The Worst Constitutional Crisis In US History!

La Quinta, CA
January 26, 2024

Submitted by Rich Scheck

For those of us who have long anticipated the emerging constitutional crisis now threatening the future of the United States, this is an “I told you so” moment.

What is happening at our Southern border and the refusal by Texas Governor Abbott to enforce the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Biden Administration’s policies is arguably even more dramatic than what occurred in the run-up to the Civil War in 1861.

With an “Army of God” now on the march as part of a convoy heading towards Texas, Arizona and California, the only thing missing is the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

We are seeing the system of Federalism built into the framework of our founding document being tested to the extreme with the conflict between the States and Federal government intensifying inthe face of 25 Red State Governors and likely Republican nominee Trump all backing Abbott.,into%20the%20state%20from%20Mexico.

There are numerous potential scenarios unfolding as to how this might be resolved but one that sticks out for me considering the level of Trump Derangement Syndrome at work by those who have pulled every trick they can to thwart the former incumbent is his arrest on charges of ‘Insurrection’ for encouraging the resistance to Biden and the Supreme Court in the same manner that the J6 defendants have been aggressively prosecuted by Garland’s DOJ.

Of course, that is likely to make matters worse…..much worse IMO…..but that has been Biden’s pattern since he took office. Rather than looking to bind up the Nation’s wounds in the manner of a Lincoln, he, his Democratic allies and many RINO’s have relentlessly escalated the travail with endless negative diatribes bemoaning Bad Man Orange’s MAGA following of “deplorables!”

The unfolding drama would be bad enough if it was merely limited to the border issue. But layers of complexity surround that matter as the DC Swamp reels under a mammoth debt crisis; the utterly insane Ukraine war; the expanding debacle in the Middle East; inflation woes; an economy under assault by rapid technological change, and countless social issues like abortion, climate change and gender related matters.

Lurking over the horizon as the 2024 election rapidly approaches is the threat of third party challenges to the two existing ones now lead by deeply flawed and aging candidates. Between RFK’s independent challenge and the No Label’s effort with folks like Manchin and Lieberman hoping to jump into the race with even Nikki Haley a possible force to consider, the mess in traditional politics adds to what is already a bleak picture.

There are other factors as well which may emerge such as a possible false flag attack to allow for the imposition of martial law with the suspension of the election and/or First Amendment; the outbreak of more hostilities in other regions with China, Iran or North Korea; a new pandemic; and any of several dicey efforts from the World Economic Forum to promote their globalist agenda with CBDC, vaccine mandates, climate change proscriptions, censorship and further assaults on agriculture.

The Global Reset, Fourth Turning and Cosmic Reset now impacting the US are also effecting other cultures and societies around the world including the Catholic Church.

For those wanting to live in what the Chinese proverb calls “interesting times” this is clearly what we have in spades today with “interesting” perhaps being a softer term for The End Times/Armageddon many ultra-religious, true believers of Christian Nationalists, Zionist Jews and Muslim fundamentalists avow.

Being right about such horrible news is not particularly satisfying but it does provide the writer withcredibility as well as confidence to keep expressing his views, even if they amount to “Doom and Gloom” predictions like this one.

Hold onto your hat, money and kids: rough times ahead indeed!

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