No other major MSM organ of Climate Change propaganda and prevarication does it like the
ever-misleading BBC as follows.  Yes, temps
may be unusually high this year worldwide,
but NOT because of the many times proven
CO-driven Global Warming fraud.

When geoengineered Global Warming
became the 800-pound gorilla
in everyone’s living room

State of the Nation

Just as the Covid Plandemic officially began in January of 2020, the Spring/Summer of 2023 will long be remembered as the time when the geoengineered Global Warming crisis really began in earnest.

Yes, the New World Order globalist cabal has been running the CO2-driven Climate Change hoax for decades now, but 2023 is the year when they pushed it out onto the worldwide stage for every human being to either witness from afar or experience directly.

Now that the NWO perps have milked the COVID-19 bioweapons to death and are now under serious scrutiny for that full-scale biowar against humanity, they are compelled to trot out their next dog and pony show for maximum distraction.  However, make no mistake, the entirely manmade climate boogeyman is the next international crisis which is necessary for the full implementation of their totalitarian Great Reset.

Just to be clear, as the Covid Plandemic was used to roll-out several global initiatives which are essential to the Great Reset, the manmade Climate Change hoax is even more vital to that rapidly evolving scheme to establish a tyrannical One World Government.

In the absence of a World War III, The Powers That Be know that they must have a monstrous enemy identified which all of humanity can be rallied against.  They have long planned that big and bad common enemy to be the weather, and especially the new cataclysmic climate patterns which they are geoengineering every day of the week.

By Environmental Destruction To Traumatize Humanity

However, because of the pervasive raising of awareness around such ongoing attacks as chemical engineering, HAARP frequencies disseminated through chemtrail-fabricated chemclouds and other weather modification techniques, folks are waking up everywhere.  In fact, there is now a critical mass of awakened consciousness regarding the issue of chemtrails and the way much of the climate has been methodically manipulated to produce so many catastrophic weather events and devastating climate patterns.

Solar System realities

Before we do this deep dive, it’s of paramount importance for every person on the planet to understand that the following true status of the Solar System as well as of planet Earth.

It has been scientifically proven that the entire Solar System has been undergoing a major transformation as evidenced by the major changes observed on each planet and their moons.  This profound and meteoric flux is not only unparalleled in recorded history, it is intensifying by the year.  The following video well explains this phenomenon which is, quite predictably, seen less on Earth than any other planet.  Nevertheless, our blue orb is also going through its fair share of HUGE planet-altering events which can no longer be ignored.  As follows:

Get ready for:
“The Greatest Show on Earth”—EVER ! Video

So, what all this means is that Earth did begin a period of slow incremental Global Warming during the last century.  When TPTB became aware of that fact during World War II weather monitoring, they decided to morph the slowly burgeoning campfire around the globe into a full-blown wildfire, complete with DEW-triggered out-of-control firestorms.

Nowhere are these many acts of NWO-directed geoterrorism more obvious than Canada in 2023 and in Europe this summer.  In point of fact, the current wave of pyroterrorism carried out all over The Great White North was proven by many experts in the fire-fighting field to have been caused by arsonists.  Throughout this entire year, the NWO geoterrorists have been stealthily setting up Canada’s macro and micro environments as a highly combustible tinderbox.


For several reasons which are well beyond the scope of this exposé, Canada was selected as the poster child for Global Warming.  And, this is precisely why ultra-woke Justin Trudeau was installed by Rothschild badman George Soros as prime minister; and why Canada is presently being burned down as the toxic smoke is strategically moved over the lower 48. 


So, what all of humanity is now witnessing is the convergence of two very heavy issues where it concerns global weather events and climate changes.  And, the only outcome of such an epic convergence is nothing short of a highly geoengineered and stage-managed  CLIMATEGEDDON.

First, it has been authoritatively confirmed that Earth is undergoing huge changes according to a natural metamorphosis.  Secondly, it has been verified by scientists and meteorologists across the planet that various geoengineering techniques and powerful geoweaponry have been utilized for decades to wage weather warfare against nations large and small (see OPERATION TORCH CANADA above).

The distillation of the various NWO strategies to both terrorize and traumatize the world community of nations into submission to their civilization-ending Climate Change agenda is this: the geoterrorists are routinely hijacking normal weather events and intensifying them into much more calamitous disasters.  Similarly, the geoengineers are purposefully exacerbating climate changes so that they will sufficiently frighten populations everywhere into the pen of Climate Change compliance.

The Spring and Summer of 2023 have seen a significant acceleration of these fearmongering stratagems in order for key components of the Great Reset to be conveniently coordinated according to the globalist schedule for an overt world takeover.  Which means that CLIMATEGEDDON will be the star of the show for the foreseeable future…on all seven continents. See: SMOKE & MIRRORS: NWO Geoterrorists, Pyroterrorists and Ecoterrorists working overtime to stage OPERATION TORCH CANADA so that the American audience will stay fully captivated by the dramatic Climate Change show.

KEY POINTS: One of the primary ways that the CO2-driven Global Warming hoax has been greatly magnified is by the massive chemical geoengineering programs conducted worldwide over several decades.  The sprayed chemtrail aerosols are formulated to produce an immense chemcloud cover which serves to keep the Earth’s own radiant heat and sun-absorbed heat very close to its surface instead of dissipating into the upper atmosphere as it would normally do.  By manufacturing volumes of water vapor in this fashion, via the hygroscopic aluminum oxide put into the chemtrails, they are incessantly adding to the largest percentage of greenhouse gasses by volume which has always been atmospheric water vapor.  So, it’s not a manmade CO2-driven dynamic, it’s an artificially geoengineered technique that’s being systematically used to deceive all of humanity.  Manmade, yes; but not by the normal human activity the NWO globalists are trying to shut down everywhere…even if it means starving billions to death. See: Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Manmade Global Climate Change, Not CO2

What this rapidly unfolding psyop really means is that the rest of this decade will be ravaged, ruined and razed by a continuous series of black ops all designed to make CLIMATEGEDDON much more serious and life-threatening than it had to be.   In other words, the rampant geoterrorism and pyroterrorism and ecoterrorism that the NWO perps have been doing over decades will see a substantial uptick going forward.

There are multiple NWO goals for pushing the world inexorably to a perceived CLIMATEGEDDON moment.  However, there is one objective that reigns supreme which is well explained in the following exposé.

NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The
Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources

To be continued —

State of the Nation
July 16, 2023

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