BINARY WEAPON SYSTEM: Not only were the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ bioengineered as human-altering bioweapons…..

…they were also chemically engineered to work  in tandem with the 5G power grids that were purposefully deployed in 2019 just before the launch of the OPERATION COVID-19 biowar in January of 2020. 

SOTN Editor’s Note: The following quote comes from an Integrative Health Consultant who has functioned as a Covid vaccine-induced injury consultant since the end of 2020.

Having watched this slow-motion public health disaster unfold since the very first Covid vax-induced deaths and injuries, it became apparent that there was a hidden mechanism involved.  The primary purposes of that mechanism were to slow the process of killing the vaccinated victims, as well as to somewhat slacken the ‘vaccine’ injury process.  The injury caused by the deliberate and permanent alteration of the human bio-organism, of course, had explicit objectives aligned with the rapidly evolving agenda of transhumanism.  To wit, the exposé below rather succinctly articulates the key components of the various Covid ‘vaccines’ which both initiate and modulate those transhumanist alterations.  The forethought necessary to create  weaponized injections of such extraordinary sophistication clearly confirms the premeditated intention to inflict injury and/or death via the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

Having written the first article on the Internet about the “COVID-19 Quaternary Weapon System“, I can confirm that the “Covid Vaccine Binary Weapon System” explained below dovetails quite nicely with the explanation which suggests interweaving bioweaponry utilized throughout this ongoing biowar against humanity.  I might also point out that the adverse psychological effects of these weaponized ‘vaccines’ are only now beginning to emerge across societies worldwide.  Many of our longtime patients and foreign clients are already exhibiting radical changes from their normal mood, behavior, personality, affect, communication patterns, character traits, manner of private and public projection, etc.  It now appears that the detailed explanation below can account for many of these dramatic transformations of persona.  Therefore, folks everywhere are highly encouraged to back away from any and all provocations, especially with vaccinated individuals.

— An Integrative Health Consultant

Voyage of the Clathrin Graphene Quantum Dots from injection to neuron.

by Shawn Paul Melville
Civilian Intelligence Network

There is far too much confusion surrounding the mRNA/lipid nanoparticle vaccines.

Bodies are made up of 4 components, Proteins, Carbohydrates, lipids (fats) and nucleic acids (genetic material or RNA). 1

Synthetic RNA requires lipids in order to travel through the body and into cells.

At the time of injection they combine two vials. The PEGylated Graphene Oxide (lipid nanoparticles) in one vial combined with the second vial containing mRNA (genetic material). When combined, they become known as Graphene Quantum Dots. Your “hydrogel”. There is only a 6 hour window to get this combined poison into someone’s arm.

After injection, the GQD enters circulation infecting the immune system first and activates the bodies immune response. The nerve cells of the body then become infected with the GQD.

In order for Vitaliano’s neural lace 2 to enter, he required use of the NF-kB pathway, the immune system itself. In order to do that, he employed the famous HEK293 cell line that is combined with even more famous sv40, which acts as a key. Also using those cell lines to make the synthetic RNA compatible to human tissue. 3

Conversely, the mRNA is not just infecting the immune system, it is also infecting other cells in the body with the luciferase operating system, the power pack. 4

Other genetic material includes gp41 gp120, (HIV glycoproteins patented by Fauci 5, which act as keys to the cells. They are also required to activate ccr5 genes. 6 The mRNA carries the luciferase genes required for quorum sensing, without which the neural lace would not work.

Think of this now, Vitaliano controls the HIV pipeline all this tech flows through from lab to lab for them to “develop” and “market”. 7

The glycoproteins are also coated in the initial mRNA and are required for the cells to actually uptake the Clathrin shuttle carrying genetic material.

The Clathrin shuttle leaves code anywhere it finds Graphene Oxide (GO). The Clathrin feeds off GO leaving genetic code in it’s wake in order to further synthesize and consume your body. Imagine a spider web lattice of neural lace forming throughout your body as this foreign synthetic neural network is formed. 8 A parallel life form to your bodies natural neurons.

In time four things will happen:

  1. This neuralace when connected to IoT allows for your body to be hacked.
  2. The neuralace slowly replaces your bodies neurons.
  3. The neuralace is the conduit for mind uploading for the Singularity.
  4. When the mind is fully harvested, will act as the electric circuit for to remote operation of your corpse as a graphene zombie.

The Clathrin Triskelion is the backbone of the mRNA. It is the shuttle that transports the genetic material. It is the high speed neural transmitter.

Graphene Oxide connects to the neurons, Clathrin is the shuttle with genetic material.

Vitaliano’s Clathrin:

“Living proteins inside our bodies enable smarter computing circuits than the fastest supercomputers–our brains–a one of those proteins is now being harnesses for future quantum computing devices. Look for protein-based electronics first for medical, then for quantum computing within five years.

“Clathrin, a protein found in every cell of the human body, could become a self-assembler of future information processing systems that are smaller, faster and cheaper than today’s computer circuitry, according to a company investigating the technology. Boston-based ExQor Technologies said it has demonstrated that the material can be formed into nano-sized biolasers suitable for transmitting information. It expects the technology will initially be used in medical applications. The precision of clathrin’s self-assembly process, and ultra-small size also could be used to improve solar cells and batteries with nanoscale electronic and photonic properties not possible with silicon.”

People say no proteins in vial as if it is a bombshell, and there is not. mRNA is just genetic coding.

Now, none of this is possible without the 5G delivered magnetic fields. Graphene Oxide is reduced at 25 to 50 Hz, Luciferase activates at 900 MHz, and Clathrin activates at 30 GHz. Mitigate 5G/EMF, eliminate system. 9

There are two fundamentals people are missing.

  1. Without 5G, there is NO functioning vaccine.
  2. With 5G, anything imaginable becomes fuel for the vaccine.

There are no “sides”, there are only “chips” and Quantum Enslavement. Use your own mind or die inside their hive.

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