“The lost funds exceed $33 Trillion IN FEDERAL RESERVE CREDIT.”


Globalists fund fellow globalists—even Nikki Haley—as now exposed. It appears many Trump supporters fail to recognize virtually all of Trump’s political positions are anathema to globalists.

Yuval Harari is concerned: “Trump will stop [our WEF’s] globalism.” Really !!https://twitter.com/SaltyGoat17/status/1746882085233557598?–a-2024-victory-trump-means-a-death-blow-to-the-postwar-international-rules-based-order-marxism%2F. That is the best support for Trump, and aconcise declaration of WEF’s goal that I have ever heard.

Pascal Najadi, an insider of the WEF, now labels the WEF a den of evil. He holds WEF responsible for poisoning 5.7 billion people, including his mother, with a poison bioweapon as a democide [read govt killing]. The agenda of the WEF is for national representatives to grant sovereign political authority to the WEF for global domination. He wants to drive them out of Switzerland. Their program for the upcoming meeting is to again address the lack of public trust. Imagine that. Ref. https://rumble.com/v3qf7ig-breaking-documentary-short-cutting-off-the-head-of-the-snake-geneva-switzer.html

Najadi’s accusation that WEF caused deaths by spreading toxic Covid is supported by new Medicare data. Ref. https://correlation-canada.org/covid-19-vaccine-associated-mortality-in-the-southern-hemisphere/.CORRELATION, in a 180 page report with new data, identifies Covid-19 has been a contrived globalist democide that affected mortality.

A considerable amount of money has been involved in the WEF development as shown in the links above. The cost of initiating the Covid Pandemic, or the Southern Invasion, is monumental. What source of the funds, beyond Gates, should we look for ? Would the same source of funds have been covertly laundered to help BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street acquire control of BoD of all Fortune 500 businesses ?And to destroy any business that does not submit to domination ?

Globalist territorial domination projects have required much money and impoverished many nations. Michel Chossudovsky [GLOBALIZATION OF POVERTY AND THE NWO] and William Blum [KILLING HOPE; US MILITARY AND CIA INTERVENTIONS] have identified the IMF to scheme financial domination of nations. John Perkins, as a front point man, identifies Wall Street financiers to be behind the IMF in CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN. Major Wall Street financiers have been identified to be Rothschild affiliates and organizers of the Federal Reserve. Whether they control shares of a closely held FRBOG, Inc., or not, has never been confirmed.

The Fed is known to have created $29 trillion of book-entry credit in 2008 to rescue four Wall Street banks from bankruptcy. [Were those four banks shareholders of a closely held FRBOG, Inc. ?] The credit was claimed to be loans secured by bogus derivatives and Treasury securities. The securities, still on the FR books, have been declared they will be sold to the government. Sounds like a way to declare the U.S. is bankrupt and foreclose. Goldman Sachs// Troika did that in Greece.

WHO, as a component of the United Nations created by Wall Street financiers, has plans for global control by medical passports and national lockdowns. Fauci, while developing Covid-19, was desperately looking for funds. Where the funds came from is unknown.

The CIA is alleged to have been developed by Wall Street, using their crony Allen Dulles, to cover their nefarious acts under a cloak of National Security. One of the CIA’s first coups in 1953 used Kermit Roosevelt and two suitcases stuffed with cash to put the Shah back on the Peacock Throne. Wall Street oil moguls then receivedcontrol of the nationalized Iranian British Petroleum oil fields as prearranged. Many more CIA coups have benefited Wall Street interests. It is assumed Davos’ attendees who want to protect their current status are mindful of this.

It appears Kari Lake has exposed, with Jeff Dewit, one method of how ‘east coast’ entities screen and control political operatives. A similar source of funds for George Soros’ foundation, among others, have yet to be exposed.

The IRS is pursuing a precedent case of Moore v IRS in the SCOTUS for appraisal and assessment authority for value not received. The case is pending an Opinion. An inflationary value increase in your home, or the junk behind your house, could initiate a bankruptcy assessment if you are on a government hit list.

The IMF’s use of sanctions to achieve national domination has a role in the current seizure of an Iranian oil tanker and a million barrels of oil that may kindle open hostile military action. War mongering, besides being profitable, diverts attention from corrupt economic deterioration.

The Federal Reserve is among other global bankers currently seeking direct seizurecontrol of depositors’ accounts by CBDC. This control is similar to what Trudeau [a disciple of Klaus Schwab] used in Canada to seize accounts of truck businesses and China has imposed on their people. Total control of individuals’ financial earnings was outlawed in 1866. Any objection to government oppression will likely result in asset confiscation.

The Fed has been accused of profiting from their receiving deficit spending Treasury securities [as collateral for book-entry credit on government ledgers] which seem to disappear after being received. The Fed has exclusive control, as a fiscal agent of the government, over the formulation, auctioning, and disbursement of auction funds from Treasury securities for redeeming maturing securities. Ref: 31 CFR §375.3(e). Deficit spending components, added to securities auctioned to redeem mature securities, have been shown as ‘new cash’ in TreasuryDirect Institutional tabulations. TD declines to identify the destination of new cash; none is found.

All profit of the Fed belongs to the government. Those auction accounts, currently handling > $15 trillion annually, have never been audited. If the auctioned deficit spending value went to the government, it would eliminate any increase in the national debt and would negate any inflation.

The lost funds exceed $33 Trillion IN FEDERAL RESERVE [Notes] CREDIT. That debt has been legislated ON FRAUDULENT BASIS as a legal tender [i.e., substitute] of the U.S. dollar. The privately owned Fed will claim it is a debt of the US citizens. The Fed has already announced their holding of Treasury securities [which they are expanding] will be sold to the government. The Fed’s embedded minions in congress will declare the nation bankrupt and allow financial entities to form a Troika over the U.S.

The GAO has standing authority to audit any accounts of government funds upon congressional direction without additional legislation. FOIA is also valid for any official record of any FR bank record. Ref. Bloomberg v Fed,aff’d, 601 F.3d 143 (2d Cir. 2010).

Where do we go from here ??

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