The JDL Reawakens Against Free Speech As Congress Kisses The First Amendment Good-Bye

Submitted by Renee Parsons

The recent national student protests against the Israeli genocide on the Palestinian people is the latest example of how a confusing narrative can be thoroughly invented and generated in order to skew public perception of WTF is actually going on.   With almost a unanimity of support, those protests have not been  antisemitic.   They have been and continue to be totally in opposition of Israel’s unconscionable violence against the Palestinian people and the absence of any moral fiber or conscience is patently clear to any reasonable objective observer.

The established  truth of Jewish student participation and in leadership roles belies the propaganda being spun.  The protests were still unfolding that evening as the lame-stream media and its political cronies began selling it as anti semitic, racist and political extremists who were kowtowing to George Soros as agents of the Deep State.  To date, no evidence has been shown to prove any of those assertions.  

As the protests continue to intensify, it has now become apparent that American Zionists have re-activated their own modern version of the hate-filled obsolete  (JDL) Jewish Defense League to express their paganistic views of settling disputes, especially at the UCLA campus.

Founded in 1968 by Rabbi Meir Kahane who stated that to “turn the other check is not a Jewish concept”,  the JDL’s stated goal was to “protect Jews from antisemitism by whatever means necessary” and that “self defense is a Jewish right.”  As an acknowledged fascist organization, the JDL has been designated as a ‘right wing terrorist group’ by the FBI since 2001 and labelled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.    A review of their history shows a group of bullies with heathen, depraved  scruples that are inconsistent with American values.  Even the ADL referred to them as “thugs and hooligans”.

By 2021, the Canadian branch of the JDL which preached a form of anti-arab Jewish nationalism was closing its doors with the resignation of its then Grand Wizard of Zionism. Recognized as a violent extremist group, the JDL was prominent for provoking and instigating conflicts  as it operated as a quasi fascist mob in the streets of Toronto. 

 It is now obvious that the protests have become a convenient rational to pursue an organized legislative attack on the only Constitutional Republic in the world with the targeted destruction of the First Amendment.  That Amendment is essential as it was deliberately chosen to be The First Amendment as the remainder of the entire Bill of Rights depends on an active and functioning First Amendment. 

The latest graphic scenes of violence at UCLA with 130 arrested  are undeniable as the Zionists activated their core to further assault and attack American students with no law enforcement oversight after the Zionists were forcibly attempting to dismantle the tent city as a further justification to increase censorship against deliberately perpetuated ‘hate’ speech.    

 As the protests continue intensifying on campus, President  Biden announced that  violent protests are not protected” and that the students have a  right to protest but not right to cause chaos.’    Like every other woke ‘progressive liberal’Democrat , he is can only capable of recognizingviolence as coming from the students; law enforcement and self-appointed Zionist violence is irrelevant. 

On May 1, Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY) and Rep. Richie Torres (D-NY)  earned their donations when they introduced the Antisemitic Awareness  Act (HR 6090)  which was introduced as a bill To provide for the consideration of a definition of antisemitism set forth by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance for the enforcement of Federal antidiscrimination laws concerning education programs or activities, and for other purposes.”   While Torres received a generous $1.2 Million from AIPAC for his services, Lawler, as a first year Member of Congress, only received a mere $116,000 for sabotaging the Constitution.   

As if doing double duty, Torres also spoke out against the ICC consideration of an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his fellow conspirators citing that  The ICC’s abuse of power must be met with strong consequences from both Congress and the President” and that “The weaponization of international law—in the service of terror—cannot be allowed to stand.”

During House Floor Debate on May 1st which begins at 3:14 minutes, is Lawler’s angry statement and shouting as he personally politically threatened Rep. Jerry Nadler (NY)  that “any Member who votes against the bill,  has no business being a Member of Congress.”   Nadler,  who is a long time Democratic Member of Congress and a long time supporter of civil liberties, the First Amendment and referred to himself as a ‘deeply committed Zionist” announced  that he would  not be supporting the Act as he  responded that Lawler’s comments were “ slanderous” and “disgraceful”.   

Nadler went on to affirm his support for free speech and the First Amendment and that the term ‘antisemitism should not be codified’ as Lawler’s proposed bill was a “pointless gesture that will do nothing to stop antisemitism but will stop free speech.”

Almost immediately Rep. Cohen (D-Tenn) another supporter of Israel, took the podium and agreed that Lawler’s remarks were “reprehensible” and that the bill would harm free speech.  

Emerging from a self imposed isolation, the ACLU issued a three page critique in opposition to HR 6090 pointing out that “Federal law already prohibits antisemitic discrimination and harassment by federally funded entities and is not needed to protect against antisemitic discrimination.”  Instead, “would likely chill free speech of students on college campuses by incorrectly equating criticism of the Israeli government with antisemitism.”

Nevertheless, the final result of a one hour debate which relied heavily on anecdotal hearsay and unreliable subjective opinions was an AIPAC generated 320 – 91 with 21 Republicans and 70 Democrats voting Nay.  

However, HR 6090 can expect to find itself before the Supreme Court for their consideration as to its Constitutionality. 

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