“It is frightening how the entire world allows itself to be fooled, even kept in a stranglehold and headlock, by a small state in the desert.”

The world in the stranglehold of a small state

A contribution from Dr. med. Marco Caimi

Transition News

And he did it after all. I was laughing at when I said that Tucker Carlson would hit the $200 million mark by interviewing Putin. It was cracked long ago. And he deserves it, because he did what every honest journalist should do: Audiatur et altera pars – listen to the other side too. And the interview is a big disappointment for many, especially in the West, because it did not reveal “Wlad (Wladimir) the bad” or “Wlad the mad”, but rather a concentrated, history-savvy, dossier- and fact-safe president who in… never lost the thread for two hours and seven minutes.

Biden, if he had ever had it in his hands, this thread, would no longer have seen it after two minutes, let alone felt it. The almost painful difference in leadership between two nuclear powers.

The USA is in such a desolate and leaderless state that even Hillary Clinton has had her campaign clothes ironed as a prophylactic in the hope of getting back into the ring with Donald Trump for another round. Especially after the US Department of Justice concluded that Joe Biden cannot be prosecuted for violations of the Documents Act because of senility-related memory loss. (I don’t know why a certain Federal Chancellor comes to mind now…).

A finding that would disarm any jury. If the president of your country cannot be impeached because of senility, you have a bigger problem in the ruling party. The Democrats are apparently starting to sense that Biden cannot win in December and that it would be better to send someone else into the ring. Just who? Hillary? Or even Michelle?

First you are told to leave your house and flee south. So you flee south, only to be bombed there after you’ve already lost everything except what you can still carry with you. Your hopes are melting like butter in the sun because the Israeli government and army don’t give a damn about the instructions of the world’s highest court in The Hague. Israel does not stop murdering under the genocidal Zionist shield of Hamas extermination, with a preference for women and children.

Netanyahu has given the green light for attacks on the city of Rafa on the Egyptian border: a city with 150,000 inhabitants, now populated by 1.9 million people, is being exposed to attacks by one of the best armies in the world, which, like a virus, is now has undergone a mutation into an irregular gang that murders women and children.

A humanly unimaginable animalistic-dehumanized scenario. The rain on Rafa’s streets will soon be replaced by tons of blood. David Cameron, former Prime Minister and now British Foreign Minister, who years ago spoke of Gaza being the largest outdoor prison, is “concerned”.

Antony Blinken and Joe Biden also choose the same word, who still realizes that his relations with Netanyahu have reached an all-time low. He asked, almost begged, Netanyahu not to bomb Rafa. But: All weapons used in an attack on Rafa come from the USA, free of charge for Israel. Israel’s reconnaissance flights over Gaza are flown by the British from their base in Cyprus. You can twist and turn it however you want: the USA and the UK are the big collaborators in the massacre in Palestine.

And Keir Starmer, sorry, Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labor Party, is still resisting a ceasefire after 135 days of carnage. He said publicly, on TV, that Israel has the right to cut off water and electricity to 2.3 million people. Eight years ago, he campaigned in the British Parliament for Israel to be banned from international football because of racism. It’s amazing how politicians can rot and decay inside in eight years.

The slaughter in Gaza will also cause heads to roll in the West, even if there is still great solidarity with the Israeli Zionists. By the way, Zionism is a ruler’s ideology and not a religion. Sociology professor David Miller has been fired from the University of Bristol for anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian comments. A British court decided at the beginning of February 2024 that this was in no way legal.

A milestone in jurisprudence that causes gasps in the Zionist camp. In the future, no one will be discriminated against or even fired if they speak out against Israel. By the way: Jeremy Corbin, Sir Keir Starmer’s predecessor, had to resign from his post like many Labor MPs – because of allegedly anti-Israel statements that were considered anti-Semitic, but were actually anti-Zionist.

Back to the bloody facts: 22 of 36 hospitals are completely dysfunctional. With over a hundred thousand people dead, maimed, wounded and missing. The last thing to be destroyed was the Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis, declared safe by the IDF – including for refugees. Nothing works in this hospital, nothing at all, it is completely surrounded and taken over by the IDF.

Meanwhile, we are receiving news that refugees in Rafa are being bombed in their tents, those who have them. From the air, from artillery and from the sea. The guns and bombs fall on tents where people lie in the water and wait for the final attack. 1.9 million refugees.

How do you describe such a scenario? Meanwhile, Macron is also “concerned”. How calming. But what happens through the international community? Absolutely nothing. Implementations of the ICC? None. It is not even capable of kicking the Zionist apartheid state out of the Eurovision Song Contest or out of international sport, as South Africa and Russia recently experienced.

Billions of US dollars are still flowing into Israel and the weapons arsenals are being filled by the USA. The Royal Air Force still flies reconnaissance flights from Cyprus. Flights that direct the bombs to the tents and hospitals. Sanctions against Israel? None – on the contrary – see above.

It is frightening how the entire world allows itself to be fooled, even kept in a stranglehold and headlock, by a small state in the desert – in an eternal guilt that now spans several generations.

Nowhere is the remark more appropriate: “Always follow the money” – always follow the money! I won’t say anything more about it, it could be used subito against me, British court ruling against the University of Bristol or not…


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