GERMANY: The Huge Crisis in the Making

By Martin Armstrong

Germany PPI Energy Crisis 11 22 23The high court in Germany ruled that the supplementary 2021 budget that they amended was a violation of the Basic Law and thereafter, unconstitutional. The court’s decision was interesting that the government failed to demonstrate the necessary connection between the COVID emergency and shifting it into the Energy and Climate Fund.

German Federal Supreme Court

Germany was then forced to freeze public spending for the balance of the year. Germany has a rule that limits the rise in debt by limiting the annual deficits because they still think that increasing the money supply created the hyperinflation of the 1920s – a very shallow linear analysis.

We have had a back-to-back Directional Change here in 2022/2023. We can see that the PPI is relaxing from the 2022 high, but 2023/2024 should be the low. We have a Panic Cycle in 2025, and from there into 2032, the damage of all this nonsense with Ukraine will destroy Europe and then the Middle East will engulf Europe internally.

Merkel WelcomeMerkel’s decision to open the borders, as Biden has done, will undermine Europe and destroy its culture. Europe will not be the same after 2032. It is rapidly being transformed into the old Ottoman Empire conquered this time from within. The religious violence has already begun, and this is where the entire Middle East conflict will spill over into the rest of the world.

Europe has been engulfed in religious wars many times. Even Communism was a religious war, whereby it was atheism. Even the French Revolution involved seizing all the property of the Catholic Church and Napoleon even imprisoned the Poper.  This is precisely on time, for it is 340 years from the last attempt of the Ottoman Empire to conquer Europe in 1683.

1683 Siege of Vienna Medal


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