Was This Impeachment Really Started To Distract Us From Jeffrey Epstein’s Murder

by Patrick J. McShay

Anyone who has followed this impeachment process from the beginning has no doubt asked themselves just how and why this process got started and how it has gotten this far, especially in light of the fact that the Democrats have yet to articulate just what law President Trump violated. No matter, the votes are in and the impeachment train has left the station, destination the Senate!

The Democrats would have us believe that Trump strong-armed Ukrainian President Zelensky and held up $400 billion in aid until he agreed to do an investigation into the corruption in Ukraine and Burisma, the company that paid Hunter Biden millions of dollars, in order to hurt Joe Biden politically.

Since no evidence has been brought forward, and with the recent release of the Horowitz report showing that the Democrats lied about everything during the Russia collusion hoax, the American people are waking up to this partisan witch hunt. The Horowitz report not only proved that Congressman Devin Nunez’s report, which was pilloried by Democrats as fiction, was 100% accurate, it also proved that Intel Chairman Adam Schiff, in his memo responding to the Nunez memo, was lying through his teeth about everything.

Not only was Schiff lying, but the Horowitz report showed that former FBI Director James Comey also lied through his teeth and I believe took part in a planned coup that was cooked up by our FBI, CIA, NSA, and our Department of Justice, including Trump’s Assistant Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein. Aren’t these the agencies that found that the Russians interfered in our election and hacked Hillary Clinton’s email?

Despite all of the accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 election, the American people have been shown no evidence that these serious accusations are true. I love my Country but I fear my government, and I expect compelling evidence for bold claims that affect my children and grandchildren and every citizen should expect the same!

Don’t forget, we already know that James Comey lied to Congress multiple times, and we also know that Former CIA Director John Brennan and the former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper both lied to Congress as well.  How many Americans know that? The liberal pundits that make up the majority in the media still find it crazy that Trump doesn’t trust the intelligence agencies; I would find it crazy if he did!

These articles of impeachment the Democrats have come up with really should give anyone with a pea-size brain pause.

1.) Abuse of Power

2.) Obstruction of Congress

Anyone who followed Obama’s presidency through his many scandals must wonder how it is that Obama and his Attorney Generals Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch weren’t impeached. The “Fast and Furious” gun scandal was never properly investigated because Attorney General Holder stonewalled and obstructed the investigation.

How about the Benghazi “Guns for Terrorists” program where Hillary Clinton, with Obama’s blessing, was arming terrorists in Syria and Libya before that blew up in their faces and a brazen cover-up ensued?. Then there was the IRS scandal that found that Obama was unbelievably targeting Conservative and Christian groups. Eric Holder became the first Cabinet member in history to be held in “Contempt of Congress.

Republican’s found early out early in Obama’s first term that anyone who criticized Obama or Holder were accused of racism.

Holder was the guy who called America “A nation of cowards”, sued Arizona over their new immigration laws, blocked voter ID laws, claimed racist intent with every criticism of himself or Obama, targeted reporters, tapped their phones, and much more.

Loretta Lynch, Obama’s second Attorney General, inappropriately met with Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport shortly before Comey wrapped up Hillary’s email investigation, which we now know was a sham investigation based on the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page of the FBI who started the Trump witch hunt in August of 2016, 3 months before the election!

The Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Uranium One scandal that most Americans know little about was a dirty deal where Obama sold 20% of America’s precious uranium supply to Russia. Robert Mueller was involved in that deal and was involved in the cover-up as well. The FBI’s confidential undercover witness was blocked from testifying to Congress by Obama’s DOJ, according to John Solomon at the “Hill”, in an effort to curry favor with Bill and Hillary Clinton when they thought Hillary would be the next president.

Hmm…isn’t that the same reason Strzok and Page gave for their phony investigation into Hillary’s email scandal cover-up? This was an Impeachable offense that is still being covered up today; this was treason!

Do you still wonder how the Obama’s can afford a $14 million mansion on Martha’s Vineyard?

Despite Obama and Holder’s past failings and crimes, their obstruction of investigations and blatant abuse of power, no one ever seriously considered impeachment, and recently the clearly delusional Holder said with a straight face that he has concerns that Bill Barr isn’t fit for office.

Whatever you think of Trump, if you are familiar with Obama’s presidency you can’t seriously believe that anything Trump has done rises to the level of impeachment. So why are we here?

Media Censorship

Why is Rudy Giuliani being ignored by the majority of the media when he has been investigating corruption in Ukraine for the past year? And that was long before dopey Joe threw his hat in the ring for the presidency! Giuliani refutes testimony given by Ambassador Yovaonovitch, who Democrat Congressman Jamie Raskin called “one of the worlds leading anti-corruption fighters”.

Giuliani calls her a liar and said she perjured herself in the hearing. He also claims that Joe Biden was involved in a vast money-laundering scheme involving billions of dollars. Jim Hoft from the Gateway Pundit reported that Giuliani interviewed Ukrainian Lawmaker Andrey Derkach who told him they found evidence that Burisma paid Joe Biden $900,000 for lobbying. There is no way this should have gone to a vote in Congress until Giuliani and his witnesses were brought in and questioned under oath!

One America News Network’s Chanel Rion travelled to Ukraine with Giuliani and they put together a 3 part series that could be a game changer in this ludicrous impeachment process. Giuliani’s team included experienced investigators that conducted several interviews with some people that we’ve heard about in these hearings, including Ukrainian prosecutors Yiuri Lutsenko and Viktor Shokin, who would no doubt shed light on what went on with Burisma and the Bidens.

Giuliani claims these Ukrainian officials attempted to travel to the US to give testimony under oath but Ambassador Yovanovitch cancelled their visas. If the Democrats really want the truth of what happened then why are they blocking this important testimony? The only reason the Democrats would want this testimony quashed is because it would exonerate Trump!

Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson received the so-called whistleblower complaint on August 12 2019, one day after the murder of Jeffrey Epstein. Atkinson is a Trump hater as well, whose wife worked for Fusion GPS, the company hired by the Clintons to produce the salacious Trump dossier.  Atkinson also supervised FBI agent Kevin Clinesmith, another Trump hater, who altered a document to make Carter Page look guilty in order to justify a request for a court order to tap his phone.

The whistleblower, CIA asset Eric Ciaramella, is an Obama holdover and was an associate of CIA Trump haters John Brennan and Vice President Joe Biden.  He was also heavily involved with Ukraine when Biden was Vice President. Everyone in the intelligence community and the DOJ who were involved in these ongoing investigations hated Trump. Why is that not being investigated? With their track record of lies, obstruction and criminal activity, why would anyone believe their contrived conclusions?

Perhaps the reason this ridiculous impeachment started by an anti-Trump CIA tool, and which no one believes will result in the removal of the president, was not to impeach Trump at all, but to take the media focus off of the murder and cover-up of Jeffrey Epstein and stop the daily stories of trips on the “Lolita Express,” Jeffrey Epstein’s plane, massages and happy endings at Epstein’s mansion, the politicians and celebrities who visited his ranch in New Mexico, the drone tours of “Pedophile Isle”—his island in the Virgin Island chain. The impeachment distraction is working.

Democrats like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Alan Dershowitz and numerous others who were associated with Epstein were no doubt pleased to see these whistleblower accusations come along the same week that Epstein was whacked in a supposedly secure facility.

Prince Andrew, accused along with Alan Dershowitz of having sex with an under-aged teen named Virginia Roberts-Giuffre, was skewered by the British media and tossed from Buckingham Palace, while Dershowitz has been lobbed a handful of softball questions in the US media.

Fox News has been caught editing Dershowitz’s name from news reports in a pitiful attempt to keep their audience ignorant of the fact that Mrs. Roberts-Giuffre has never retracted her accusation of rape against Alan Dershowitz!

Dershowitz previously claimed he never flew on Epstein’s plane without his wife, but unfortunately for him the Palm Beach Daily reported that the flight logs were released showing he did indeed fly without her. He also said he never got a massage at Epstein’s without his wife accompanying him, but again, evidence surfaced showing that was a lie as well. Ouch! Sorry Al, I believe Virginia!

I have long thought that Epstein was running a “Honeytrap” operation for Israel since his partner-in-crime, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert, was a longtime Israeli Mossad operative. The British tabloid “The Sun reports that” Mossad spymaster Ari Ben Menashe, long thought to be Robert Mawell’s Mossad handler, confirmed to the authors of the new book, “Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales” that Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were agents of the Israeli Intelligence services. Menashe said, “Epstein’s main role became blackmailing American politicians”.

We also know that Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane 26 times and witnesses have also said that Bill and Hillary Clinton made numerous trips to Epstein’s New Mexico ranch

I wrote months ago that I believed Joe Biden’s run for the presidency had run its course and I still believe it. Just a few days ago Biden spoke to another tiny crowd of less than a hundred people in attendance. Biden has clearly lost a step and his lame defense of son Hunter shows he hasn’t the stamina, nor the good judgement to be considered for the presidency.

These Democrats that talk of the importance of preserving the Constitution and the American way of life are, in reality, the politicians that are advocates of dismantling both. Democrats support gun confiscation, media censorship, globalism, destroying free speech, open borders, abortion on demand, and the kind of multiculturalism that is currently destroying every country in the EU with soaring violent crime rates. I guess that’s progress to these Democrats!

Americans are in a fight for their lives to save this country! There are now 12 states that allow illegal aliens to obtain drivers licenses, and the Democrat governor of Virginia, the despicable tyrant Ralph Northam, has proposed new gun laws and has said confiscation may be used on those who question his unconstitutional edicts.

So here we are today, the Marxists on the left are determined to disenfranchise and silence the 63 million voters who gave Trump a historic victory. I support Trump and don’t agree with everything he’s done, but I will vote for him again because he cares about the American people. The Democrat agenda is un-American and people are waking up to that fact every time one of these lamebrain Democrats opens their mouth!

Impeachment or not, I see a Trump landslide in 2020!

The big question everyone should be asking is, after 30 years as an intelligence asset of a foreign government, playing a playboy billionaire with the most expensive single family home in Manhattan, a New York City condo worth millions, an Island compound worth tens of millions, a ranch worth millions, and blackmailing politicians for the Mossad, just who are the politicians that Epstein successfully compromised?

Trump had better hope they weren’t Republican Senators!

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