ASYMMETRIC WARFARE! Massive fire at Germany’s defense-industrial company Diehl (Video + Photo)

Hal Turner

EXTREMELY POISONOUS SMOKE is billowing from a massive fire at Germany’s defense-industrial company, Diehl, in Berlin.

The company just so happens to produce, among other things,  the IRIS-T air defense system, its missiles, and GMLRS ammunition for HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, used by Ukraine.

Panicked authorities say the fire no longer possible to contain.

Students in surrounding areas are being sent home and emergency services warn people to stay indoors and avoid deadly massive clouds of chemical fumes.

The Building is now completely engulfed on four floors. Part of the building has already collapsed. The fire can no longer be brought under control.

We can confirm that chemicals are also burning in the building. Sulfuric acid and copper cyanide were stored there. There is a risk of hydrogen cyanide forming, which rises into the air with the smoke – Fire brigade informed the population via warning apps.



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