The Best Video I’ve Ever Seen Re: JFK’s Murder!

Scottsdale, AZ
November 24, 2023

by Rich Scheck

The following short video captures in 9 minutes the results of my nearly 50 years of research into the Kennedy assassination.

It essentially confirms that Israel was behind the event, motivated in large part because JFK wanted to constrain its effort to build nuclear weapons!

There were other motives as well including his support of the Palestinians, his push to register the Jewish lobby (that became AIPAC); his prosecution of the (Jewish) Mafia, his opposition to Lewis Strauss (see Oppeheimer film) and as revenge for his Father’s support of Germany during WW2.

The president’s efforts to end the Cold War were opposed by the CIA which fought JFK intensely from the moment he took over the Oval Office from Ike whose warning about the danger of the MIC was too little, too late to prevent the public execution of his pro-peace successor.

It is clear to me as best as one can tell from the public record that Trump blocked the release of the JFK files as mandated by the 1992 Act inspired by the Oliver Stone movie which was ironically produced by Israel/American dual citizen, Arnon Milchan who admitted spying for the Jewish State to facilitate it getting nuclear material.

That’s why I called for his impeachment in 2017, the only one willing to do so!

Of course the CIA was involved which is why there is a street named after JJAngelton in Jerusalem.  But the chief beneficiary was Israel which got its nukes while the MIC got its war in Viet Nam.

As the video makes clear, the Oct 7th attack was essentially a false flag like 9/11 and the Gulf of Tonkin attack to provide a pretext for Greater Israel expansion and the continuation of the occupation, which in turn allows for the building of the BenGurion Canal, expropriation of the Gazan oil fields and implementation of the Bunting Cloverleaf Project backed by Bibi’s, “cyber the domain of power” technological totalitarian vision.

It’s as brilliant as it is sinister. Trump, sadly, is an Israeli puppet led by the nose by the late Sheldon Adelson and his Chabad devoted son-in-law Jared Kushner who believes the late Rabbi Schneerson was/is the Messiah.

Please watch the video carefully: it’s as upsetting as it is informative. Once you see it, everything about the VERY Deep State/NWO plans start to make sense in a way you might have missed because of the Orwellian MSM and the intelligence community disinformation about everything.

(That includes the FBI impostor of Jack Ruby who shot Oswald and then disappeared, a fact unknown to most JFK researchers which confirms the depth of the plot).

It may even help explain why RFK, Jr. has somehow replaced his pro-Palestianian campaign manager, Dennis Kucinich, with a former CIA agent, daughter–in-law, Amaryllis Fox.

Is the VERY Deep State that powerful? Apparently so! Other interesting facts pertaining to the timing of events including that strange crash in Niagara Falls and the release of the hostages serving as distractions from this 60th anniversary of JFK’s murder and from such new developments in the case such as RFK, Jr.’s petition to Biden to release all the files; the admission by James Files that he was the assassin; the Landis magic bullet
discovery revelation; and the emergence of a female get-away pilot with CIA connections.

All this conspiracy research goes far towards addressing the key issue raised by the video which concludes with the call for Israel to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty as a major step towards peace in the region. That seems like a reasonable if unlikely assertion that no current major presidential candidate is embracing. As far as I can tell, none of them had anything to say about marking the tragic death of JFK and joined the NY Times,
Washington Post and Wall Street Journal in their silence about Kennedy’s assassination.

Sixty years and counting: a cold case yes that has hot implications in the present. How wonderful it would be if someone actually obeyed the law and told us what really happened. Sadly, Orwell’s Ministry of Truth prevails and that eternal boot on our necks remains firmly lodged to deny us of our heritage and future of liberty as “perpetual wars for perpetual peace” continue unabated with Goldstein snickering with glee at our fate.

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