Collective West And Israel Lose Their International Support

Renee Parsons

With the eyes of the entire world focused on Israel’s widespread slaughter of over 15,000 defenseless civilians and its attacks on hospitals, schools,  churches and neighborhoods, as  massive international protests confirm, it should be obvious to every American, that the US pretense of moral opposition to war crimes was always a psyop while the US itself remains the world’s largest perpetrator of violence, if only by proxy. 

It is clear that without US weaponry and hell-fire missiles that Israel’s attack on a civilian population would have never succeeded as it has come as a shock to US warmongers and Netanyahu that the rest of the world will not sit idly by or support its non-stop attacks on Palestinian children. 

For all its hubris and arrogance, Israel’s agreement to a proposed four day ceasefire and release of prisoners was in total response to the IDF’s inability to defeat Hamas as swiftly or as thoroughly as Netanyahu had predicted international media reports revealed the Zionist’s true identity.   Hamas unforeseen ability to withstand IDF tanks as the entire world watched the Zionist’s unbelievably vindictive attacks on the extermination of the Palestinian people, true owners of Gaza.   

With the Collective West, now known as the global minority which no longer controls the global majority, continues to lose whatever moral authority it had, the Israeli attack on Gaza population with the US as understudy continues to be internationally recognized as creators of an incomprehensible tragedy.   

In Tel Aviv, one hundred thousand residents protest the Netanyahu Administration for its inability to secure all hostage release as it demands his removal from office.  While Hamas announced it will request a cease fire extension in order for a ‘comprehensive exchange deal” to occur, Netanyahu  reiterates his plans to renew the attacks on Gaza once the truce ends while, at the same time, Netanyahu says he is open to extending the peace as long as Hamas promises to release more captives.  To be clear, the Hamas ‘hostages’ were always in retaliation for the hundreds, if not thousands of Palestinian children being held in military jail for long periods of time without any due process rights. 

After a shockingly silent Congress with no moral fiber, finally someone with a modicum of humanity, Sen. Chris Murphy, Member of Senate Foreign Affairs Committee spoke:

  It’s time for Israel’s friends to recognize that the current operational approach is causing an unacceptable level of civilian harm and does not appear likely to achieve the goal of permanently ending the threat from Hamas. The current rate of civilian death inside Gaza is unacceptable and unsustainable. I urge Israel to immediately reconsider its approach and shift to a more deliberate and proportionate counterterrorism campaign.”


On the international scene multiple countries and even international cities like Lyon, Barcelona, Stockholm, London and Lahore continue to express fervent opposition as Israel continues its forced displacement of 1.7 million Palestinians from northern Gaza during the current  humanitarian pause as the release of  kidnapped Palestinians were negotiated by Qatar and Egypt with US assistance.  

As if representative of a satanic cabal, Netanyahu reiterates a return to hostilities as soon as the temporary suspension is concluded; at the same time Israel continues to bomb the Damascus airport out-of-service in Syria in its on going drive for a Greater Israel.   

The absence of any American political leadership of national stature has allowed other nations to fill the void and propose international action as the Zionists are challenged to explain how their extermination of the Palestinian people reconciles with the teachings of Jesus Christ.  

  • South Africa is filing a petition with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) demanding that Israel be formally acknowledged as an Apartheid State as well as filing with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to request an arrest warrant against Israel President Netanyahu for war crimes – and the South Africans recognize Apartheid when they see it. 
  • President Erdogan of Turkey announced that a delegation of  legal experts have filed evidence to the ICC of Israel ‘indescribable atrocities’ of war crimes including denial of water, energy and food to civilians and that Turkey will file its own petition to the ICC. 
  • President Gustavo Patro announced that Colombia will bring war crime charges against Netanyahu as well as submit a proposal to the UN for Palestine as a full member State joining the Prime Ministers of Spain and Belgum. 
  • Joseph Burrell, EU Foreign Policy Chief, concluded after a round of consultation with EU members and other Arab leaders that a Two State Solution was the best ‘fundamental political conclusion  to preserve Israel ‘security’ including Gaza being returned to Palestinian control.   

Netanyahu has vehemently opposed a TSS no matter its borders and has shown no softening of that position except that a great number of UN countries are now asserting their support.  

  • The ICC prosecutor reports that  South Africa, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Comoros, Djibouti have all filed war crime complaints against Israel.
  • To date, at least South Africa, Spain and Belgium have suspended diplomatic relations with Israel as all favor a formal UN effort to create a State of Palestine, separate and independent from Israel.  


With the Indonesian Hospital under  assault, the ceasefire began although Israel was on the attack against civilians right up to the last minute and even after the agreement went into effect.  As dozens of supply trucks were poised to enter Gaza, Prime Ministers Pedro Sanchez of Spain and Alexander de Croo  of Belgium stepped to the podium in a joint press conference at the Rafah Crossing to publicly oppose the depraved Netanyahu as both spoke on behalf of a permanent ceasefire.  

Sanchez proposed a conference that international community must be at such a conference, Europe is ready to work to make it happen; the aim of the conference must be to implement a Two State Solution (TSS) turning a new page of mutual recognition is the best way to sustainable peace; but first hostilities must end. My country of Spain will continue to call for a lasting humanitarian ceasefire and will continue to work for a horizon of peace and prosperity to this beautiful region.” 

De Croo “The military operation needs to respect international humanitarian law. The killing of civilians needs to stop now.  Way too many people have died.  The destruction  of Gaza is unacceptable.  We cannot accept that a society is being destroyed the way it is being destroyed.  We know that l,300 tons of goods are ready to be delivered to the people of Gaza.  There is no military solution; only a political solution. Settler violence on West Bank must stop and all parties need to respect international humanitarian law and abide by the rules.”   

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, as instructed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ‘strongly condemned’ Sachez and de Croo and summoned its Ambassadors to Belgium and Spain home. 

After which the City of Barcelona broke trade relations with Israel as Council Member Ada Colau announced that  “we will not remain silent. Human Rights are defended by taking sides, not by turning a blind eye.   


As international discussion begins, it remains unclear whether such a TSS refers to the boundaries as a result of the 1967 war when a considerable portion of its Palestine’s indigenous land was stolen or whether a TSS refers to a return to the UN’s 1948 border prior to Israel’s misappropriation of Palestinian land. 

As if in anticipation of future events, Iran President Ebrahim Raeisi suggested in conversation with Erdogan that “as an accomplice with Irael, the US has no right to be party to any decision making process for Palestinians and that US participation would continue crimes against the Palestinians.”

Almost simultaneous and true to form, the Biden Administration announced removal of restrictions on Israeli use of US weapon stockpiles previously unavailable.   Increased access to a weapons stash is a clear indication that after the four day ceasefire, as Netanyahu has warned, the Israelis expect to renew their military attacks which can be expected to spark a whole new round of international opposition in what UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres has referred to as a ‘graveyard for children.”

To further complicate any concern about WW III, the US House has also agreed to forward additional $45 Billion worth of armaments to Ukraine, presumably providing access to weapon stockpiles as previously noted.  

Renee Parsons served on the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and as president of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter. She has been an elected public official in Colorado, staff in the Office of the Colorado State Public Defender, an environmental lobbyist for Friends of the Earth and a staff member of the US House of Representatives in Washington DC.   

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