The Most Shocking Crash and Burn of the 2024 Election Cycle

HE’S FINISHED! RFK, Jr. Outright Lies & Shills for Israeli Genocidal Maniacs by Spewing…..

…Lie After Lie to Protect the Apartheid Zionist
State and Falsely Impugn Hamas, Even Justifying
the IDF’s Naked Genocide as ‘Collateral Damage’.

Submitted by The Armchair Prophet
SOTN Exclusive

The preceding substantive interview conducted with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is a real blockbuster because of what it really tells us about him.

First, it clearly proves that he’s either crazy, a total fraud, completely mind-controlled or all three.  For example:

“Israel is doing everything it can to avoid civilian casualties” – RFK, Jr.

[With 20,000 dead and nearly 60,000 wounded thus far]

What’s so crazy about the interview above is that it’s taking place after Kennedy launched his POTUS candidacy with two primary themes:

• The Military-Industrial Complex is the real enemy of the American people … and he’s gonna change all that

• The C.I.A. killed both his father and uncle … and he’ll fix that problem, too, when he’s elected president

Oh, really, while totally supporting Israel’s genocide in Gaza as the IDF shows off all of it’s latest American-supplied AI-directed bombing technology, you’re gonna shut down the “Mighty MIC”!?

How, pray tell, do you go after the MIC while ignoring the
all-powerful Zionist Chicago Supermob that owns and
operates the Military-Industrial Complex?!

Then there’s the little matter of the CIA assassinating his father and two uncles and cousin.

Yes, it’s been categorically proven that the C.I.A. executed the assassination plan, but it was Israel working in close collaboration with the Chicago’s Khazarian Supermob that actually ordered the hit.

So now it appears that RFK’s real mission here is to provide impressive and ‘credible’ cover for the Zionist State of Israel and their Khazarian criminal co-conspirators in Chicago for the brutal murders of JFK, RFK, Joe, Jr. and his cousin JFK, Jr.  Wow!  Just WOW!!!

Here’s one last little gem uttered by Junior during that same interview:

“The Palestinian people are arguably the most pampered people by international aid organizations in the history of the world.”
— Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

The Armchair Prophet
State of the Nation
December 17, 2023

SOTN Editor’s Note: After this utterly disastrous interview, RFK Jr is either completely blackmailed, bribed and/or bought by his Zionist masters, mentally ill or suffering from serious psych deficits due to his hard drug abuse days.


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