HARD PROOF! “13 Million Worldwide & 675,000 Americans Murdered” with Cold Calculation by Covid Killshots

SOTN Editor’s Note: What else can we say?

Well, we can offer this video for further corroboration: HARD PROOF OF A HIGHLY ORGANIZED, LONG PLANNED & GLOBAL COVID ‘VACCINE’ GENOCIDE.

Let’s not forget this little data point about the vaccine-created neuralace which is designed to be connected to the future IoT: COVID VACCINE & 5G BINARY WEAPON SYSTEM: It’s much more dangerous than anyone knows.

Then there is this damning evidence of that the weaponized Covid vaccine was bioengineered as a full-blown bioweapon: PROOF POSITIVE: COVID-19 Vaccines Deliberately Formulated as an Extremely Injurious and Lethal Bioweapon.

Lastly, there is this conclusive statistical analysis using the official, yet grossly understated, VAERS data which proves they were formulated as Covid killshots, clotshot, cancershots, etc.: COVID-19 ‘VACCINE’ GENOCIDE: The Smoking Gun.


State of the Nation
December 7, 2023

N.B. And the following video presentation of much of the evidence spells it all out.

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