It. Doesn’t. Get. Any. Bigger. Than. This.

Get ready for:
“The Greatest Show on Earth”—EVER !

Submitted by Cosmic Convergence Research Group
SOTN Exclusive

Surely people everywhere are now asking themselves why things have gone to hell in a handbasket — SO QUICKLY — over the past few years.


There are volumes of hard scientific evidence and astronomical data which prove that the entire Solar System is undergoing a radical and rapid transformation.

This irrefutable proof, along with their categorical conclusions, leave absolutely no room for debate or doubt.  Quite interestingly, Earth is manifesting its quite profound changes in a manner that are muted compared to all the other planets.

While The Powers That Be (TPTB) are not actually keeping this highly consequential information from us, they’re not disseminating it either.  Government scientists and university researchers, astronomers and astrophysicists alike are all well aware of this unparalleled cosmic flux that is actually being generated by the Galactic Center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

KEY POINT: There’s a very good reason why these truly monumental and civilization-altering changes are taking place at this particular point in human history: See: Cosmic Convergence Accelerates Epochal Planetary Transformation

TPTB know that they have always been successful at sufficiently distracting the whole of humanity via a never-ending barrage of manufactured crises and cataclysms, calamities and catastrophes, crashes and collapses.  And so they have.

Of course, there are many things that the power elite need to cover up in order to keep themselves from being “hanged live on the Internet”, as the Internet meme goes.

However, there is one HUGE story that TPTB really need to keep tamped down so that it never appears in the mainstream media because of how it’s driving all of their nefarious agendas and malevolent schemes.

This YUUUUUUGEST of all stories on planet Earth, which is very well told by the following video documentary, is the real be-all and end-all.

In point of fact, this well concealed (and terrific) narrative provides the single best explanation why things have gotten so crazy, so fast, throughout the entire planetary civilization during this third decade of the 21st century.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
State of the Nation
May 12, 2023

N.B. Every viewer ought to understand the BOTTOM LINE after watching this extremely compelling  presentation: When Mother Earth does start rocking and rolling, life will never be the same anywhere on this blue orb.  Therefore, the best thing that every person in the world can do is prepare.  PREPARE not on the material level for that is practically impossible to do; rather, prep on the spiritual level.

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