Rewatching Rome Burn: Observations Of A Dying Republic!

Cathedral City, CA
March 1, 2024

by Rich Scheck

The NWO is triumphant: the WEF/Khazarian/Papal take over of the USA is now
virtually unstoppable!

The combination of endless wars; massive debt; the phony pandemic; climate crisis
hoax; immigrant invasion; manufactured UFO threats; Huxwellian censorship; AI
assaults on our privacy; lawfare against dissidents; false flag events; and the total
corruption of the political leadership in DC has succeeded in destroying the former
American Republic.

It is an impressive achievement comparable to the Fall of Rome and it is happening
in real time for those not distracted by shiny toys put forth by Hollywood and the MSM
to distract us from observing this while somehow enticing its citizenry to pay for the
whole thing through taxes and inflation.

There is little reason to believe any serious effort can be mounted politically at this late
date to reverse the process. Elite capture by powerful financial interests and the intelligence community is pervasive.

It appears its penetration extends to efforts like No Labels and RFK’s “independent” run for president. No Labels is led by DC Insider Nancy Jacobson while pro-Israel RFK got rid of peacenik Kucinich and replaced him with his “former” CIA daughter-in-law in an act of nepotism comparable to Hunter Biden or the Kushners.

With UFOs observed in the war zone of Ukraine and over The Temple Mount in Israel, Turner’s recent “Russian space threat” claims appear to lay the foundation for a Project BlueBook event to seal the deal of an End Times scenario.

The competition for a new human origins story is unfolding fast and furiously with Iran entering the race via maneuvers in Antarctica. That reminds us that Iran and Germany (Aryans) share old ties so maybe those alleged bases that defeated Byrd’s Operation HighJump are an important aspect of the story after all.

Meanwhile, Schneerson’s powerful clan asserts its quest for Greater Israel hegemony via Bibi’s Bunting Cloverleaf (“cyber, the domain of power”) along with Zelensky and the complicit West.

Not to be left out is the Vatican whose apparent US front man, Danny Sheehan, remains a significant player in the unfolding UFO Disclosure Movement.

It’s all VERY dark and foreboding for Humanity! It’s Pax Americana uber alles via the WEF/NWO’s technological totalitarian dystopia a la The Hunger Games with Trump’s Christian Nationalist MAGA Movement and Putin’s Christian Orthodox Russia standing in its path along with resistance from the BRICS.

Perhaps the New Messiah is on the way. Perhaps!!


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