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Earlier this week, I reported that UBS Bank Failed-to-Deliver Bonds on Nov. 22, and that the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) DELETED the CUSIP numbers for those Bonds.  No CUSIP Number means No Bond.   No Bond means no payment to the Bondholders.  Today, I got proof.

I am able to now report that at least one DELETED CUSIP NUMBER is:


The Internal memo below, from inside the DTCC proves the deletion and warns staff to ” . . . disregard any Receive and Deliver instructions . . .”

So if the Bondholder wants to Receive or Settle and get paid, it appears he cannot because Staff were told, in writing, to “disregard any Receive and Deliver instructions.”

Here’s the internal DTCC Memo:

As mentioned in previous articles about this (HERE) UBS is the largest bank in Switzerland, and has offices in countries all over the world.

That earlier story outlined that UBS had “Failed-to-Deliver” Bonds that were supposed to settle on November 22, and we subsequently found out that the DTCC then deleted the CUSIP Numbers for those bonds.

Now we have confirmation that DTCC did, in fact, delete the CUSIP Number(s).

So how does that work?   The Largest Bank in Switzerland issued Bonds, that have a CUSIP Number making them publicly tradeable.   The Bonds come due and it seems UBS Fails-to-Deliver and then, DTCC simply DELETES the CUSIP Number which means the bonds never existed!

Where did the money go?

Moreover, today, this website also reported that a Depositor at UBS wanted to make a withdrawal from the UBS Branch at Tellplatz 12, 4053, Basel, Switzerland, and instead was handed a note telling him the bank could not allow him to withdraw his money due to “unforeseen liquidity challenges.”  That story, with an image of the actual note, is HERE.

Again, UBS is the biggest bank in Switzerland; so where did that Depositor’s money go?

Another Depositor to the same UBS Bank, was also denied his withdrawal, and was told “try again in 3 weeks.”

It seems, on the surface, that the international banking system is collapsing and the collapse is already so far along that now, the Banks cannot give Depositor money back.

Strangely, the mass media, is as quiet as a Church Mouse.   Not a peep.


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