LOOSH: What is it and how is it used against US?


by Wes Penre

Loosh is a term that has been used for a long time, but it has been coined in modern times by researcher and Out-of-Body-Explorer, Robert Monroe, who founded The Monroe Institute.

When Monroe did his astral travels and communicated with nonphysical beings, he learned that the human soul energy that we produce is being harvested and fed upon by non-corporal entities, and ultimate a being Monroe called “Someone” (see his book series “The Journeys Trilogy“). This “Someone” can’t be anybody else but our now so familiar En.ki, whom the Gnostics called the Demiurge.

Others, who have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs), claim that they have met with a being who was literally bathing in love and light. Many of them confused this being with God or Jesus, but we would strongly suggest that this being was either En.ki himself or one of the Overlords. Religions talk about “God’s Divine Light” and associate this with Heaven, but from our perspective, built on our own research, we would say that this immense, overwhelming experience of Love and Light is the Overlords’ harvest of our human soul energy–they have an abundance of it, while we humans walk around, depleted and drained.

In the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), as well as in many of our videos, we have discussed how the Overlords, who can’t produce their own energy anymore, are dependent on our human soul energy to survive. Therefore, they have many different ways to directly and indirectly feed off our energy in daily life. They can do this on an individual basis, and they can do it collectively. In this article, we want to bring up the most common ways they collect our soul energy.

  1. Through individual trauma. Narcissists and psychopaths, who lack a genuine soul, and only consists of an artificial soul, which is being created within this Matrix, are incarnated here with a purpose to traumatize us and pull out our life force. These artificial souls, just like the Overlords, can’t produce their own soul energy, and in order to survive, they need ours. There are more of these “empty vessels” walking around us than most of us might think. The narcissists are like hubs between us and the Overlords. The narcissists keep enough loosh to survive, and the rest is spilled into the astral, only to eventually reach the Overlords.
  2. Through belief systems–particularly religions–where we worship a deity. It doesn’t matter which deity we worship because they are just different names for the same God. The church is “God’s Temple,” and when people worship and pray to God, the Overlords receive that energy and keep it to themselves.
  3. In sports arenas and at rock concerts. The energy that is emanating from the audience is enormous, and it feeds both the performers and the Overlords in great quantity. Any rock musician can tell you that the distinction between a good and a bad gig is how the audience responds. Their response is overloading the artists with loosh and elevates them, but most of it still goes right to the Overlords.
  4. Through casual and irresponsible sex. The sexual energy is our biggest creative energy–at least in this Matrix. This is especially true for women, so I’ve learned. When a woman has an orgasm, she can connect directly to the KHAA/Greater Universe, and she can create astonishing things with these energies, if she knows how. However, almost all women shoot this energy up through their spine and out into the nonphysical realms without having any goals or boundaries as of where to direct this energy. Thus, these energies can be fed upon. Men can do this, too, but women are more powerful in this regard. Thus, we need to use our sexual energy wisely. It’s a good idea to set up goals before we start, or we’ll exchange energies between the partners. It’s also a good idea to set an intention that we allow no one to interfere and steal our energy.
  5. Through dark, Satanic rituals.
  6. By extracting our genuine love/light, compassion, and empathy.

It is almost certain that number 6 above is where they get their main loosh.

In the Matrix, we have at least three types of “humans:” 1) The Namlu’u (the original soul group), 2) Random star beings, who were captured here by the Overlords. They also have a genuine soul, and 3) Empty vessels, who are divided into two sub-categories: a) background people, who are pure programs, acting like humans in general, and b) narcissists/psychopaths/sociopaths, who are also just programs.

a) and b) above only consist of an artificial soul, which can merely function within the Construct/Matrix.

A narcissist does not mainly feed from our negative emotions, although they indirectly do–they feed from our love, compassion, and empathy. For example, when you fall in love with an often charismatic and charming narcissist, you “fall in love.” This love is an euphoric state of beingness–similar to a potent drug like heroin. It makes us elevated, and it comes from the genuine soul. We would, just like Robert Monroe, suggest that Love and Light are one and the same–it’s our soul-fire, i.e. our Light. This is what En.ki and the Overlords are bathing in wherever they roam. This is also what the Tunnel in the Afterlife is built from, which makes it so attractive to us after death, because we subconsciously feel that we are regaining the Love/Light that we’ve lost during our lifetime–it’s amplified a thousand times to the point where it is almost overwhelming–we are drawn to it.

The narcissists can’t feel this euphoric state of being we call love because they don’t have a genuine soul, but they steal it from us because it’s life energy (fire), and it strengthens them. They can’t feed on like-minded because other narcissists and background people don’t have what we have–genuine soul fire. They can, however, also feed on Category 2 above (captured star beings) because they, too, have loosh.

Thus, the narcissists pull in our love, compassion, and empathy, and then they distort it because they don’t understand it. How could they, when they have never experienced it by themselves. It’s not that they are feeling love and compassion when they suck it in–they only feel they are getting stronger. Because our emotions are very strong, the narcissists must, at the same time, be in control, from their inferior perspective, so they traumatize us by using our good intentions against us. This fills two main purposes; they make us feel less than them, and they can also extract more loosh from us at the same time. This is what makes us feel drained of energy; because we are. Our Light diminishes and we literally lose our energy, like a drained battery.

When this happens, the narcissists starts love bombing us, so we can recover and gain some more energy. Then, the abuse starts all over again. Eventually, after long-term abuse, the targets either gets sick and die before their time, or because the narcissist doesn’t get enough loosh from their target anymore, they need to get secondary targets. It’s like a drug addict, who wants to secure their supply by having perhaps more than one dealer, in case the first one is unavailable.

Thus, the most important thing to get out of this FAQ is to understand that they feed from our genuine Namlu’u characteristics–love, compassion, and empathy. The Overlords and their minions, the narcissists, have none of that anymore–they can’t produce any of it on their own. This is why we see narcissists carefully selecting their targets and disregarding others. They can’t feed from someone who is part of the program–it needs to be either a Namlu’u or a captured star being…


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