORAY!!!

Tucker Carlson’s departure wipes half a
billion off Fox Corp’s market value 

The MSM Watcher
State of the Nation
April 24, 2023

SOTN Editor’s Note: As always, the MSM lies about everything all the time.  FOX News did not reach an agreement with Tucker Carlson about his termination; rather, he was flat out fired by the Murdoch family. See: Tucker Carlson Fired By Lachlan Murdoch; Here’s What We Know



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