Bloody Brits Are All In: Will Russia now declare Britain an “enemy combatant”?

British Foreign Secretary: Ukraine Can Use British Missiles Against Russian Territory

Hal Turner

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron said today, Ukraine CAN use British weapons to hit deep inside Russia Territory.  He also promised Kiev over $3 billion in military aid annually for “as long as it takes.”

“Ukraine has the right to use weapons provided by London to strike targets on Russian territory” British Foreign Secretary David Cameron has declared, in an interview with Reuters on Thursday during a visit to Kiev.

The senior diplomat, who also served as UK Prime Minister from 2010 to 2016, met with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal and Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, promising London’s “unequivocal support” and annual military aid payments.

“We will give three billion pounds ($3.74 billion) every year for as long as is necessary. We’ve just really emptied all we can in terms of giving equipment,” Cameron told the outlet, noting that some of the British weapons earmarked for Ukraine would be arriving to the country during his visit.

The foreign secretary noted that among the weapons donated to Kiev are precision-guided bombs, air defense missiles and equipment for 100 mobile air defense teams.

Cameron stated that Ukraine has the “right” to use arms provided by London to strike targets inside Russia if that’s how it wants to use them.

“Ukraine has that right. Just as Russia is striking inside Ukraine, you can quite understand why Ukraine feels the need to make sure it’s defending itself,” the diplomat said.




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