Israel’s Transparent Genocide in Gaza Turns to ‘Mass Starvation’ as the Means of their Highly Premeditated Mass Murder of the Palestinians

U.N. Reports 1 in 4 Gazans Are Starving – Creator: Fatima Shbair | Credit: AP

SOTN Editor’s Note: If you not already aware, there is a highly organized Palestinian Holocaust taking place in Gaza right now.  This long-planned slaughter in Palestine is being carried out via various means of mass murder by the genocidal Zionist State of Israel.

KEY POINT: All the hard evidence has now proven that Netanyahu’s government not only knew about the 10/7 ‘surprise attacks’ by Israel-controlled Hamas, the IDF and MOSSAD closely coordinated every single aspect of that false flag terrorist operation.  In other words, Zionist Israel carried out those terrorist attacks so as to fabricate a false justification to launch the Palestinian Holocaust and Gaza Land Grab.  Which means that so much pain and suffering, loss and deprivation in Gaza right now is taking place because of this fanatical scheme to advance the Greater Israel project. See: ‘Greater Israel’ map displayed by Israel’s finance minister not only provoked anger across the Mideast…it was also a calculated foreshadowing of the 2023 Palestinian Holocaust & Gaza Land Grab. 

Of course, mass starvation is a weapon of mass murder which has been used quite effectively by the Zionists over centuries.  In the current case, it permits those homicidal maniacs to enjoy some degree of plausible deniability to committing this naked crime against humanity.

Starvation used as a ‘weapon of war’ in Gaza
amid Israeli siege: Oxfam

However, what distinguishes the present use of deliberate food deprivation as a weapon of mass death and destruction is that the whole world is watching.  And yet no country in the entire world community of nations has called out this intentional genocide by starvation being perpetrated by Israel.

The entire population in Gaza is in food crisis with 576,600
at catastrophic or starvation levels. — U.N.

Look it, SOTN has never even solicited donations to keep the Alt Media platform running since 2008.  Which makes this sincere plea on behalf of all Palestinians all the more serious and meaningful.  They need help desperately and Americans LIKE YOU can provide that assistance (see below).

Think about it: It’s Christmas and there are many Palestinians Christians and Muslims who are tragically starving to death in Gaza…at this very moment!

State of the Nation
December 24, 2023

N.B.  The following Charitable Organization — World Central Kitchen —  is perhaps the most trustworthy that we have found over the years that really does the hard work of feeding the destitute and starving the world over.  Check them out and give to the Gaza food relief program if you feel so compelled.

In this newsletter:

WCK’s first Relief Kitchen in Gaza opens

Since our response to the conflict in the Middle East began in October, World Central Kitchen, alongside our partners, has provided more than 11.5 million meals in the region in the form of freshly prepared, hot meals and food kits. And now, we have overcome immense challenges to begin cooking thousands of daily meals from WCK’s first Relief Kitchen in Gaza this week.
Through our kitchen and those of our partners, we are quickly scaling our capacity to produce meals for Palestinians who have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety. At the same time, we are supporting families near the border in Israel who live in communities under threat of rocket attack as well as seniors now unable to access food by themselves. Our partners in Lebanon are also providing thousands of meals daily to people displaced from homes near the Israeli border as a result of the conflict.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have fled to southern Gaza in search of safety. The population of Rafah—the territory’s southern-most city—has swelled from 250,000 to well over a million. The high concentration of displaced families means large makeshift camps have emerged in the region. In order to get families the support they need, when and where they need it, our teams are providing meals at camps, hospitals, and schools that have become shelters.

Watch as WCK’s Sam reports while distributing food kits in Rafah.

We are working with NGO and UN partners to bring meals directly to people in need. WCK teams are also working with community leaders like Najah who runs the Center for Women Programs in Rafah. As the conflict began to displace more and more people, she opened the doors of her home and community center to offer shelter to families fleeing.
Najah uses WCK-provided ingredients and supplies to prepare hundreds of meals daily. Despite recently breaking her leg, she continues overseeing the shelters. This determination has earned her the nickname “Power Mama” from our team. Learn more about these efforts in our latest blog post.

So, if you are moved to donate specifically to the worsening starvation emergency and widening hunger crisis throughout all of Gaza, you can make a donation at the following link provided by the World Central Kitchen:!/donation/checkout?c_src=12-18-23-update

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!

Your friends at SOTN

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