Did hardcore Zionist Stuart Seldowitz really do US all a favor?

It is with some reserved appreciation that we, who have been aware of the ongoing slaughter of women and children in Gaza, can look at the Stuart Seldowitz presence as a gift from God.  

If humanity needed the personal experience of a first-class Zionist to further confirm the horror of their unique identity, here was a perfect specimen that is manifesting on the streets of Gaza in an IDF uniform which justifies war crimes against children; especially its boys as if they are doing humanity a favor.    

A not especially attractive middle-aged former Federal bureaucrat, although of high rank with political status in the Obama Administration, a somewhat disheveled, faded elitist who had obviously had better days.   Seldowitz was desperately in need of proof, if only to himself, that he is One of God’s Chosen, born with an entitlement that few of us have; that is a God-given right to continually harass, insult, humiliate and murder those of less deserving standing and, if given the opportunity, might have exhibited the worse manifestation of a deep psychotic mental illness as seen daily in Gaza.  

If people of the world needed to know how such an individual could be motivated to thoughtlessly disregard the suffering of innocent children and their mothers, we are provided with the necessary illustration of a distorted personality that contains a Sickness of the Spirit, a delusional disorder common among those who share the Zionist beliefs, a dark side that knows no remorse, no conscience and no love; lost souls who do not represent the Blessed Word of God.

Renee Parsons

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