WATCH! Xi Jinping Caught on Hot Mic: “When is he leaving?” Answer: “Tonight.” Jinping: “Good”

Xi Jinping Caught on Hot Mic: His Candid Comment on Blinken’s Departure Raises Questions About Biden Administration’s Credibility (Video)

Mark Van der Veen
Right Journalism.

Chinese President Xi Jinping told visiting U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday that Washington needs to look at China’s development “in a positive light” in order for bilateral relations to improve.

Xi called this a “fundamental issue” that “must be put right, in order for the China-U.S. relationship to truly stabilize, improve and move forward,” according to an official release.

The Chinese leader’s comments come as the U.S. has imposed restrictions on Beijing’s ability to access high-end tech and is moving close to banning social media app TikTok unless its Chinese parent ByteDance sells it.

Blinken met with Xi in Beijing on Friday, amid strained ties between the two countries as they battle for tech supremacy, with differences over the Middle East conflict and Russia-Ukraine war.

Speaking ahead of his closed-door meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Blinken said there is no substitute for “face-to-face diplomacy” and emphasized the need for the U.S. and China to avoid “miscalculations.”

The Biden administration is embarrassing us everyday on a world stage and this trip was no different!

Xi Jinping was caught on a hot mic and it seems that the Chinese leader apparently cannot wait for the U.S Sec of State to LEAVE.

XI: “When is he leaving?”
Aid: “Tonight”
XI: “Good”


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