Why Woke Leftists Detest White Saviors Who Really Help Third World Countries Meet Basic Needs

White Savior Hysteria And The Real Reasons Why Leftists Hate YouTuber MrBeast


There is a fundamental disconnect between the political left and the rest of the world that requires extensive investigation and dissection.  For most people the idea of someone spending a solid portion of their time and finances helping those in dire need could only be considered a good thing.  This is not true for the average leftist, though.  For such activists we tend to find that good is evil and evil is good, and the upside down nature of their thinking bewilders those with normal brains.

For the woke, the more you help people, the more you are hurting them (unless you hold a high place on the victimhood totem pole).  But this juxtaposition is only part of the reason why they seem to loath YouTuber MrBeast so much.

MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) has made a successful career out of engaging in philanthropy and he gets results; helping people to gain back their eyesight, saving orphanages overseas or giving poverty stricken children shoes.  All of these efforts have for years garnered accusations from the political left and their organizations of “white savior” activities.

They argue that the white savior trope seen in Hollywood movies (where a white man travels to desperate countries and helps non-white people get back on their feet) is an unacceptable image in our modern era of “equity and inclusion.”  They claim that MrBeast is exploiting the white savior symbol as a way to elevate himself instead of simply helping others.

In his latest video, MrBeast showcased his program to dig 100 wells in Africa for villages with no access to clean drinking water.  The video triggered yet another social media firestorm in which leftist activists raged about a white man “pretending to help” brown people while taking attention away from what they consider to be more acceptable and progressive non-profits.  They say that brown people must be helped by brown people.  If white people do it, there must be a darker ulterior motive.

In the western world access to clean water is usually a given and often taken for granted.  Sadly, in many countries clean water is a mere dream, and lack of access holds these communities back from developing and improving their economic situation.  Almost everything relies on water.

The video has garnered over 115 million views so far and earns millions of dollars in ad revenue, all of which goes directly back into his charity fund to continue paying for more wells and other charity projects.

So what’s the problem?  Is it only that MrBeast is a white guy?  Who among these hundreds of villages in Africa cares that a white man helped them get access to clean water for generations to come?  So far, none of them have complained.  Only hyper-privileged first-world woke activists seem to care.

Hatred of skin color is only a small part of the greater woke mind virus.  It’s important to remember that leftists are predominantly collectivists, and it is likely that their deeper disdain for people like MrBeast is rooted in their desire to undermine individualism and meritocracy.

As conservatives commonly point out, good charities and individual efforts to help others are far more effective than taxation and financial appropriation by governments.  Leftists love big government, but  governments waste money, steal money, and misallocate money into non-helpful areas.  Individual crusaders, however, inject money exactly where it needs to go and make governments look bad.

In the case of MrBeast, he accomplished in a few years what African governments claimed they would do for decades.  Their corruption made viable change impossible, and leftist run programs are limited by their own ideological hangups, making them useless.  All it took was one “white guy” with a YouTube channel and some cash to circumvent all of that and get things done.

They hate MrBeast because he represents the power of individual effort.  His whiteness is just an excuse they use to avoid admitting that what they really dislike is individualism.  Many defenders have pointed out the hypocrisy of the leftist reaction to MrBeast – They drone on and on about how the mega rich should contribute reparations to help those less fortunate.  Yet, when someone like MrBeast does this on his own, they are outraged.

The point for these activists is that the hive gets the credit.  They want the mob to be seen as the hero, not the individual.  They didn’t force MrBeast to do good things, he just did them.  Therefore, they don’t get the glory they think they deserve.  The political left is often portrayed as the side of empathy and compassion, but their behavior proves they are not interested in legitimately helping others.  They only care about optics; constantly scheming to steal acclaim while obstructing good men in their charitable endeavors.


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