After the Khazarians staged the HOLOHOAX & 9/11, how can anyone believe any of these highly melodramatic Israel-supporting Alt Media reports???

HORROR! New Video Shows SHOCKING HAMAS ATTACK on Peace Concert at Kibbutz Urim — Partygoers Run for Their Lives As Hamas Flies in on Paragliders, Opens Fire – Several Hostages Taken (VIDEOS)

Woman Whose Lifeless Body Was Seen in Back of Truck Identified as German Citizen Shani Louk – She Was Attending Peace Concert Near Gaza Border When Murdered by Hamas (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Israel Releases Names and Photos of the Dozens of Beautiful Young Women Who Are Missing Following Saturday’s Hamas Attack

Hamas Brags and Posts Photo of the Paragliders They Used to Breach Israeli Border and Murder and Kidnap Innocent Kids at Rave Party

UPDATE: Death Toll from Hamas Terrorist Attack Rises to Over 700 – At Least 260 Young People Were Slaughtered at Dance Party in Desert

HEART-BREAKING: Father of Terrified Israeli Girl Noa Who Was Kidnapped and Pictured on Back of Motorbike Cries in Pain as He Speaks to Media

Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei Posts Video of Terrified Israeli Partygoers Running from Hamas Killers in Desert – Cheers the Annihilation of Israel

DEVELOPING: Several Americans Reportedly Slaughtered and Abducted by Hamas Terrorists in Israel According to Antony Blinken (VIDEO) UPDATE: DOZENS of American Hostages Being Held by Hamas Says Israeli Ambassador

British Family With Newborn Baby Huddled In Safe Room For 9 Hours As Hamas Destroyed Their Home

MUST SEE: Aussie Reporter Sharri Markson Breaks Down Crying on Air Over Barbarity of Hamas Attacks in Israel (VIDEO)

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