RECAP of what Putin said to Tucker…….

By Claudio Resta | VT

  1. Here are the most important statements from Putin to Tucker Carlson:
  2. We are convinced that Biden is not leading your country.
  3. Your southern border was handled better than the 2020 election
  4. We believe in traditional values; marriage is between a man and a woman: men are men and women are women
  5. There are strong financial entities in the USA that have an interest in keeping Russia an adversary
  6. Our message is that Russia is not your enemy. We don’t want war. We are ready for peace.
  7. The lands and people [in Ukraine] are Russian and we will have again what has always been ours.
  8. Russia has over 80 trillion dollars of natural resources.
  9. You can change presidents, but you can’t change who has real power. The United States has entered a dark age, with irresponsible leadership
  10. Palestinians are being devastated. Israel acts uncontrollably.


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