Here’s How FREE SPEECH Was Just Killed In America


Here’s what just killed it in one state and
soon to kill Free Speech in the other 49.

Submitted by Revisionist Historians for World Peace
SOTN Exclusive

It was clear to this Alt Media platform, in the days immediately following the false flag 10/7 terror operation carried out by Benjamin Netanyahu’s Zio-Nazi regime, that that purposefully staged event would be used to shut down all opposition to the Zionist State of Israel globally, if possible.

Of course, the Apartheid State of Israel has many obvious reasons to terminate all criticism of its horrific Gaza genocide and multi-decade Palestinian Holocaust.  Therefore, in light of the explosion of truth about the Khazarian Cabal, Khazarian Mafia and Khazarian Klan plastered across the Internet today, it’s no wonder this multi-century international crime syndicate got very nervous in the service.

KEY POINT: Who is really pulling the strings
at the very top of the global power structure?

Once it became evident that the COVID-19 biowar was launched by the Zio-Anglo-American Axis, which takes orders from the Khazarian Cabal, Israel knew it was just a matter of time that the Covid ‘vaccine’ genocide was traced back to them.  After all, who else has the overwhelming power and influence worldwide to carry out such a depopulation scheme–IN BROAD DAYLIGHT–and then effectively cover it up?!

Which brings us to the First Amendment.

In the aftermath of so many fierce protests worldwide supporting the slaughtered Palestinian people, the murderous and thieving Zionists knew they had to frame each and every one of them as anti-semitic events.  They simply had no other way to quickly diminish the efficacy of those protests which threatened their long-planned genocide in Gaza (and West Bank), as well as the outright theft of the Gaza Strip from the Palestinian people.

The United States, even today, is seeing many protests in support of the terribly oppressed Palestinians as they are now methodically mass murdered by the IDF via starvation, denial of emergency medical services and extreme deprivations from homelessness.

So, what does the treasonous U.S. ZOG do about it?

It starts out by pushing state governments to pass patently unconstitutional laws which will call all forms of so-called ‘anti-semitism’—hate crimes.  And guess who decides what anti-semitism is?!  As follows:

South Dakota Governor Noem

Signs Historic Bill to Combat
Antisemitism into Law

According to the preceding bill, the following international guidance will now be adhered to when assessing whether acts of anti-semitism constitute hate crimes.

First adopted in 2005 by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism states that “antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews,” and includes a list of illustrative examples ranging from Holocaust denial to the rejection of the Jewish people’s right to self-determination.

Which means that seriously questioning the legitimacy of the official fake narrative about “The Holocaust”, which allegedly occurred during World War II as an entirely fabricated fiction by the utterly satanic Zionist Movement, is now considered anti-semitic in South Dakota … and soon to be followed by other states.

According to this new and terribly skewed standard, this entire analysis that you are now reading could be construed as anti-semitic and, therefore, a hate crime.  Much worse than that, the Zionist perpetrators of this legislative outrage are chilling all debate about virtually all topics concerning the genocidal movement known as Zionism.

Even much worse than that, however, is the ultimate gutting of Free Speech by these upcoming illicit un-American bills.  For if the Zionists, Jews and Israelis are to receive such absurd protections from being criticized, all other religions, races and nationalities will expect the same.  Which means that the FIRST AMENDMENT IS DEAD!

What this really means is that a nation like Israel can commit genocide—DURING PRIME TIME—and any allegations of such a naked crime against humanity can be called a hate crime; hence, an actionable offense.

Bottom Line: The U.S. Federal Government is quite happy to see the Second Amendment canceled and is using anti-semitism to crack that door open before they swing it wide open.  All Western governments know that they may face similar situations from their own unruly populations after the multiple genocides come to light which have been stealthily perpetrated against them over decades (the highly weaponized Covid injection genocide is only one). See: As Western politicians line up to cheer on Israel as it starves and bombs Gaza’s civilians, it’s important to understand how we reached this point – and what it means for the future


People, it does not get any more serious than this already passed South Dakota legislation.  Because when Free Speech is gone, the American Republic is gone—forever!

While the treacherous Zionists could get away with this blatantly unconstitutional artifice in South Dakota, it remains to be seen how the other 49 states will respond.

Which means that the Patriot Movement needs to be galvanized as never before to stop these illegitimate bills from advancing.  Otherwise any one of US can be imprisoned for even debating whether the ludicrous Holohoax took place the way that the Zionist perpetrators say they carried it out.

TOOK PLACE…(Must View Video)

Revisionist Historians for World Peace
State of the Nation
March 13, 2024


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