Patriots, BEWARE!

The Three Revolutions Being Carried Out Against The American Republic

Submitted by Revisionist Historians for World Peace
SOTN Exclusive

It should be quite evident by now to every US citizen that these once United States of America are under withering assault by forces both foreign and domestic.

And, that all of those powers of darkness have the exact same objective: the complete destruction and permanent collapse of the American Republic.

While these extremely dangerous enemies are waging numerous types of warfare against the American people every day of the week, there are three primary types of nationwide war campaigns which are the most pervasive and perilous in 2023.

The first is an ongoing Color Revolution being conducted by the entire U.S. Intelligence Community.  The brazen 2020 election theft by the communist-run Democrat Party and coordinated by the CIA, FBI and NSA, which saw POTUS Imposter Joe Biden criminally installed in the Oval Office, is just one of countless examples of this.  So are the many oppressive tactics and draconian strategies being regularly employed the tyrannical technocracy on behalf of the U.S. Federal Government.  However, it’s the purposeful morphing of this nation by the Biden administration into a full-blown Banana Republic that is the immediate goal so as to execute the globalists’s time-tested Ordo ab Chao stratagem.

The second is a multi-decade Chinese-style Cultural Revolution being conducted by the Uniparty (i.e. the Democrat Party, RINOs and all other traitorous political parties), as well as by Deep State, Corporate America, all public University Systems and many private ones, the largest NGOs and the rest of cultural marxist-controlled Civil Society.  The entire woke war on spirit and consciousness, on religion and reason, on common sense and sanity, is the greatest weapon in their cultural marxist arsenal.  Because virtually all of institutional America is criminally collusive, the perps are now irreparably tearing the fabric of society every day of the year.

The third is a Russian-style Bolshevik Revolution which is being very stealthily set up in all 50 states so that, when the trigger is pulled, a violent overthrow is all but guaranteed by those who decide the D-day date.  Domestic terrorist organizations such as BLM and Antifa are just two of the military arms that will be let loose in all American cities.  Woke elements within the U.S. Armed Forces are also being trained to spring into action to respond to major pre-planned false flag operations.   Much more significantly, however, are the many terrorist cells and mercenary groups which are being covertly assembled across the USA from the many illegal aliens who are secretly ferried across the southern and northern borders every day over decades.

In view of the total command and control necessary to effectively carry out these “Three Revolutions” simultaneously, it ought to be intuitively obvious who it is that’s leading this utterly treasonous enterprise.

HINT: The Democrat Party is populated by so many of these Khazarian-planted bad actors that it’s impossible to keep track of them all.  As follows:

The World Wars And All Other Cataclysmic
Events Were Carried Out By THE TRIAD


When very few American Patriots will even acknowledge that “The Barbarians Are Inside The Gate” much less identify who those barbarians actually are, what can be expected from the outcome of the “Three Revolutions” delineated above?

This is what happened because the barbarians have been
inside the gate since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Which means that the entire Patriot Movement needs to first wise up, and then arm up, because these various revolutions are about to heat up as never before.  With the approaching 2024 POTUS election, the Khazarian-controlled Democrats have no choice whatsoever but to steal the White House—AGAIN—that is, if there even is an election held on November 5, 2024.

Folks don’t seem to know just how serious things really are as we enter the home stretch toward Election Day.  What we are about to witness is that every month will see it fair share of “October Surprises”, each more calamitous and consequential than the previous one.

As the volumes of hard evidence proving a highly organized Covid biowar against the American people are released, the NWO perps will get ever more desperate and reckless.  Confirmation that the extremely injurious and lethal COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ were meticulously weaponized will only add to their collective desperation to avoid being hanged live on the Internet.

There’s only one way the Covid perps can
avoid being hanged live on the Internet

BOTTOM LINE: In view of the cabal’s only practical avoidance measures of triggering World War III and/or executing a controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System, things are about to greatly intensify in every sphere of life.  The Summer 2023 staging of CLIMATEGEDDON is just one prong of their multi-pronged strategy to distract and deflect, divert and misdirect so that no one ever catches onto them.  Hence, the single best way to respond to the oncoming uptick in manufactured chaos, confusion and conflict is to fervently invoke the grace of the Highest Power.  Because if the righteous among the American people don’t put their hands together in prayerful supplication like there’s no tomorrow, there simply won’t be one.

Revisionist Historians for World Peace
State of the Nation
July 20, 2023

SOTN Editor’s Note: Folks, it doesn’t get any more serious than this super critical exposé.   It well sums up the whole dire predicament which the US citizenry is facing at this very moment.  But, remember, those 3 simultaneous revolutions do not even represent the entire NWO globalist cabal game plan to take down this Republic.  The Powers That Be knew that the only way to destroy America is from within.  Which means that the perpetrators are running many other highly damaging black ops, most of which are conducted completely under the radar.  Therefore, our only hope at this late date is full disclosure and widespread awareness.  Please assist SOTN in getting this post disseminated far and wide—THANY YOU!


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