Neither Biden nor Trump should be…….

Palm Desert, CA
February 21, 2024

Current Thoughts On The 2024 Election

by Rich Scheck

Despite my belief that the Democrats likely stole the 2020 election and that Trump has earned the right to be the Republican nominee again this year, I hope both he and Biden fail to win in 2024!

Assuming there even is an election, a highly problematic notion considering the degree of disarray and divisiveness in America today, neither deserves to be our next president.

Starting with Biden, the man is manifestly lacking in sufficient mental acuity to run his own household much less direct a diverse country of 330 million inhabitants who are confronted with a set of massive political, cultural and economic changes at this unique historical moment often labeled The Fourth Turning.

Throw in his significant legal challenges and the tainted fruits of his 50 years as a career politician and you have a person who is so deficient in worthy leadership skills that his own party is aggressively maneuvering to replace him with someone (anyone?) who can block Orange Man Bad.

As for Trump, even though I agree with some of his positions and think he is far more fit to reoccupy the White House than the decaying Biden, he can no more unite this wounded nation than the incumbent.

With his narcissistic personality and unending, immature propensity to ridicule those who disagree with him, Donald Trump has shown his true colors so often that the Democrats law-fare scheme has proven to be brilliantly successful despite the apparent lack of substantive basis in the various cases against him.

It’s not so much about either man’s age as it is about their significant character flaws and mediocre governing capabilities that disqualifies them in my eyes, especially considering the magnitude of the crises confronting us.

For me the slogan of Senate candidate Royce White from Minnesota, captures what we need in a few terse phrases: “Close the border; pay the debt; stop the forever wars……NOW!”

This is a far more acceptable summary of where we should be headed than the “Christian Nationalist” version of what’s needed to take down the Administrative/Deep State Hegemon that emerged out of the post-WW2 American Century of Pax Americana that has brought our Empire to the verge of collapse.

To the extent Congress is dead-locked right now in resolving these tendentious questions and to the extent kicking them down the road until 2025 only makes them much worse, it means we need someone who can provide the high prospect of healing that can inspire reconciliation and hope for the future.

Both Biden and Trump fail that crucial litmus test Big Time leaving us all adrift in a sea of discord filled with anger, recrimination and the threat of random violence and/or even another Civil War if either is elected.

Assuming both are gone by election day, with Biden being taken out hypothetically by the 25th Amendment or at the August Convention replaced by Gavin, Michelle, Hillary, fill in the blank, and Trump gone due to some combination of his legal woes, that still leaves open the question of who is best suited to guide us forward into a very messy and dangerous future.

Lingering in the wings are such figures as RFK, Jr., Joe Manchin, Cornel West, Jill Stein, Joe Leiberman, Nikki Haley, Dr. Shiva, Tulsi Gabbard, JD Vance, Vivek Ramaswamy and a few others who are emerging as potential future leaders at the presidential level in the context of possible third party/independent runs.

All have their weaknesses but none have the level of baggage carried by Biden and Trump. An argument can be made that a third party is the best remedy to exit the petrified Uni-Party structure that has brought us to this moment of endless foreign wars, immense debt, invasion of our open borders, censorship nearing Orwellian levels, massive distrust of authority and the decadence of the West.

I understand that our system of law and Constitution are based on the foundation of Judeo-Christian beliefs but reject the extremism embedded in the MAGA Movement’s high comfort level with imposing their religious notions on an otherwise secular society.

We can achieve peace, prosperity and greater personal freedom by avoiding the flaws of previous civilizations by transcending the weaknesses and repressive values of what’s gone before through reliance on science and the wisdom of competing spiritual systems for inspiration.

It’s a treacherous path forward but we have no choice but to persevere with maximum courage and faith in the Human Spirit that has shaped our Souls for the difficult tasks ahead.



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