People: This may be just what we’ve all been waiting for—YUUUUUGE!!! (Part II)

Tents pitched by protesters on the Columbia campus. Photo by Alec Gitelman

Really, who the f*ck cares if George Soros & Sons paid for those tents?!

Submitted by A Vietnam War Protester
SOTN Exclusive

After so many folks getting so pissed about “Part I” posted HERE, felt obliged to float a Part II to really piss off those same people.

But first let’s have a little history/poly sci lesson from the Revisionist Historians for World Peace.

Political Bipolar Complex (PBC)is a very serious mental disease which very few know about, and even fewer know that they have it.

Let’s take Israel as an example where PBC is so serious it eventually evolves into Political Bipolar Syndrome the physical disease associated with a highly developed case of the mental/emotional one.

In point of fact, the arch-conservatives in Israel are the most conservative on the planet, and always have been.

The ultra-liberals in Israel are the most liberal on Earth, and always have been by highly purposeful design.

KEY POINT: What really distinguishes both the Israeli arch-conservative zealots and ultra-liberal fanatics from other nations is that they have absolutely no compunction about blowing up the whole world to achieve their exceedingly nefarious religious goals and odious mundane objectives. See: MIDEAST BOMBSHELL! Israel finally did the unthinkable with this sacriligious intrusionPalestinian Rescuers Find Signs of Organ Harvesting in Khan Yunis Mass Graves

These two political polarities were purposefully set up in this extreme fashion to function as the model for all other countries throughout the entire world community of nations during the post-modern age.

So, in the Zionist State of Israel, we have these two diametrically opposed political factions which truly detest each other, but who are still bound together because of the patently manufactured existential threats they are facing.

The perennial crisis actors who populate the Israeli government are all selected because of their consummate acting abilities to convince the citizenry that every Israeli is always in extreme danger and, therefore, in dire need of the protection from the Israeli government.

Hence, we all saw the 10/7 false flag terrorist operation clumsily staged by the MOSSAD and IDF at the direction of Netanyahu’s Nazi regime.  How do you say: Problem~Reaction~Solution.

Now let’s be clear: the arch-conservatives—EVERYWHERE— always morph into full-blown fascists, as Netanyahu’s the Likud Party has done … just as the ultraliberals always transform into hardcore communists as the Democrat Party has done in the USA.

Because the United States and Israel are joined at the hip, they both suffer from extremely exaggerated forms of the very same type of Political Bipolar Syndrome, but with Israel always taking the lead.

One need look no further than the U.S. Congress to really understand just how the ZOG political dynamic really works in this regard.

For example, in the House of Representatives we see the likes of primo communists and cultural marxists Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Jamie Raskin, Dan Goldman, Jared Moskowitz and Jerrold Nadler.  These are only 5 of the hard left-leaning Zionists who are by far the most dangerous traitors to the American Republic in Congress today.

Then there are the Leftie Zionists in the U.S. Senate such as Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Benjamin Cardin (D-MD), each of whom is as dangerous in their own unique way as their House counterparts.  But, remember, these guys are liberal Zionists, not conservative.

Notice, one day Schumer is calling for Israel to hold new elections to oust Netanyahu; and then the very next day he completely capitulates as though he never uttered such a radically interfering statement in the foreign affairs of that Zionist state.

What’s the critical point here?

It’s all a game … a BIG act … nothing but Kabuki theater—24/7—in both Washington, D.C. and Tel Aviv.

And this act (read: psyop) is really having its intended effect where it concerns the college campus protests now raging across America.

On the one hand we have PM Netanyahu doing as follows: Netanyahu Calls for Crackdown on Pro-Palestine Protesters in the US.

Then, on the other hand, we see George Soros doing this: George Soros Paying Student Agitators To Whip Up Anti-Israel Protests.

Need we say more, or is it now clear how this games really works.  We’re all being played, and will be until a critical mass of collective awareness is reached that is hip to this Khazarian CON.

Back to the peaceful protests now occurring on university campuses across the USA.

Just talk to anyone who has attended any of these protest for they are perhaps the most peaceful in US history; unless, of course there are agents provocateur (i.e. FBI COINTELPRO operatives) sent in to stir the pot.  Or, whenever fascist-leaning police departments are ordered to carry out acts of brutality to trigger the protestors and/or onlookers (who are also often paid crisis actors themselves).

The key point here is: Does it really make any difference if Soros is funding the tent set-ups?  And we don’t even care why Soros is really doing this, if he actually is, since the outcome of stopping a genocide is all that matters, people.  YES?!?!?!

If Soros, for whatever reason, wants to do one good act before he passes from this realm, by exposing the horrific Gaza genocide since October 7, 2023 as well as the multi-decade Palestinian Holocaust since 1948, should we just dismiss these protests as being illegitimate or fake?

If these sincere protesters are successful in raising the awareness about the ongoing genocide in Gaza, should we ignore their sacrifices because Soros is somehow involved?

Palestinian Rescuers Find Signs of Organ
Harvesting in Khan Yunis Mass Graves

Who cares who is making these protests bigger and louder and more visible as long as they draw the attention of every human being to the horrendous mass murder of an innocent people who happen to live on a plot of land coveted by the ever-covetous Zionist State of Israel?

Now here’s a comment posted by Bluebird under the Jeff Childers April 26th “Coffee & Covid” blog.  Jeff is a great Patriot, an excellent attorney working on various Health Freedom initiatives in Florida, but also a hardcore Evangelical and Christian Zionist.  His highly hypocritical attitude toward the college protests against the Gaza genocide is typical of so many totally lost and delusional Christians who are more concerned with “tents” than they are with the wholesale slaughter of Palestinian woman and children, elderly and infirm, many of whom are Christians!?!?!?!?!?  Jeff’s take on things in Gaza or on campus certainly does not sound like something Jesus would do or say as the following comment clearly points out:

The message of the campus protests is “Stop the mass murder in Palestine.” Is that so hard to comprehend? Why are you so fixated on tents? Do you condone the genocide of innocent people and are trying to divert the focus on supposed fake protestors so people can’t think about all the murdered and suffering Palestinian civilians at the hands of “God’s Chosen People?” Furthermore, I did donate to a humanitarian organization that was feeding innocent Israeli and Palestinian families in Gaza, but the IDF deliberately bombed the aid workers, killing 7. That brought the total number of murdered aid workers by the IDF to almost 200 since Oct. It made US and worldwide headlines. Israel doesn’t want any Palestinians, whether Muslim or Christian, to survive and they don’t care squat for their own that die either. The modern state of Israel is a brutal, demonic, terrorist state. Wake up before your soul is lost forever!

Okay, folks, now you decide what’s really going on here.

And never forget, whatever position you take or side you give your energy to, creates your own personal karma.  If you’re perfectly okay with the Biden administration sending billions of your tax dollars of military aid to Israel so they can bomb the hell out of a powerless civilian population in Gaza, then you own that.

In fact, everything the US government is doing in this particular regard is being done IN YOUR NAME, people.  So you can either bless those anti-Christian actions or protest against them.  And don’t cry when you find out firsthand that karma’s a bitch.

A Vietnam War Protester
State of the Nation
April 26, 2024

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