You, American Christian, may not know or think or believe it, but the stark reality is that…..

Now think about that—LONG AND HARD—before
the cruel and devastating Zionist juggernaut comes
to a city or state or town near you.

An Open Letter to All American Christians

Dear American Christians,

Really, what would Jesus do?

How would Jesus respond to the terrible plight of the Palestinian people living in Gaza today?

Forget that the Hamas false flag ‘surprise attacks’ were literally staged by the IDF and MOSSAD.  And forget that the Netanyahu camarilla carried out this 9/11-type of terrorist operation in order to force all Gazans, those who are not slaughtered by the IDF, off their remaining lands in Israel.

So, let’s say you’re a stone-cold Christian Zionist who really believes that the apartheid state of Israel can do no wrong—EVER!  Even though we are presently watching an outright massacre of innocent women, children and elderly take place throughout the Gaza strip by the barbaric and merciless IDF.

You’re all okay with that, are you?!

Forget that the Zionist Jews have systematically stolen Palestinian land over several decades now.  Bulldozing their homes and razing their olive groves are just two criminal methods that they employ to steal that land for their new unlawful settlements.  Of course, that violent theft is only perpetrated if the Zionist land grabbers do no not simply kill the Palestinian property owners under some false pretext or after a concocted provocation.

KEY POINT: Dear American Christian, does the commandment
“Thou Shalt Not Murder” mean anything to you anymore?
If not, then read: Thou Shalt NOT Kill. And how about “Thou
Shalt Not Steal”
and “Thou Shalt Not Covet”.

Sparing the reader the many grim and gory details, it should be very easy to understand that the Palestinians have been living in the largest open-air and utterly inhumane prison in the world for many years.  And, that their Israeli jailers have only become more ruthless and sadistic, brutal and cold-blooded by the month.

But you folks are still okay with the Palestinian’s absolutely horrendous predicament … as though that’s okay for them, but certainly would not be okay for you.

And you really feel that this is how Jesus would respond to his Palestinian brethren?!?!?!

Oh, and by the way, this is the very same stomping ground where Jesus the Christ, himself, was born and lived and died.

For all we know, many of these mercilessly slain Palestinians in Gaza today may be related to Jesus by blood line.  So we’re talking about the actual backyard of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, but all you people are perfectly okay with this ongoing genocide being perpetrated IN BROAD DAYLIGHT?!

Honestly, if ever there was an “Antichrist”, he is working quite vigorously through the extraordinarily blind and ignorant Christian Zionists across the USA in 2023.

But you, American Christian, are perfectly okay with acting as an antichrist … … … while self-delusionally calling yourself a Christian?!?!?!


Revisionist Historians for World Peace


‘We are all Palestinians’ in the face of colonial fascism

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