Barbaric Savagery! Israel to “Sacrifice” Red Heifers—TODAY!

Hal Turner

In a display of Barbarism and Savagery, Israel will “sacrifice” Red Heifers tomorrow; as a “Spiritual Cleansing” for the Rabbis who will “rebuild the Third Temple.” Except in order to do that, the Muslim Temple Mount must be . . . ahem . . . gone.

In a ceremony akin to a Voodoo ritual, wherein Witch Doctors cut the heads off chickens or goats, the Israelis will “sacrifice” Red Heifers. And they dare call themselves “civilized?” Barbarian Savages.

But the world already sees that Israel is a Barbaric, Savage, country based on their dropping almost 2,000 pound bombs, from Fighter Jets, onto Apartment Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, and Refugee Camps in Gaza for the past 6 months or so.

Of course, their savagery was also clear when they bombed the Iran Embassy Compound in Damascus, Syria on April 1.

So mentally sick is the Israeli government – and the Israeli people – they became aghast that Iran struck them back in retaliation for the Embassy attack – and then had the audacity to declare there must be “An eye for an eye” calling the Iran retaliation “an attack” for which Israel had to strike back!

It never occurs to the mindless, violent, savages that THEY started it by attacking the Embassy!

The Israeli psychotic savagery is so vicious, so mentally deranged, they even bombed mere civilians overnight.


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