Schneerson’s Chabad Vision, “Accelerated Eschatology” & Netanyahu’s End-Time Madness: MOST IMPORTANT STORY THIS YEAR!

Editor’s Note: SOTN posted the following exposé on October 8th, the day after the 10/7 false flag terrorist attacks were carried out by the Netanyahu’s Zionist State of Israel.

Here’s why Netanyahu staged the false flag invasion by
MOSSAD-controlled Hamas exactly when he did.

It’s nearly impossible to comprehend what’s going on in Israel today unless the back story told in the preceding link is properly understood.  Yes, all developments are directly related to entirely bogus Hebrew prophecies, which were either never uttered or were quite cynically misinterpreted to advance the Zionist imperial agenda of the Third Millennium.

So, what’s basically unfolding in Israel is the manifestation of the satanic vision (being executed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who could be described as the 20th century’s chief rabbi of the Synagogue of Satan. As follows:

Chabad leader, Messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson
on his plans for destroying Ukraine and Russia

As for the precise multi-century implementation plan of that Zionist agenda, there is no better reference and authoritative resource than this one:

Here’s the Zionist blueprint for their
long-planned world takeover.

The following discussion of epochal events and hidden historical realities presents material in the same vein, which will substantively inform the reader about what is really going on with the ongoing Palestinian Holocaust and naked Gaza Land Grab.

State of the Nation
November 28, 2023

Ben-Nun and Adams Discuss “Accelerated Eschatology” and Schneerson’s Chabad Vision

Scottsdale, Arizona
November 28, 2023

by Rich Scheck

Steve Ben-Nun and Mike Adams tell you in less than an hour most of what you need to know in order to understand world events, especially as they pertain to what Bibi Netanyahu and his right-wing government have unleashed on the world (see below).

Their discussion shapes one’s comprehension of what Rabbi Jacobson described as the “Invisible Hand” shaping events by giving substance to which forces are directly involved in creating the chaos and drama unfolding in Gaza, Ukraine and elsewhere around the globe.

They identify the main culprit as Chabad Jewry formerly led by deceased Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson whom his followers believed was the Messiah. It is this group’s anxiety and urgency to “accelerate eschatology” whose beliefs dominate Bibi’s Administration. It is their intention to hasten the “End Times” scenario they believe in that has triggered so much of the turmoil over the last 100+ years.

I applaud the use of that term by Adams to capture the essence of why all this is occurring now. and why it is based on a dubious religious vision that threatens the latest effort to establish Greater Israel via world war.

I urge everyone to invest the necessary brief time to review what they said in conjunction
with the material below in order to resist the growing insanity that has brought enormous
tragedy to all of humanity while needlessly besmudging the reputation of decent Jews
who want nothing to do with the egregious crimes committed in their name.

This may literally be the most important video you can watch in the present tense
to achieve a high level of clarity about what is really happening and why!

* * * * *

What’s going on here folks? Milei in Queens praying at Schneerson’s grave and Musk in
Israel sucking up to Bibi in order to avoid being labeled an anti-Semite with the bombing
of the Palestinians likely to restart in a few days.

1. (“there are a lot of elements that sound to me like there’s some type of deeper choreography, an invisible hand at work” (Rabbi Jacobson)




Did the citizens of Argentina really know what they were voting for with Milie or were they fooled?

Is that “hidden hand” directing these events coming from a positive source or from something far more evil promoting these dubious policies that many in the international community are calling genocide?

It sure seems to me that Netanyahu has succeeded in getting the world to focus on the fate of Jewry and to decide if the ‘Chosen Ones’ are to rule the planet, or be thwarted, in the dreams of those like Schneerson for total domination!

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