GRIM REALITY: Even most of the largest Alt Media platforms are shills for Zionist Israel

Comment posted by A rope leash

Apparently, the entirety of the establishment is ruled by Zionists. No one in the mainstream of media or politics can be against Israel. This power for this control comes directly from the power to print paper and call it money.  Banks have been controlled by Jewish interests for centuries…control the money, control the society.

I’ve known this for decades.  Lately, it’s coming to the fore and it’s being unmasked. Rogan, Jones, Bannon…they’re all controlled sideshows of fake dissent that can be easily discredited at the whim of the controllers.

Epoch Times smelled funny from the start. ZeroHedge is starting to stink. The fact of the matter is that Israel has bombed women and children by the thousands, and should now be a worldwide pariah…but the defenders of this genocide continue to make excuses for it and even vote in Congress to send them more money to continue the atrocities, to the cheers of the media.

This isn’t about Judaism, or any other stupid religion. It isn’t about land, or resources. This is about bombing and murdering innocent people in the name of phony revenge, and justifying it.

By law, no foreign aid is allowed for countries that have not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.  That’s Israel…but still they get it. Why? Despicable nuclear blackmail. It isn’t that our leaders are compromised by Epstein-style compromise, it’s that they don’t want shit to go nuclear because the big Zionist baby parked in the middle of Islam didn’t get its way.

Screw this. Screw Zionists, screw the media, screw the Military Industrial Complex.  War is not success, it is failure.  If you’re not on the side of innocents killed indiscriminately in the name of bogus “victory”, then sign up to fight or assist and send your children as well, because it just means so fucking much to you.


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