Speaking of the parasite billionaire class, have you ever heard of the disgusting joke called “The Aristocrats”? I’m beginning to believe that the Aristocrats comedy routine is not actually a joke.

In my personal experience, many – not all – aristocrats are utter and complete scumbags. These people are the “OG” original gangsters and the world is their oyster for endless crime and they can’t help it.

I am more convinced of this than ever, after reading this head-exploding Mystery PDF document, by an anonymous author, which I’ve formatted and edited slightly for grammar and clarity and to which I’ve added hyperlinks, below, to aid you in your own research, as you watch Tore Maras’ ‘FALL OF BABYLON’ MINI SERIES – EPISODE 3, if you haven’t already.

Running Time: 33 minutes

I discovered this mystery document in an interesting way. I was writing an article to accompany the above movie – one of 5 absolutely mind-blowing videos posted by Tore Maras last October – and after spending several hours transcribing the text that quickly flashes onscreen in the mini doc, I decided to try pasting a paragraph into Google to look for a potential source document – and I found it!

I found this PDF, dated February 11th, 2021, which is full of artifacts that indicate the original was written in Spanish and that this English PDF version came from a digital scan. The author remains a mystery.

This is the same text that flashes onscreen during the segment of this mini doc that is from John Coleman’s classic 1996 speech in which he describes the “Zero Growth” plan from the Club of Rome that we are now seeing unfold before our eyes as the Great Reset.

Coleman, a former British Intelligence officer who later became a naturalized US Citizen explained that the UN, the WHO and the Bank for International Settlements are all executive arms of the Royal Institute of International Affairs – and ultimately, of the ‘Committee of 300’, which is controlled by ancient aristocratic families whose stratospheric wealth dwarfs that of the tech oligarchs of our age. Coleman wrote the must-read, eponymous book, ‘The Committee of 300‘.

A lot of people have been talking about the Khazarian Mafia but what we read from Coleman is that these are merely the order-takers for the Black Nobility. The PDF document explains how the Vatican and all of the major religions and cults, the governments, the militaries, and intelligence agencies, the corporations, the Khazarian Mafia and all of the major criminal gangs and drug cartels who have taken over the US Southern Border are controlled by the Black Nobility, with different families controlling specific territories – and the document names all the names.

After World War II, Gestapo chief, Klaus Barbie founded the cocaine trade from Bolivia to finance the Post-War Nazis. The US distribution of cocaine is largely operated by the Sinaloa Cartel.

So, when you say, “Sinaloa Cartel”, you rarely think of European aristocrats profiting from that massive drug and human trafficking operation – but that is precisely what this document says, quote:

“The House of Bourbon and Spanish nobility…own the majority of the Mexican and South American drug cartels. The Bourbons own the Gulf Cartel and the Latin Kings. The Osorio and Borja families own MS-13…The Ruspolis are partial owners of the Sinaloa Cartel…The FitzJames and Álvarez families own the Los Zetas Cartel.”


The photo above shows Francesco Ruspoli, the alleged current head of that Black Nobility crime family. According to the document, he’s a partial owner of the Sinaloa Cartel. The orange woman to his right is Princess Françoise Sturdza, a Romanian member of the Black Nobility.

Above, we see Louis Alphonse de Bourbon, the head of the House of Bourbon and, according to the document, he is the owner of the Gulf Cartel and Latin Kings.

This is the young Edgardo Osorio, whose family, according to the mystery document, together with the Borja family owns MS-13 and the Mongols biker gang, which would appear to be absolute absurdity, but…this is how this game is played, apparently.

There are several other aristocratic European families who control several other Latin American criminal gangs, according to the document.

Dr Jan Halper-Hayes told John Sabal that the 1871 Treaty reverted the US to its pre-Revolutionary War vassalage to the UK and put the bankers in control of our lives. “Basically, the Cabal, that you’ve heard reference to, there are 12 families that really control the finances all around the globe,” she said.

This document, originally written in Spanish, mentions this treaty twice, claiming that the Bavarian dynasty of the House of Wittlesbach secretly controls subsidiaries of the Hudson’s Bay Company and that, “HBC has approximately $12 billion in assets and has had fiscal contracts with the United States through the Organic Law of the District of Columbia of 1871.”

It goes on to say that, “The Belgian Crown and its nobles are stealing wealth from the United States through fraudulent tax contracts established through the Organic Law of the District of Columbia of 1871 and continue to do so through the Bank for International Settlements.”

When you look into the individual members of these families you find they’ve been intermarrying for centuries and they do everything together. They’re all on each other’s company’s boards, they’re all members of each other’s little secret societies. You see the same royal houses and titles, over and over again.



Question: Who are the “elite”? Answer: The Black Nobility.

The Black Nobility is the base of the global crime syndicate that controls this planet. The Black Nobility or Black Aristocracy are the aristocratic families that sided with the papacy under Pope Pius IX after the Army of the Kingdom of Italy led by the Savoy Family entered Rome on September 20, 1870, overthrew the Pope . and the Papal States, and took over the Quirinal Palace and the nobles later ennobled by the Pope prior to the Lateran Treaty of 1929.

Any family that produced popes for the Vatican is royalty. Most of the Black Nobility are Vatican royalty. The Black Nobility consider themselves sovereign princes. These families earned the title of “black” nobility for their relentless unscrupulousness. They used murder, rape, kidnapping, robbery and all kinds of deception on a large scale, without resisting the achievement of their objectives.

The Black Nobility were the families that financed and created the holy corporation of the Vatican with the aim of imposing world slavery as a necessary institution, with the sole belief that some are born to rule and others to be ruled. The idea that certain families were born to rule as an arbitrary elite, while the vast majority of a given population is condemned to oppression, servitude, or slavery became the theological position of this elite.

The “New World Order” is an attempt to take control of society by these fascist families with the purpose of the total slavery of humanity. The Vatican is an imperial nation and is the largest empire in this world. The Vatican City, or the Holy Vatican Corporation, officially the Vatican City State, is a nation that operates as the largest intelligence network in the world. The Holy See is the “All-Seeing Eye” in society and a corporate entity connected to many other corporations and governments through papal and royal statutes.

Archbishops and high-level bishops are the overseers of society within their districts and oversee politics, police, business, and organized crime. The same year that the professor of ecclesiastical law and practical philosophy at the University of Ingolstadt, Adam Weishaupt, created the Order of the Illuminati, was the same year that they created the United States as a corporation to run it as their private army and leader of the agenda of a “New World Order” for the elites, mainly, thanks to the infiltrated Freemasonry and directed by the Jesuits.

The New World Order is a conspiracy of lineage at the top. They are ancient and evil bloodlines that build and destroy empires for control through an order out of chaos. Royal and noble houses are corporate entities and claim to rule and own land, resources, and people.

Landlords have always been the dominant owners of gold and precious metals. They empower and finance bankers and entrepreneurs to work for them through their corporate homes. They authorize and issue the creation of laws, agencies, the military, companies, and universities. They create and run religions and secret societies. They also finance and organize organized crime syndicates as if they were commercial enterprises.

Some of the major royal bloodlines include SavoyBourbonMediciGlücksburgWittelsbachNassau-WeilbergSaxe-Coburg and GothaRomanovGrimaldiOrléansBraganzaHabsburgHanoverWindsorSaudThani, Khalifa, Alawi , ZoguHohenzollernOrange-NassauBonaparte and Bernadotte.

Many royal bloodlines still rule their nations as heads of state such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Monaco, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Morocco, Sweden, Norway and Luxembourg.

The Vatican City State is also a kingdom with the Pope of Rome as its monarch. The Black Nobility are the ancient bloodlines of the Papal States and they own the Holy See and the Vatican. They produced the first popes of Rome and held leadership positions in the Vatican from its inception.

The Colonna and Torlonia still hold the hereditary positions of the Assistant Princes to the Papal Throne. The Black Nobility consider themselves sovereign princes. The Vatican is used as a central point of control and the Holy See is one of the oldest and most criminal corporate entities in existence.

The Spanish Catholic Church is immensely rich, it has not suffered the crisis and also enjoys a true tax haven, being free from paying taxes, such as the IBI, works, companies, etc. The vast majority of the assets in their possession and on their accounts are completely opaque. This situation is illegitimate, unfair and presumably illegal, and this occurs with the complicity and consent of the public powers.

The Erlach and Brandi families are Swiss tax advisers who enable corruption, bribery, criminal financing, and money laundering. The Swiss Guard is the one that protects the Vatican City State. The Swiss cantons have been in contract with the Vatican for centuries and Switzerland is basically a papal state with Roman nobles claiming partial ownership.

The German House of Baden Zahringen founded Bern, in Switzerland. The House of Savoy ruled the regions of Switzerland for hundreds of years.

Some of the most important bloodlines of the Black Nobility are: Massimo, Colonna, PallaviciniOdescalchiRuspoliOrsiniAldobrandiniSforza-CesariniBoncompagni-LudovisiChigi-Albani-Della RovereDoria-PamphiljRospigliosiGiustiniani, Torlonia, CorsiniBorgheseDel DragoLucchesi-Palli, and Gaetani. The Pecci and Pacelli families are more recent bloodlines of the Black Nobility.

The Black Nobility share ownership over the Holy See, which is a corporate entity based in the Vatican City State that was established as a nation in 1929 under Benito Mussolini, who was put in power by the House of Savoy. The Mussolini and Franco families became nobles after their fascist regimes.

The Black Nobility also owns the Knights of Malta, the Jesuits, and the Cosa Nostra. The Black Nobility established branches in Southern Italy and married Sicilian and Campanian nobles, such as the Lanza di ScaleaAdragnaSanseverinoTomasi di LampedusaPaternò, Cattaneo, Serena di Lapigio and Rocco di Torrepadula families.

Many Italian crime families were Sicilian nobles like the Bonanno and Bellomo families. Both the mafia bosses and the Italian and Spanish nobles call themselves Dons, which is the equivalent of boss of crime.

The Savoy, Savoy-Aosta, Medici, Bourbon-Two Sicilies, and Bourbon-Parma families are members of Italian royalty and are married to various European royal bloodlines and Black Nobility. Most of the monarchs are members of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Prince Carlo Massimo has been overseeing the Sovereign Military Order of Malta as President of the Italian Association of SMOM.

The Knights of Malta have an undercover operation at the Jesuit School of Foreign Service in Georgetown, run by Joel Hellman. The Jesuits and the Knights of Malta basically run the Defense Department alongside British Crown agents and high-level Freemasons.

Prince Carlo de Bourbon-Two Sicilies was a high commander of the Society of Jesus through his Sacred Constantinian Military Order of Saint George. The Jesuits were authorized by Pope Paul III of the Farnese family. The Bourbón-Dos Sicilias and Bourbon-Parma families are the continuation of the Farnese family, the name Farnesivs is engraved in the Jesuit headquarters called the Church of Gesù in Rome.

The Farnese family lived in a pentagonal fortress called Farnese Villa Caprarola, which is the basis for the design of the American Pentagon. Jesuits are involved in education, politics, banking, science, law, and especially military intelligence. The Italian Bourbons have established residences all over the world, including Florida.

Jesuits need to be investigated and banned, they have rightly been expelled from almost every country in the world, but they always end up coming back. In Spain three times, its last return was at the hands of General Franco.

The Holy See is a corporate body that issues laws and bills, such as the Golden Bull, which claims ownership of the Kingdom of England and identifies the emperor as the sovereign of the only legitimate universal empire, directly chosen by God.

The Pope claims temporal power or ownership over the Earth and also claims Papal Supremacy or Papal Rule and Papal Infallibility. Infallibility means incapable of being wrong.

The Roman Curia or Papal Court is the highest organized council in society and is directly supervised by the two “Assistants of the Prince to the Pontifical Throne”, these two positions are held by the princes of the Colonna and Torlonia families. They work with a higher level princely council of the Italian nobility that works with another council made up of the Roman nobility.

The Italian and Austrian nobility are married to each other and work closely together leading the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, which is a sovereign entity equivalent to that of a sovereign nation. The Italian Nobility, La Cosa Nostra and the German and Austrian Nobles, run the Jewish Mafia.

Royalty and nobles have massive amounts of wealth in private bank accounts in Switzerland. They use the Nazi-founded Bank for International Settlements to steal wealth from central banks through fraudulent tax contracts and then launder and hide the wealth in private bank accounts in Switzerland.

The main Italian lineages still active include the Massimo, Colonna, Pallavicini, Torlonia, Aldobrandini, Ruspoli, Orsini, Gaetani-D’Aragona, Bourbon-Parma, Odescalchi, Borghese, Adragni, Chigi, Medici, Borromeo, Doria-Pamphilj, Sacchetti, Savoy, Grimaldi and Bourbon. These bloodlines oversee the various sectors of society.

Outside of this power structure is the Committee of 300 with an inner circle made up of the leading monarchs and princes of Europe and the former Holy Roman Empire with members from Windsor, Spencer, Cecil, Percy, Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Habsburg, Bonaparte, Orléans, Bernadotte, Lagergren, Glucksburg, Hanover, Fürstenberg, Austria-Este, Hohenberg, Hesse, Nassau-Weilberg, Habsburg-Lorraine, Saxe Coburg and Gotha, Saxony-Weimar-EisenachSaxony-Meiningen, Braganza, Orange-Nassau, Hohenzollern, Hohenzollern-SigmaringenLiechtensteinRothschildFitzJamesLobkowiczLigneMerodeRomanovThurn und TaxisSchwarzenbergOrsini-RosenbergWindisch-GraetzEsterhazy and other families.

Many members who do not have noble status on the Committee of 300 are representatives of the royal families. These families are all enemies of humanity and have conspired to enslave the world for centuries. They authorize and create corporations and billionaires, run religions, states, secret societies, the mafia, and organized crime syndicates.

Royal families in Europe are mainly divided into two factions, and this dates back to the Guelph merchants and Ghibelline landowners. All other groups like BilderbergCFR, and the Trilateral Commission are lower-level organizations. All roads lead to Rome, which is the basis of its control system.

The European Constitutional Monarchies are branches of the corporate empire of Rome. Constitutional Monarchies are ruled by blood-appointed heads of state and serve Rome through the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

The Pope claims temporary or physical ownership of the Earth. The Pope claims to be infallible of error. The Pope claims ownership over all souls through the papal doctrine of “Papal Supremacy.” The Pope is a leader for the Black Nobility of Italy.

The Jesuits are a military priesthood officially established by Pope Paul III aka Alessandro Farnese of the Farnese family. The Jesuits were officially established under the Papal Bull called Regimini Militantis Ecclesiae, which means Military Regiment of the Church as the continuation of the Templars.

The Black Nobles are the true owners and controllers of the Vatican and maintain their control throughout the centuries by installing their relatives as high-level popes and bishops. At present the Torlonia and Colonna families who have the hereditary positions of Prince Assistants to the Papal Throne are those who supervise the pope. In turn, Pope Francis supervises all members of the Catholic Church and also supervises the various secret societies that are connected with the Church.

The Jesuits are also a Masonic order and were the continuation of the Templar orders when they were banned. The Roman Catholic Church mocks Christians by performing rituals where they pretend to drink blood and eat human flesh known as the Eucharist, also called Holy Sacrifice.

The New Testament did not exist until about 1600 and the Old Testament is even more recent than the new. It was the Vatican and European monarchs who created both the New and the Old Testaments. The last official version of the bible was published in 1777.

The bishops and priests operate as supervisors and the Jesuits function as spies trained in deception and are infiltrated everywhere. The Pope claims temporal power or ownership over the Earth and also claims Papal Supremacy or Papal Rule and Papal Infallibility. Infallibility means incapable of being wrong.

Archbishops are the overseers of society within their districts and oversee politics, police, business, and organized crime. The Latin phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum means New Order of Ages or also “New World Order”, and is on the US dollar bill and Great Seal of the United States.

The Vatican uses Latin as an official language and for documents. America is named after the Italian Americo Vespucci who worked for the Medici family of Florence and Rome. Vespucci created the term New World for America. The Bank of America was originally called the Bank of Italy and was founded by Amadeo Giannini, who was financed by Italians.

Nations were formed as companies or corporations to exploit their citizens as merchandise. Corporations are fraudulent constructions because they are considered a person with rights under the law, and because the owners and controllers of the corporations can disregard responsibility for crimes committed by the corporation. That is fraudulent. Corporations are not people and therefore cannot have rights. Corporations are also monopolies that use subsidiaries to hide their dominance over industry. Private companies cannot compete fairly with corporations. Citizens are also classified as legal persons (companies), robbing them of all their human rights. Corporations shouldn’t exist.

Royalty and nobles issue charters establishing representative covert property agents controlled by corporate households or crowns of royalty and nobles. They claim to own foreign governments in this way. Royalty and nobles claim to own the United States as a continuation of the Virginia Company. Roman royalty such as the Hanover, Hesses, Württembergs, Hohenzollerns, Glücksburgs, Orange-Nassaus and Saxe-Coburg and Gothas claim a share of ownership over the British Crown. This is why the British royal family has so much German ancestry.

The United States is defined as a federal corporation under US code 3002. Section 15. Most of the founding fathers were Freemasons and worked for the British Crown and German royalty. American political families, such as the Bushs, Clintons, Romneys, and Kennedys, take their names from European noble families that still exist.

The Von Dem Bussche family are German nobles and relatives of the Bush family. The Clintons and Romneys are also British nobles. The Kennedys are Scottish-Irish nobles and an American political family involved with the Democratic Party. MarsWaltonRockefellerGuggenheimGettyHearstSacklerLauder, Sachs, JohnsonMcMahonForbes, and Cox are some of the billionaire American families that work with royalty and nobles in Europe.

The Mars family is worth about $70 billion and works with the Windsor, Savoy, Thurn and Taxis families. The Waltons are worth around $130 billion and work with German nobles like the Württemberg, Baden, Hohenzollern and Isenberg families. The various Johnson families in the United States are collectively worth tens of billions and serve as agents for the House of Hanover. They own Johnson & Johnson and Fidelity Investments. The Hanovers are powerful royals and merchants who established the Hanseatic League.

The Hearst family is worth more than $25 billion and several members were educated at Harvard University of the British Crown. The McMahon family is a billionaire and owner of the WWE and works under the Bonapartes and Savoys as their noble ancestors who were served militarily by the MacMahons during the Second Italian War of Independence.

Today there are McMahons in France with Italian and French titles of nobility. The Lauder family works for the House of Esterhazy in Austria and the House of Este in Austria and Italy. The Guggenheims have assets worth hundreds of billions and are married to the House of Stuart. The Getty family are billionaire American oil merchants and are married to the Italian House of Ruspoli. The Forbes family are billionaires and American descendants of Scottish nobles who still exist.

All gang stalking and cult organizations are owned and controlled by members of royalty and nobility. Criminal organizations such as Royalty itself, Royal Institutions, The Society of Jesus, The Black Monks, The Hellfire Club, The Templar Orders, Freemasonry, The Grand Orient of France, The York Rite, The Scottish Rite, Prince Masonry of Prince Hall, Shriners International, The Royal Order of Jesters, The Cabal Society, Chabad, Scientology, Skull & Bones, The Boulé Society, The 5% Nation, The Nation of Islam, Black Israelites, The Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), The Temple of Set, The Church of Satan, Rosicrucian, Golden Dawn, Opus Dei, Mormons, Knights of Columbus, The Bohemian Club, Knights of Phintias, Ancient Order of Druids, Wicca, Santeria, Obeah, Voodoo, Sufism, Greek Fraternities and Brotherhoods, New Age and Gnostic Cults, Nazi Cults, KKK, Mafias, Prison Gangs, Biker Gangs and Street Gangs.

The Rockefeller family uses their charitable foundations to fund harassment gangs and bribery in the United States, as well as globalization agendas and vaccination programs. The Rockefeller Foundation funded Almighty Vice Lord Nation, which is an organized crime group, and also funded the Tavistock Institute.

Hollywood, the Church of Scientology, and Silicon Valley are military operations like the US DARPA agency and run by European royalty and nobles like the Oettingen-Spielbergs, Schaumburg-Lippes, Anhalts, Hanovers, Windsors, Passi di Preposulos, Ruspolis, Torlonias and Odescalchis.

The Ferragamo family is also involved in the management and financing of corruption in Hollywood. The House of Nassau-Weilberg, which is married to the Torlonias, funds human trafficking and human sacrifice in Hollywood.

Idols in the entertainment industry are a dangerous cult with leaders who have access to electronic weapons. Most of modern electronics is being broadcast covertly with GENESIS and NEURON bio-piracy software controlled by Kabbalists and Scientologists.

European monarchies function as extensions of Rome and run secret societies that infiltrate government agencies and run corporations for monarchs. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is the main military council and works closely with the Orders of St. John administered by Protestant royalty such as the Windsors and the Hohenzollerns.

The Order of Malta and the Order of Saint John are Masonic organizations with grand masters and titles for initiation. The royal and noble bloodlines are all working together as a global crime syndicate and part of a modernized Roman corporate empire. They also have several competing factions that create the illusion of division.

The British crown and Scottish nobles such as the Bruce, Stewart, Sinclair, Campbell, Montagu, Scott, Hamilton, Percy, Boyle, Bowes-Lyon and Sutherland families administer a large part of Freemasonry. All of these families produced Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of England. There are thousands of Masonic lodges in Europe and in the United States. Freemasonry must be investigated and outlawed.

The Greek-German Royal House of Glücksburg directs the Greek fraternities and brotherhoods and uses initiates as its agents. Glücksburg nobles and Italians run the Boulé Society. Boulé is a Greek fraternal society for African-Americans. Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson have been members of Boulé, among many other high-profile, successful, and wealthy blacks, including Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Al Sharpton, and Thurgood Marshall.

The Glücksburg family rules Denmark and Norway and recently ruled Greece. Among its members are the ex-queen Sofía of Spain and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Former Greek nobility and royal merchants such as the Mavroleon, Onassis, and Niarchos families are billionaires who have a monopoly in the shipping industry and work with British nobles. The Greek royal family currently lives in London from where many Greek consignment merchants operate.

The British Crown authorized and controls universities such as Yale and Harvard which are used to recruit Crown agents through fraternal orders such as Skull & Bones and Book and Snake.

Royal and noble families also do undercover business in the City of London Corporation, which dominates global markets. Some of the major London merchant families include the Goldsmith, Stuart, Rothschild, Grosvenor, Sassoon, Barclay, Sutherland, Montagu, Bailey and Guinness families.

The Sutherland family created the HSBC bank that has a long history of financial scandals around the world (Emilio Botín, Fernando Alonso, Mohamed VI, Jorge Trías and Jordi Pujol Jr. had accounts at HSBC when it was chaired by Stephen Green, Baron Green of Hurstpierpoint).

The Bailey family is co-founder of Janus Henderson through a merger. Janus Henderson manages around $190 billion in assets.

The Stuart family owns the Hudson Bay Company and has an alliance with the Bavarian House of Wittelsbach, which is the covert owner of some of the Hudson’s Bay Company subsidiaries, which were founded by Bavarian merchants. HBC has approximately $12 billion in assets and has had fiscal contracts with the United States through the Organic Law of the District of Columbia of 1871.

The Orange-Nassau family are influential traders through the Netherlands Trading Society and have a large number of shares in Royal Dutch Shell, Philips Electronics and ABN AMRO Bank. The Orange-Nassaus and their Dreyfus agents run the Rand Corporation, which has a contract with the US military. Rand’s founder was a Dutch gentleman. The Orange-Nassau family also runs the Loyal Orange Institution in Ireland, which has infiltrated the police, justice and politics.

The Luxembourg Nassau-Weilburg family are international bankers connected to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The royal families of Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands have shares in the European Investment Bank and all of these royals are recently married to Italian nobles.

The Ligne family from Belgium are wealthy diamond and gold merchants.

The Belgian Crown and its nobles are stealing wealth from the United States through fraudulent tax contracts established through the Organic Law of the District of Columbia of 1871 and continue to do so through the Bank for International Settlements.

The Baron Strange heads the Masonic Order of Oddfellow.

The Russell family are the Marquesses of Tavistock and they run the Tavistock Institute, which is an organization involved in mass mind control. The Russell family also co-founded the Yale University and Russell Trust Association, which is named after the New Haven, Connecticut company based on the Skull & Bones secret society.

Skull & Bones is a death cult military complex run by the Bush family from the USA who are like a European royal family in the USA.

The Fürstenberg family runs the Royal Order of Jesters who wear a jester on their coat of arms. The Clintons work closely with the House of Fürstenberg, who have residences in the United States.

The Italian Orsini family and the Holy Roman Rosenberg family lead the Rosicrucian Order of alchemists who infiltrate food and drug companies for chemical warfare.

The Medici family, who have a statue of Hermes (Mercury) in their palace in Rome, administer the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an alchemical secret society. The Medici were architects of modern banking.

The Pierleoni family of Rome and the Spanish House of Bourbon-Anjou run the Kabbalah Society, which uses the Spanish lion for its logo.

The Pacelli family of Rome and the Crescenzi family of Italy administer the Wiccan witchcraft cults.

The Bavarian Wittelsbach family from Bavaria created the Bavarian Illuminati and administers the Benedictine Monks and is also part of the Jewish Mafia in the United States who are white collar criminals. The House of Wittelsbach is involved with Zionism, Nazism, Freemasonry, and the Society of Jesus.

The Pecci family of Italy also owns the Jewish mafia in the United States through their marriage to the Blumenthal family.

The Jesuits function as Roman intelligence and infiltrators and use their universities to recruit and train agents for Rome. Jesuit agents dominate leadership positions in the United States military and intelligence and especially in the CIA.

The Knights of Columbus are owned by the Casa de Colonna. Christopher Columbus was Pedro Madruga, the Count of Caminha, a relative of the Colonnas who settled in Pontevedra at the time of the Romans. Many Knights of Columbus are police officers, mayors, lawyers, and judges, protecting the Italian mob while targeting free-thinking people. The Knights of Columbus are heavily involved in gang harassment.

Court Jews such as the Rothschild, Warburg, Goldsmith, Oppenheimer, Walton, Sassoon, Kadoorie, Lewis, Javal, Lauder, Sackler and Dreyfus families work through the Roman Curia or royal courtrooms such as Buckingham Palace.

The French Rothschilds work for the Black Nobility of Rome and the French House of Orleans. The British Rothschilds work for the British Crown. The Sassoon and Kadoorie families work for the British Crown and oversee banking and business in China and India. The Swiss Rothschilds work for the House of Habsburg and the House of Hesse.

The Oppenheimers work for the German House of Württemberg and the Cologne Oppenheim branch. the Austrian House of Habsburg granted them titles of nobility.

The Warburgs work for the Italian House of Borghese and the German House of Hesse and the House of Hanover. Warburg Pincus had a contract with Unicredit that merged with the Borghese Family’s Bank of the Holy Spirit. The Warburgs were Venetian bankers and the Borghese family now hold Venetian titles of nobility. The Warburgs financed the Nazis.

The Dreyfus family works for the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau and the French House of Bonaparte.

Jewish banking families work for Christian nobles and royalty. These billionaire Jewish bloodlines run many rabbis who run a criminal intelligence network that works with Mossad.

The French House of Bonaparte and the Swedish House of Bernadotte control many of the main European companies through their knights of the Order of Seraphim and the Legion of Honor, who are also members of the Round Table of Industrialists of Europe, which it has a great economic influence on the markets.

The Wallenbergs run corporations worth hundreds of billions and work for the Swedish House of Bernadotte. The Wallenbergs and the Swedish Crown also work with the Jesuits and the Vatican. The Black Nobility and other royal families have been hiding billions in private banks in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

The royal families of Luxembourg and Liechtenstein own and run their own national and private banks. Austrian and Eastern European royalty and nobles, such as the Habsburgs, Esterhazys and Schonberg, use private banks in Liechtenstein and also own Israeli and Jewish mafias.

The Esterhazy family together with the Lucchesi-Palli family run a faction of the Russian mafia through the mob boss Semion Mogilevich from Budapest.

The Torlonia family owns the Fucino Bank in Rome and functions as Vatican bankers and treasurers. The Torlonia family of Rome and the Hohenzollern family of Germany are the main owners and controllers of the Bank for International Settlements which was founded and administered by the Nazis during World War II. The Torlonias are architects of fascism and the Hohenzollerns are architects of Nazism.

The Este, Rothschild and Hottinger families are some of the leading Swiss bankers.

The Romanian Sturdza family also owns a private bank in Switzerland.

The Casanova family of Italy and Spain is one of the leading political families in Switzerland.

The Este and Savoy families run the Bank for International Settlements, which has a contract with most of the major central banks and is embezzling the wealth of nations through fraudulent loans and contracts. The Savoys live in Switzerland and Prince Lorenz of Austria-Este works at the Gutzwiller bank. The Bank for International Settlements must be investigated and closed.

The Gutzwiller family is one of the leading banking families in Switzerland, owning its own private bank and managing 35 other Swiss banks.

The Swiss Guard is a military body in charge of the security of the Pope and the Holy See. The ceremonial head of the Swiss Guard is the Pope, sovereign of Vatican City. Italian mafias are Rome’s enforcers involved in extortion, money laundering, murder and drug trafficking, and they pay their dues to the Sicilian mafia, which in turn pays them to the Black Nobility.

The mafia channels its earnings and tributes to the Black Nobility through the Vatican charitable foundations and then from the Vatican bank they are transferred to the private accounts of the Swiss Bank.

The Savoys’ Genovese crime family specializes in extorting Wall Street. The mafia is rigging professional sports for gambling and they also launder their criminal winnings through the casinos.

The Torlonia family owns the Kansas City crime family and shares ownership of the Pittsburgh crime family with the Borghese family of Rome and the Rocco di Torrepadula family of Sicily.

The French House of Orléans owns the New Orleans crime family and the Franco-British Beaufort family oversees and owns the Dixie Mafia factions along with other British peers who have French ancestry.

Cox’s billionaire family is involved in multimedia communications and is part of the owners of the Dixie mob, which is involved in tobacco and ginseng sales as well as arms, drug and human trafficking.

The Goldsmith and Sassoon families own Pakistani and Hindu human trafficking networks operating in the United Kingdom.

The Imperial House of Brazil, Orléans-Braganza and the Belgian House of Ligne are married and have shares in the Brazilian companies AmBev and Belgian Anheuser-Busch InBev. The House of Orleans-Braganza owns Brazilian drug cartels that are also involved in human trafficking.

The Sforza family owns the Stidda Mafia clans operating in the Sforza-Visconti territory in Milan and the Sforza and Visconti families have greater control over the Italian Stock Exchange or the Milan Stock Exchange. Milanese billionaire Silvio Berlusconi works for the Sforza and Visconti families and has a monopoly on Italian media and politics. Berlusconi founded the Forza political party in Italy named after the Sforzas.

Some northern Italian nobles such as the Visconti, Borromeo, Este, Gonzaga, Valenti, D’Adda, and Passi di Preposulo families are closely related to billionaire families such as the Rothschilds, Agnellis, Benettons, Armanis, and Ferreros. The Sforza and Visconti families own the Seattle crime family with the Gaetani family as partial owners. The Seattle crime family controls billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos through blackmail.

In 2017, Microsoft and Amazon employees were caught in a sex trafficking scandal. The Colonna family owns the Knights of Columbus and also owns the Colombo crime family and partially owns the Chicago Outfit along with the Capponi and Roselli families of the Florence Turk.

Al Capone was an agent of the House of Capponi and John Roselli was an agent of the Roselli del Turco family. Roselli also worked for the CIA. Colonna means column. The Knights of Columbus infiltrate police departments and work with the Italian mafia.

The Massimo and Gaetani families own and run the Gambino crime family and the Philadelphia crime family. The Massimo-Brancaccio family also owns and runs the Magliana or Roman Mafia and the Armed Revolutionary Nuclei, as well as the Graviano de Brancaccio crime family in Palermo, Sicily, which is part of the Corleonisi mafia clan. The Massimo family receives tribute from most of the Italian crime families and even from the Russian mafia and Eastern European mafias.

The Massimo de Roccasecca family, who live in London, own the Clerkenwell crime syndicate, also known as the Adams Family or the London A-team and are part owners of the Irish Mafia, including the Rathkeale Rovers.

The Borghese family is also the main owner of the Sicilian Mafia and the Mafia Magliana.

The Lucchesi-Palli and Pallavicini families own the Lucchese crime family to which the Russian mafia in Brighton Beach pays tribute. The Pallavicini family owns the Armenian mafia that operates in Hollywood and works closely with the Kardashian family.

The Romanovs are partial owners of the Russian mafia and have established several residences in the United States. The Giustiniani family oversee the Philadelphia Greek Mafia along with some Greek merchants. Royal and noble families finance organized crime.

The Jewish Mafia reorganized into a white collar crime and worked with the black hand of the Italian Mafia. The head of the Jewish mafia in the United States is billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Leon Black is another one of the leading Jewish mobsters in New York. The Jewish Mafia participates in professional sports with white-collar mobsters such as Daniel Gilbert, Robert Kraft, Joshua Harris, Tom Werner, Jerry Reinsdorf, George Kaiser, Peter Guber, Joe Lacob, Mark Cuban, and Micky Arison.

The European Union is based on the Treaty of Rome that was signed at the Capitol in Rome. The president of the European Central Bank was Mario Draghi, born in Rome and educated by the Jesuits at the Massimo Institute. Mario Draghi is an undercover relative of the Borghese and Del Drago families.

The Erba-Odescalchi family with ancestry from Cernobbio, Italy, runs CERN with the Roman, Fabiola Gianotti as CERN Director General that is used to generate pressure in the lower atmosphere in order to oppress society.

CERN, HAARP, The Church of Scientology, Chemtrails and electronic devices are being used to covertly oppress society. The US military administers a HAARP electronic harassment system in Puerto Rico that is controlled from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, which is under the command of Captain David Culpepper. The CIA and the Italian Mafia have a large criminal operation in Cuba. The CIA and Cosa Nostra work closely to this day.

Islamic royal families were named after European royalty in the 19th and 20th centuries and especially after the First World War. Middle Eastern royalty run the oil industry and use their massive wealth to fund globalist agendas that allow them to rule their nations. The house of Saud is worth at least a trillion dollars.

The House of Thani and the House of Al Khalifa work with the House of Saud and are also wealthy oil traders. Royals from the Middle East run the Muslim Brotherhood and the Five Percenters and the Nation of Islam, which are violent mobs of cult and harassment. These organizations need to be investigated and banned. They also own an Arab mob that is based in New Jersey and Detroit.

The royal family of Morocco are wealthy merchants and owners of the Abergil crime family of Israel and Morocco.

The House of Bourbon and Spanish nobility such as the Osorio, FitzJames, Alvarez (Alba), Pignatelli, Arteaga, Borja, Zuniga, Ruspoli, and Aragon-Escobar families own the majority of the Mexican and South American drug cartels. The Bourbons own the Gulf Cartel and the Latin Kings.

The Osorio and Borja families own MS-13. The Borgia and Borja families are also partial owners of the Mongels motorcycle gang.

The Ruspolis are partial owners of the Sinaloa Cartel and the Primeiro Comando da Capital in São Paulo, Brazil, where their Matarazzo cousins reside.

The FitzJames and Álvarez families own the Los Zetas Cartel.

The Álvarez and Osorio families also own the Bandidos motorcycle gang.

The House of Bourbons are the founders and owners of Banco Santander.

The King of Spain has the official right to the throne as King of Jerusalem.



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